PRESS TOUR: Sarah Palin, a monkey and the strangest network party EVER

Wednesday, 25 July 2012 09:20 AM Written by 

palin_officialBEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- Two actors playing a gay couple, a monkey and Sarah Palin walk into an NBC party ...

I don't know what the punchline is. Actually, I do.

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I found myself in the Beverly Hilton elevator with actor/comedian Anthony Anderson (NBC's "Guys with Kids") and we were chatting about how weird the NBC stars party was and I said the same set-up: "Two actors playing a gay couple, a monkey and Sarah Palin walk into an NBC party ..."

anthony_andersonAnderson, pictured at left, turned to me and said with mock anger:

"Who you calling a monkey, motherf-----!" 

It was such perfect timing. Kudos, Anthony Anderson, kudos. He cracked me up. I complimented him and he shook my hand before he got off the elevator. 

monkey_blogBest of all, Palin (pictured above, see a better photo from the Twitter feed of @lorirackl) was at one end of the party -- wearing a tight, low-cut dress, a (spray?) tan, Oakley sunglasses and strappy, goth high heels that looked like bondage gear -- and the cast of "The New Normal" (a show about a gay couple) were at the polar opposite end.

The monkey -- from NBC's "Animal Practice" -- was, of course, in the middle (pictured at right with her trainer).

Palin, who never met the "lamestream media" to promote her own TLC reality show, was at NBC's party with her husband, Todd, who is one of the "celebrity" stars of NBC's upcoming reality show, "Stars Earn Stripes." (For those keeping count, that's a Palin family member's third fourth reality show, I think). Todd Palin's presence in the show is also sort of odd since it's a patriotic show and he was once a member of a political party that advocated Alaska's secession from the United States. Sarah Palin talked to a few reporters but NBC tried to keep the focus on Todd since he's the star of their show.

It was a very strange evening.

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