Another 'Soul Man'

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The_Soul_Man_3TV Land's "The Soul Man" (10 tonight) isn't the first piece of entertainment with that title and it probably won't be the last. But it could be the worst.

Although it's tough to say definitively because I only have a vague recollection of disliking the 1997-98 ABC comedy series "Soul Man" that starred Dan Aykroyd as a widowed Episcopal priest and I never saw the white-guy-poses-as-black-guy 1986 movie "Soul Man," although describing it that way makes it sound pretty awful.

Regardless of the degree of awfulness of TV Land's "The Soul Man," suffice it to say it's bad enough.

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Cedric "The Entertainer" stars in the TV Land sitcom as Boyce, a R&B music star-turned minister, a character first introduced on TV Land's "Hot in Cleveland," from which "The Soul Man" is a spin-off. 

Boyce is new to the pulpit at a church in St. Louis, where he recently moved with his wife (Niecy Nash) and daughter (Jazz Raycole) to take over for his retired pastor father (John Beasley, "Everwood"). The church ladies disapprove of Boyce's wife, who is perceived as uppity.

"She is Vegasing our church, we don't need her Vegasing our hair," complains one church lady when Boyce encourages his flock to patronize his wife's new hair salon.

The episode's nadir comes when Boyce attempts to attend to a dying parishoner -- who looks healthy as a horse -- but becomes distracted by a basketball game on TV.

There's nothing wrong with TV Land trying to revive the old-school, multi-camera sitcom but the pilot for this show wouldn't have cut it in the 1980s.

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