TV Q&A: 'Sons of Anarchy,' 'Sweet Genius' and a familiar voice on a local ad

Friday, 18 November 2011 12:00 AM Written by 

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TV Q&A with Rob Owen

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This week's TV Q&A (after the "Read more" jump below) responds to questions about “Sons of Anarchy,” “Sweet Genius” and a familiar voice on a local TV commercial. As always, thanks for reading, and keep the questions coming.
- Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV writer

Q: Is the scar on Gemmas' chest on “Sons of Anarchy” real or fake? They have never explained why it's there or how she got it.

- Dale, 62, North Carolina

Rob: It’s fake.

While the scar is not explained, it is referenced in the series’ pilot, according to an FX publicist (I had no memory of this either). When baby Abel is born, he requires surgery. It’s explained that he has “a bad heart” and Gemma states that this condition “runs in the family.”

The fake scar is a tattoo that’s applied during the hair and make-up process before filming.


Q: Has "Sweet Genius" been removed from the Food Network channel?

- Linda, 47, Cecil

Rob: It doesn’t appear to be. They’re soliciting cast members for a second season.

Q: Is “Dirty Soap” on E! coming back for a second season??

-Debra, 54, Kramsky

Rob: It’s too soon to say, according to an E! publicist. The season finale only aired this past Sunday.


Q: Are we hearing the voice of Patrice King-Brown within UPMC's latest TV ad/propaganda piece trying to place all of the blame on Highmark?  The ad certainly caught my attention but not for any good reason.  I'll be very disappointed in Patrice if it is, in fact, her that Pittsburgh viewers are hearing.  Say it isn't so!

- Catherine, 58, Squirrel Hill

Rob: Sorry, it is so. It is unquestionably the former KDKA-TV anchor in these ads. She even fronts the spots online. This isn’t the first time Brown has traded on her credibility. It’s definitely not a practice that would be endorsed in a journalism ethics class. The reality is she’s no longer a news anchor and she can now appear in any commercial she’d like, but doing so may have consequences to her reputation and legacy as a news anchor.


Q: Several weeks ago I asked why Trina Orlando of KDKA insists on signing off her segments with the pronunciation of NEWS as NOOSE!!! Any reason why she does this whenever the word is NEWS!!!!? 

- Judith, 68, Brookline

Rob: I try to ignore these sorts of questions that reveal more about the questioner’s pet peeves than anything relevant to the majority of viewers, but Judith really wanted a response so I begrudgingly took the question to Trina Orlando.

“First time I've heard that one!" Orlando said.


Q: When I miss Bill Maher on Friday nights I usually pick it up on the On Demand site.  Here it is Thursday, Nov. 10, and they list the after show segment, but not the full show #231. Is everyone at HBO sleeping?

- Don, 75, Pittsburgh

Rob: My guess is it was an inadvertent delay. On Monday, Comcast spokesman Bob Grove said the show in question was available over the weekend and remains available.


Q: Why is “Ebert Presents … At the Movies” at 8:30 on Fridays on Channel 200 running reruns of shows that ran all this summer? They started out with new movie reviews this fall, but after one week started the reruns. A rerun aired again last week, too. 

- Lois, 68, North Huntingdon

Rob: This would almost be funny in a comically inept way if it wasn’t so frustrating for viewers.

Last week we reported on the two previous new episodes of “Ebert Presents … At the Movies” not airing due to technical difficulties, one caused by WQED. And it turns out last Friday’s new episode did not air either. WQED blames the show’s distributor.

“WQED receives the feed of "At the Movies" from American Public Television (APT). The episode that was scheduled to air on Friday was sent with the beginning of the show clipped, so we could not air it,” according to WQED spokesman George Hazimanolis. “A re-feed was not going to be available until Saturday, the day after the show was to air, so we had to air a repeat of the program this past Friday.”

Dawn Anderson of APT acknowledged the errors, calling one technical and the other engineering/human error.

“APT, the national distributor of the series, re-fed both episodes so stations did receive the corrected episodes, though perhaps with not enough notice for them to react,” she said in an email response. “As part of our contingency plan for the series, however, we also make available three ‘evergreen’ episodes should something go wrong with that particular week's feed. 
“We truly regret any inconvenience these technical issues caused stations and the loyal public television viewers of ‘Ebert Presents at the Movies.’ Rest assured, we are making every effort to rectify these issues.”


Viewers have asked before why some shows are not available online, most often this involves programs produced by Warner Bros. For instance, “Big Bang Theory” is produced by Warner Bros. for CBS but full episodes are not available online after they air on TV.   See comments below. "Big Bang" is now available online, a new development after years of not being available.

But this week there was an announcement that Warner Bros. shows produced for ABC will be available online after their broadcast. These shows include “Suburgatory,” “The Middle” and the midseason comedy “Work It,” which doesn’t yet have a premiere date.

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