Dirty business

Saturday, 28 June 2008 06:01 AM Written by 

Host Monty Halls with some dung producers in I generally reserve judgment on TV shows until I see them, but in the case of a new History Channel special, the title alone assures it will be pretty crappy: "All About Dung" (9 p.m. Monday).

Sophomoric humor aside -- and, yes, the show has fun with this too, referring to one scientist as "a star in the field of international poop science" -- the program really does look at the history and science of human and animal excrement and what they reveal about the past.

Host Monty Hall calls it "an incredible journey to discover how an everyday substance plays an extraordinary role in our history," including a 14,000-year-old piece of human dung that reveals through DNA testing that humans may have colonized North America 1,300 years earlier than previously thought.

If nothing else, it's a way to educate kids while entertaining them with conversations about "mammoth dung."

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