TV Q&A: 'NCIS,' 'The Glades' and 'Common Law'

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TV Q&A with Rob Owen

This week's TV Q&A (after the "Read more" jump below) responds to questions about “The Glades,” “NCIS” and “Hell on Wheels.” As always, thanks for reading, and keep the questions coming.
- Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV writer

Q: We have been watching "Hell On Wheels" via on demand and had hoped to see the new "Into The West" series that way as well. Two questions - -  Do you know if "West" will be available in the future and what are your thoughts on "Hell on Wheels"?
- Debbie, 51, Pittsburgh
Rob: “Into the West” is a rerun – it debuted in 2005 on TNT – and AMC doesn’t have the digital rights to make the miniseries available on demand. The program has been released on DVD
As for “Hell on Wheels,” I reviewed it last month and like the series OK – but I have to admit I haven’t watched every episode this season.
Q: I am a “Mentalist” fan and am wondering why it is moving to Sunday night. Its ratings are usually very good and it seems putting it on a football night is like giving it the kiss of death. Sunday is usually a busy night with family and friends and we don't watch much TV that night unless it is football.
- Kay, 73, Greentree
Rob: “The Mentalist” is entering its fifth season, a time when a network might want to try something new in its old, valuable Thursday time slot, which is probably why CBS moved “The Mentalist” to Sunday and slotted newcomer “Elementary” for 10 p.m. Thursday. “The Mentalist” is not exactly a buzzy show and CBS execs are probably betting “Elementary” can create more excitement.

Q: When does “The Glades” return?
- Malcolm, 69, Jackson, Tenn.
Rob: Just this week A&E renewed “The Glades” for a fourth season. It’s likely to air new episodes again next summer.
Q: Is “Brad Meltzer's Decoded” coming back for a third season? If so, do you happen to know when it will start?
- Ryan, 28, North Baldwin
Rob: Doesn’t look like it will be back for a third season but a two-hour special will air at the end of this year. No air date has been announced.
Q: What's the latest with the contracts of the major players in “NCIS”? I was concerned when I saw Michael Weatherly guesting on “Major Crimes” since it's on a different network. Is he coming back to “NCIS”? What about Cote de Pablo and Sean Murray?
- Betty, 63, Bethel Park
Rob: They’ll all be back. Actors often negotiate deals to guest star on other programs during their hiatus, which is likely what Weatherly did.

Q: I was wondering if and when “Southland” is coming back? I think it's a great show.
- Fred, 67, Butler
Rob: I agree! “Southland” will be back in early 2013 but a premiere date has not been announced.
Q: Could you tell me if the new series "Common Law" will return?
- Patricia, 70, Pittsurgh
Rob: We reported last month that odds looked to be 50-50 that it will be back and a report this week suggests it probably will not be renewed.
Q: Has “Good Afternoon America” been canceled? I haven't had a chance to watch very much television recently and am behind on reading the PG. I turned in today and found “General Hospital” on at 2 p.m. Why is “Good Afternoon America” no longer on?
- Janet, 64, Morningside
Rob: You can’t really cancel a show that was announced as only temporary filler until the premiere of “Katie.” “GAA” was never intended to run more than a few months although the show could get revived in the future, according to network executives.
Q: I am looking forward very much to seeing “Ripper Street” come to BBC America, the question is when. Ads in the UK have it premiering there in October. Wouldn't it be to the benefit of BBCA to air their shows simultaneously, or close to it, worldwide? “Downton Abbey's” next series premieres there in a matter of weeks, but we will not see it until next year. With the Internet, you can't keep broadcasts within country borders anymore, as hard as they try.
- Linda, 46, Monroeville
Rob: BBC actually has been airing more shows close to simultaneously in the UK and America. But “Ripper Street” won’t make it to BBC America until sometime in 2013.
Q: Two questions: I just saw the obit for Steve Franken who played on the old "Dobie Gillis" TV shows. Why aren't these available on DVD? Is there a chance they would be shown on TV, maybe during the summer rerun season? Those of us old enough to remember them won't be around forever!
- Martha, 65, Grove City
Rob: There can be many reasons a show isn’t on DVD. Although a search of Amazon shows you can get “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis” on DVD, although some of these releases look unofficial.
I know for the sake of ratings that the days of the Candy Crowleys of the world are going fast. The networks are going the "babe route."
They're all some version of good looking, and they're glammed up, and often shot sitting on a couch or a desk with no front so that they can get some good leg shots. My wife calls it "thigh candy."
But the local stations are now doing the same things with their field reporters. I know to keep costs down they're going for new hires...with the emphasis on babes. But these "girls" look like my son should be taking them to the junior prom.
And they're of the generation where young women hit puberty and then affected the "talking through their noses" voice. (KDKA's Heather Abraham a notable exception.)
Between that and the 18 minutes of weather in each newscast, I've essentially given up on the local news.
I now go online.
- Jim, 64, Moon

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