'Roseanne's Nuts': Tell me something I haven't heard

Monday, 11 July 2011 12:00 AM Written by 

rosea6964Roseanne Barr hasn't been in the public eye much in recent years, although she's active online, most recently Tweeting up a storm about her displeasure over the outcome of the Casey Anthony trial. But now she's about to star in a new prime-time series whose title perfectly captures what many people think of her: Lifetime's "Roseanne's Nuts" (9 p.m. Wednesday).

It's a reality show set on Roseanne's Macadamia Nut farm in Hawaii and the first half-hour episode consists of her chasing pigs, hiring people to catch the pigs and then her decision to release the pigs because she doesn't want killing them to be on her conscience.

So, yeah, the show does live up to its title.

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Whatever one thinks of Roseanne Barr the person, there's no denying that her 1980s ABC sitcom, "Roseanne," was one of the best prime-time comedies in TV history and remains one of the few, particularly in the past 20 years, set in a genuinely blue collar family.

Personally, I go back and forth on Roseanne. Sometimes I think she's brilliant, other times I think she's full of herself. Both sides come through in this fairly dull reality show. It's sort of fun to see her with her boyfriend of eight years, Johnny. He's pretty chill; she's more often a basketcase. ("I told Roaeanne I'm secure enough in my masculinityto be the girl in this relationship," says Johnny, who's pretty funny in his own right.)

Roseanne's insecurity seems like a constant companion. She complains the wild pigs are going after her nuts but her real worry is that the pigs are smarter than she is.

"If I can't outsmart a pig, I should just hang it up," she says at one point.

Not much happens in the first episode, which relies more on outrageous situations (Roseanne driving like a mad woman, Roseanne shooting at pigs) than actual humor. In one scene, Roseanne talks on the phone and it appears she has spread her legs a touch too wide and her crotch is pixilated. Did she really show off her nether regions or did editors add pixilation in an attempt to provoke an audience reaction other than boredom?

The farm house we see on "Roseanne's Nuts" is surprisingly middle class. Of course, who knows if there's not a mansion up the hill just out of camera view, but she appears to be living the stree-free, antithesis-of-Hollywood life she claims to want.With one major exception.

"I sure like it 'cause it's not L.A.," Roseanne says at the end of tonight's premiere, one of two episodes airing back-to-back.

But as her son points out, "You're surrounded by eight camera crew guys here."

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