PRESS TOUR: Life of 'Dexter' gets more complicated in new season of Showtime hit

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dexter_701_0072BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- At the end of the sixth season of "Dexter," Dexter (Michael C. Hall) was spotted stabbing a killer, wrapped in plastic atop a church altar, by his cop sister, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter). This was one big reveal. Dexter's secret was out to his sister.

The show's seventh season premiere, airing Sept. 30, picks up right where it left off with Deb's reaction to learning her brother is capable of murder.

"It is, without a doubt, the most fundamentally game-changing development we've had since we started telling this story," Hall said. "[In the past], Dexter's secret was his own and it's not anymore. It's been so invigorating to play these scenes with Dexter preoccupied in ways Dexter's never been required to be preoccupied. To be in the seventh season of a TV show and to have that genuine sense is pretty remarlable."

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Hall said it feels like the show has earned this reveal and executive producer Scott Buck said it will be played out as realistically as posisble.

"We don't shy away from [the notion that] there is no easy solution from being in this circumstance," Buck said. "We knew we would evenatully tell the story [of Deb finding out] but because it is so dramatic and changes the nature of the show we didn't want to consider it until we were closing in [on the end of the series]."

"Dexter" is expected to run one more season beyond the upcoming season.

"Deb finding out makes an end game feel more palpable and the plan is to do this season and a final eighth season," Hall said, although Showtime Entertainment president David Nevins said he would not close the door on a ninth season if there's more story to tell. "The story of the two of them negotaiting their relationship in this place requires about that much time so it feels about right."

Hall praised his co-star, Carpenter, who is also his ex-wife, although some tabloid reports suggest they're back together.

"I've never had a better scene partner than Jennifer," Hall said. "Her generosity and the volatility of her performance, the sense of danger that she brings to that dynamic, the sense of commitment, the sense of investment. I'm astonished watching her."

One reporter asked an admittedly silly question but it was worth it for the actors' responses: What would you do if you learned your sibling was a serial killer?

"Call the police," Carpenter said.

"I would think it was ironic given my day job,"  Hall quipped.

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