Say this title three times fast: 'Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys'

Tuesday, 07 December 2010 12:00 AM Written by 

Crystal__Nathan_38_reducedSundance Channel debuts a series with an eyebrow-raising title: "Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys" (10 and 10:30 tonight), cable's latest series to explore an aspect of modern culture. In this case, the phenomenon in question is the notion of heterosexual women who form close friendships with gay men.

It's certainly aims higher than the awful "A-List: New York" on Logo. Read more after the jump. ...


Sundance Channel still tends to be one of the slightly higher brow cable joints so it's not surprising that "Girls Who Like..." comes across as something closer to a docu-series than a producer-plotted reality show.

Each half-hour episode (two air back-to-back every Tuesday night this month) explores the friendships between four couples.

Sarah Rose and Joel Derfner are the most likeable of the pairs: He's an author/composer who's about to marry his partner, she's an author who's a little jealous that he's settling down before she is.

Elias Casas and David Munk have been friends for 30 years since meeting at college. David helps run her vintage clothing chain and encourages her to go running in Central Park where she instantly proves to be in better shape than he is.

Crystal McCrary and Nathan Williams are partners in an entertainment production company and best friends. She's now a single mom and he wants to have a child.

Rosebud Parker tries to suppoer her best friend, Shail Farooqi, who remains closeted to his family.

The relationships come across as genuine and many of the people featured don't seem to be acting. In the first episode at least, it's not a show where you can feel the participants trying to instigate a fight for the purposes of adding drama. It's hard to imagine someone intentionally crying in almost every scene he's in, which is what emotional Nathan does.

The most distracting thing about the show, at least to me, is that three of the four guys in it are shown smoking in the first episode, which sort of conforms to the New York gay party scene cliche.

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