PRESS TOUR: Will there be another 'Glee Project'?

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glee project s2UPDATED BELOW 1-8-12

PASADENA, Calif. -- So far Oxygen has been silent about the prospects for a third season of "The Glee Project," the reality competition that finds new cast members for Fox's "Glee."

In recent years, "Glee Project" has been more entertaining than "Glee" and it's one of the few reality competitions that's unrelentingly upbeat and positive.

So will "Glee Project" return? I asked Oxygen president Jason Klarman that question during the network's day at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. Turns out Oxygen is waiting for Fox to renew "Glee."

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"Maybe they’ll pick it up for two seasons, not just pick it up for one season," Klarman said. "It was always dependent on whether there would be another season of 'Glee' so we have to wait. We've spoken to 20th [Television]. We're waitng for when they get a greenlight from Fox. It's just finishing its fourth season and many of the deals are getting renegotiated. It's much more complicated than whether they're picking it up or not."

Question: Then it sounds like you won’t have a "Glee Project" this summer?

Klarman: "I don’t know that yet. I don’t have an answer to that yet."

Q: When do you need a greenlight from Fox by to go in production this summer?

Klarman: "It’s a good question. I think depending on when we are able to air it. We aired it in June and July so we could air it later in the summer too. It depends on the number of episodes ordered too, but it's not in our control right now.

Q: But do you want to do another season of it?

Klarman: "Absolutely. We love the show. We just have to see whether there is a season five of ['Glee'] and what season three of our show would be based on the direction Ryan [Murphy’s] taking 'Glee,' which is great because you watch ['Glee'] now our kids are all over the place. We love the first two cycles of the show and we are certainly interested in pursuing a  third season. We’re certainly interested in pursuing a third season but it really depends on so many other factors, the first being will there be a season five of 'Glee' and the answer to that is I think maybe yes but then there's the timing. This unscripted spin-off of a scripted series on another network, there are a lot of hurdles for us to get over and I’m super-proud of my team for being able to pull this off as well as they have. This is just another hurdle and the quetsion is we have to figure out what's [going to happen and] no one is going to rush that decision for us."

Q: But if Fox doesn’t decide 'til May?

Klarman: Then it's not going to be on this summer. We just couldn’t pull that off. But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t do it for the following summer.

Q: But Fox would have to renew it for two seasons and at this point in the life of “Glee” that seems unlikely.

Klarman: Mmmmm. I can’t say anything. The tail can’t wag the dog but we have our fingers crossed.


UPDATED: No word from Fox on its TCA day on an early "Glee" renewal but Fox Entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly said an early renewal is still possible.


"That is a real possibility we're gonna negotaite now for the fifth season and beyond," he said. "So we're gonna talk about those things now."


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