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angry_boysChris Lilley first made an impression in America with the HBO import "Summer Heights High" and now he's following it up with "Angry Boys" (10 p.m. Sunday, HBO).

"Summer Heights High" developed a cult following and perhaps "Angry Boys" will do the same but it doesn't seem as funny.

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Once again Lilley plays multiple characters, including 17-year-old identical twins Nathan and Daniel (pictured above), obnoxious farm boys from rural Australia. Nathan is deaf "and a little retarded," according to Daniel, who frequently uses a gay slur while Nathan is constantly flipping the bird to the camera. While it's a well-observed study of obnoxious teens, it's not all that funny.

Another character in Sunday's premiere, Ruth "Gran" Sims, is a prison officer at a juvenile corrections facility. She makes super hero pajamas for her young charges.

Sunday's second half-hour (10:30 p.m.) introduces a funnier character, S. Mouse, an American rapper with the hit song "Slap My Elbow." Mouse tries to be hard but his father tattles on his earliest music influence: the Broadway music "Wicked."

It's admirable the way the stories intertwine: Mouse records a music video in which he defecates on a police car, prompting Nathan to copy him and get in trouble Down Under.

Two half-hour episodes will air each Sunday night. Future episodes introduce a washed-up surfer (Lilley again) and a teen skateboard champ and his controlling mother (Lilley). The skater story is funnier than the surfer sketches.

"Angry Boys" will certainly have some appeal to fans of offbeat comedy but it seems unlikely to become a mainstream hit.

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