'The Amazing Race' is on the run again

Thursday, 16 February 2012 12:00 AM Written by 

AR_phil_ARCBS's "The Amazing Race" is back for its 20th run at 8 p.m. Sunday, followed by a new episode of "The Good Wife."

This time around the "Race" features a couple from a past edition of "Big Brother" (Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly), two "Jersey Shore" wannabes, male twins and a couple of clowns. (Seriously, they're a husband and wife who work for a circus.)

While "Race" has always been a personal favorite among the network reality competition series, it does feel like it's starting to get a little old at this point.

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AR_Jersey_shoreWhile I'm not as disappointed in "Race" as some critics are, I've mostly just grown bored with the format.

At this point, the series has shown viewers so much of the world that the travelogue aspect is sort of old hat. And inserting characters from other shows (the "Big Brother" contestants this season) or inspired by other shows (the self-proclaimed Guidos, at right) feels like a desperate ratings ploy. That's especially true when Rachel exclaims, "We are not here to make friends. We are gere to win a million dollars." Yawn. We've heard that line a dozen times before from reality competition contestants, why would "Race" editors choose to use that old saw again?

AR_twinsThere are some likeable characters in the new season, including two best friends from Kentucky and the twins, pictured at left ("He's like my life partner, but we're not gay," one twins says, prompting guffaws from the other).

Other winning lines from Sunday's premiere:

- Brendon trash talks a team of border patrol agents: "I'm half-Mexican and I hate them for a reason."

- One female contestant exclaims during a skydiving compeition, "My uterus is in my throat!"

- "Bopper," one of the Kentucy competitors, exclaims while making empanadas, "This is the first time I've ever made a pinata!"

It's not like "The Amazing Race" has become a bad show, just sort of ho-hum, aside from a crazy finish line first. The thrill is (mostly) gone.

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