Former Steelers player on Bravo show

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pakulakThe cast of Bravo's latest terrible-people show, "Most Eligible Dallas" (10 tonight) includes a former Steelers player, if by "Steelers Player" you can include a guy who was on the team for two weeks in 2003.

Glenn Pakulak, 31 (at right), has made the rounds of NFL teams and the Bravo show suggests he's sitting out the NFL lockout, even though has no stats for him since 2009. (Looks like he re-signed with the Oakland raiders in January.)

Pakulak is one of the less objectionable cast members in this new faux reality show, the type of series where a bunch of "types" are thrown together and encouraged to act like they are friends (similar to 2009's "Miami Social"). Sure, Pakulak admits he gets aroused watching attractive women on "Family Feud," but he's not as ridiculous as other cast members.

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most_eligibThere's Matt Nordgren, 28, who says, "I consider myself the total package." He's constantly bringing new women to dinner, possily to toy with the emotions of longtime friend and drama queen Courtney Kerr, 29, who is desperate to land a man.

"It's not that I have a check list," she says before rattling off a list of traist she wants in a man, including imaging him as a guy who "probably has a dog with a very masculine name, like Butch."

Drew Gunsburg, 29, chain smokes through his confessional interviews -- he's got a horrible smoker's voice, too -- and says his condo has a view that's "a panty dropper," but there won't be many panties dropping there because he's gay (his type: "surfer dudes").

Tara Harper, 36, is an animal lover who feeds her dogs off of Wedgwood China, saying, "I mean, why should they have less than us?"

The focus really seems to be on Matt and Courtney who constantly bicker, especially after Matt brings Neill Skyler, a 23-year-old single mom, to dinner, leading Courtney to criticize Neill's parenting skills.

The whole lot are a terrible example of, well, humanity, and the only reason to spend time with them is to feel superior, which most viewers probably are.

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