TV Q&A: 'Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,' 'Dog Whisperer' and a general assignment reporter’s marital status

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TV Q&A with Rob Owen

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This week's TV Q&A (after the "Read more" jump below) responds to questions about “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,” “Dog Whisperer” and a general assignment reporter’s marital status.
As always, thanks for reading, and keep the questions coming.
- Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV writer

Q: "Rescue Me" is returning July 13th.  What have you heard about this show's final season?  I have a theory that Tommy was the one who really got trapped in the towers and the whole thing was just one big dream.
- Marcy, 35, Robinson Twp.
I have not heard much – FX hasn’t sent the screeners out to critics as of this writing – but last year star Denis Leary, who plays Tommy, did hint at a last-minute twist in the series finale.

Q: We watched "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" on Fridays last season but this season it was moved to Tuesday and was often pre-empted by "Dancing with the Stars." By the time they switched it to Friday we missed several episodes and they are not provided "On Demand." Are they planning to rerun the shows and if so, when?
- MaryBeth, 48, Pittsburgh
The show was a flop so I doubt there will be reruns but full episodes are viewable at

Q: I have noticed that they run commercials for a while and then they cut parts out of them and run shortened versions of them. Any ideas why they do that?
- Patricia, 67, Turtle Creek, Pa.
I can’t say I’ve noticed this practice, but because I watch almost everything on a DVR now and fast forward through commercials, I don’t see many commercials anymore either. But I imagine commercials are edited because 1) it’s cheaper than making a whole new commercial and 2) a shorter commercial is usually going to be a less expensive ad buy than a longer commercial.

Q: Why aren't we seeing new episodes of “Dog Whisperer”? There were a few new ones and then they stopped.
- Kathi, 60, McKeesport
According to a NatGeo Wild publicist, 10 new episodes are currently in production and will air in early 2012.

Q: What is the name of the actress who plays Mike Ross’s grandmother on USA’s “Suits”? I recognize her, but can’t remember what other series she played in from the past. Can you help?
- Heidi, 51, Florida
That’s actress Rebecca Schull, who you probably remember from her role as Fay on “Wings” in the early 1990s.

Q: I'm curious if there is a website out there that is either devoted to or regularly discusses specifically why various actors cease to be on their various television shows. Sites like Wikipedia and IMDB are usually good sources of information, but occasionally are lacking in certain details.
- Mike, 35, Pittsburgh
A great many websites cover the ins and outs of TV and those sites (, often report on who’s coming and going but actors don’t always say right away (or ever) why they’re leaving. I’m still waiting on Mandy Patinkin’s explanation for bailing on “Criminal Minds” (can’t wait for the press conference for Showtime’s upcoming Patinkin drama “Homeland,” where I’m sure that will come up and we’ll get a non-answer).
If anyone knows of a site like the one Mike describes, let me know.

Q: Could you please tell me the name of the haunting theme music that is used on our local antiques appraisal show "Pittsburgh's Hidden Treasures."
- Deborah, 56, Lincoln Place
TV stations often buy music packages and the music you hear on this show is from somethinge called “Megatrax,” according to KDKA-TV general manager Chris Pike. But he was not familiar with a title for that specific track.

Q: The June 20th wedding page of the Post-Gazette had a picture of Heather Abraham and her new husband Frank Trabucco. Is this the same Heather Abraham from KDKA Channel 2 news? They have made no mention of it on their news casts. If it is her why haven't they said anything? In my opinion she is doing a great job.
- Jeannine, 72, Pittsburgh/Baldwin
News director Anne Linaberger confirmed Abraham was recently married so that was probably her. As to why it hasn’t been mentioned on a newscast, I’d ask, why would it be? Sometimes the personal milestones of anchors get mentioned in a newscast (especially the arrival of babies) but it’s not often we hear about such events in the lives of general assignment reporters like Abraham. It’s their job to report the news, not to become the news.

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