TV Q&A: 'The Killing,' 'Common Law' and local TV news online

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TV Q&A with Rob Owen

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This week's TV Q&A (after the "Read more" jump below) responds to questions about “The Killing,” CBS Sunday night schedule and local newscasts online. As always, thanks for reading, and keep the questions coming.

- Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV writer

Q: I enjoyed the series "The Killing" on AMC. I could not retrieve any information that the series would be returning from AMC. Would you please find out?

- Sheila, 57, Grove City

Rob: AMC canceled “The Killing.” It won’t be back.


Q: Please tell me @usa_network is renewing “Common Law.” Or is this my new “Moonlight”?

@JanePitt via Twitter

Rob: It might be.

My understanding is that although “Common Law” improved on its lead-in, overall low ratings for Friday night have not helped the show’s cause. It’s probably a 50-50 proposition whether “Common Law” will be renewed.

A USA publicist said no decision has been made about the future of “Common Law,” which averaged about 2.1 million viewers during its run.

In the meantime, the show’s Pittsburgh native executive producer, Craig Sweeny, is writing for CBS’s new Sherlock Holmes crime drama “Elementary” while he awaits word of “Common Law’s” fate.

One other tibdbit that may or may not be related to USA's "Common Law": Hallmark Movie Channel had titled a movie airing Oct. 13 "Common Law" but this week changed the titled to "The Seven Year Hitch."


Q: Now that the late afternoon games for the NFL will be starting even later this year (4:25 p.m.) is CBS planning to schedule “60 Minutes” and the rest of their Sunday lineup to start at 7:30 p.m. or later. Maybe I will no longer have to keep messing with my DVR schedule each Sunday night since the games never were over by 7 p.m.
- Bill, 44, Upper St Clair
Sorry, you’ll need to keep messing with your DVR. CBS won’t change its schedule to something more convenient for viewers because the way it works now is most convenient to CBS in terms of driving up ratings.

“One of the things we've done going into this season, we're developing new SMS texting technology to make sure our audience knows that the show is going to be delayed,” said CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler at the TV critics press tour last month. “For us having NFL overruns [is] great. I mean, all of our numbers are up on Sunday night as a result of it. But between texting, between online notification, between Facebook technology, I mean, literally we do everything possible and will continue to do everything, to make sure that the audience knows that the show will be on later as a result of it.”

Viewers can sign up for email alerts on the CBS Eye-lerts page now. Text alert sign-ups are expected to begin later this month.


Q: After watching the noon webcast of WTAE the other day I was wondering if KDKA and WPXI along with WTAE ever plan to make all newscasts available on the web. 

- Corey, 20, Cheswick
I don’t think that will happen in the near term because I would think stations would fear if they made their most popular newscasts available online, viewers would quit tuning in on TV, which would hurt the ratings. I suspect WTAE puts the noon news online because it’s the least valuable of all the newscasts on a weekday.

“Adding more newscasts is something we'd consider if the demand warrants it,” responded WTAE general manager Michael Hayes in an email. “Right now, the noon has been something we have been doing for awhile and plan on continuing for the foreseeable future.”

News directors for KDKA-TV and WPXI did not offer a response to Corey’s question.



Earlier this summer we received a question about “The Kennedys” miniseries on REELZ Channel and when it might re-air. There’s now a date: Beginning Sept. 11, the miniseries will re-air in the following pattern:

Tuesday 9/11:            

Part 1 - 11p ET

Part 2 -12a ET

Wednesday 9/12:       

Part 1 - 8p ET

Part 2 - 9p ET

Tuesday 9/18:            

Part 3 - 11p ET

Part 4 - 12a ET

Wednesday 9/19:       

Part 3 - 8p ET

Part 4 - 9p ET

Tuesday 9/25:            

Part 5  - 11p ET

Part 6 - 12a ET

Wednesday 9/26:       

Part 5  8p ET

Part 6  9p ET

Tuesday 10/2:            

Part 7 - 11p ET

Part 8 -  12a ET

Wednesday 10/3:       

Part 7 - 8p ET

Part 8  - 9p ET



I received a doozy of a voice mail this week inspired by the new NBC sitcom “Go On.” I can’t publish all of it because it includes several anti-gay slurs, but here’s a printable portion:

“When he was throwing fruit at the car he was disturbing the peace. These so-called comedy shows don’t reflect what American stands for and believes in. You guys make a big deal out of these shows you’ve been conditioned and brainwashed and it’s really sick. That’s why no one cares. The culture, the way our society has collapsed in such a horrible state of affairs, we have shootings and sick behavior like pedophilia and men are promoted to fear women. Men are no longer being attracted to woman as we once were…”

All that destruction from a single episode of an NBC sitcom that actually has some heart. Who knew “Go On” could wreak such havoc?

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