Could Travel Channel's 'Toy Hunter' need Syfy's 'Collection Intervention'? + 'Oh Sit!'

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Last night Syfy debuted "Collection Intervention" (10 p.m. Tuesdays) and tonight Travel Channel premieres "Toy Hunter" (10 tonight; next week the show moves to 9 p.m.). If only these two shows were on the same network because there's a natural crossover between the two series.

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"These may be toys, but this ain't child's play," says Jordan Hembrough, star of "Toy Hunter." In each episode he travels the country finding items to buy that he can turn around and sell for more money.

It's amusing to see all the goodies he digs up, including a kid-size James Bond car and a Huffy "Star Wars" Speeder Bike that was given away as part of a contest circa "Return of the Jedi." I remember that contest and even though I was too big to ride it, I thought that toy was super-cool, too.

He also finds an "Alien" alien action figure Kenner produced in the 1970s before realizing the movie was too scary for kids (this was in the days before there was a market for adult collectors).

As TV shows go, "Toy Hunter" is a bit dull; "Collection Intervention" is more polished.

collection_intervention"Collection Intervention," which repeats its pilot episode tonight at 6, is essentially "Hoarders" for the sci-fi/fantasy crowd. The premiere episode features two hoarders, one devoted to "Star Wars.

"It was like a part of me was lost," Consetta says of selling some of her "Star Wars" junk in the past, "and I don't ever want to feel that way again."

Her husband says Consetta's collection is interfering with their lives as interventionist Elyse Luray tries to help collectors understand there's a fine line between collecting and obsessive hoarding. 

"Everything's very personal to me," Consetta says of the action figures she doesn't want to part with. "They're my friends."

Another collector featured last night has boxes full of Catwoman trinkets. And worse, he hasn't kept them in good condition, so they're not worth as much as they could be.

Although "Collection Intervention" is really no different than "Hoarders," putting a sci-fi/fantasy spin on it does make the show more relatable, at least to a geek like me who had his own collection of "Star Wars" toys before selling them to Groovy on the South Side a few years back.


And if those reality shows aren't enough for you, tonight at 8 The CW debuts "Oh Sit!," a reality competition series that's a mashup of musical chairs and "Wipeout." Competitors run through an obstacle course while music plays and when the music stops they have to run on bridges (over water) toward chairs in the middle of the arena. Those who don't get to a chair are out. It's a silly time-waster with terrible commentary by hosts Jamie Kennedy and Jessi Cruickshank.

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