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Murder-mystery reality competitions have been tried before – remember ABC’s “Whodunnit?” (2013) and Fox’s “Murder in Small Town X” (2001)? – but they’re few and far between and never seem to last beyond the first season. Kudos to The CW for trying the format again with the intentionally trashy British import, "Killer Camp" (8 p.m. Thursday, WPCW-TV).

It’s “The Mole” set at Camp Crystal Lake from “Friday the 13th” with a cast that’s got the English equivalent of “Jersey Shore” vibes. (Some accents are thick; consider using closed captions to better understand some of the contestants.)

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The 2020 Television Critics Association TCA Award Nominations are out with deserving series "Watchmen," "Unbelievable," "Better Call Saul," "Mrs. America," "Schitt's Creek" and "Sucession" leading the nominations.

"Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" and "Odd Squad," produced by Pittsburgh-based "Fred Rogers Productions," were both nominated for achievement in youth programming.

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The Vote PBS

A new two-part “American Experience,” "The Vote" (9-11 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, WQED-TV) traces the history of American women’s efforts to win the right to vote timed to the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment of women’s suffrage.

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'Babysitter's Club' re-opens on Netflix

Monday, 29 June 2020 12:00 AM Written by


babysitters club

The teen-targeted "Babysitter's Club" books gets another series adaptation with this Netflix offering, streaming Friday, that follows the friendship and adventures of middle-schoolers Kristy Thomas (Sophie Grace), Mary Anne Spier (Malia Baker), Claudia Kishi (Momona Tamada), Stacey McGill (Shay Rudolph) and Dawn Schafer (Xochitl Gomez).

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