It's Not Walmart's Fault

Thursday, 21 October 2010 10:20 AM Written by 
CRESCENT CITY, CA. -- Curly Redwood Lodge

Curly Redwood Lodge is not Henry Cabot Lodge's grandson. It's a motel.


I was forced to find this great 1950s mom & pop place (for $62) because the Crescent City Walmart does not allow bums like me to sleep in its lot.

I was ready to call one of the Walton heirs to complain but then I went in and asked the manager. It's not Walmart's fault.

It's the usual culprit -- government. The city or county has an ordinance against sleeping overnight in cars, even on private property. She apologized -- twice.

This usurpation of property rights by a local constabulary is an outrage for John Stossell or the guys at Reason magazine to address.

Of course the homeless population of California -- already large and growing as the state sinks deeper into the red -- doesn't have to worry about the local law because they sleep in the bushes.

Here's a picture of the single redwood that produced the 57,000 board feet of lumber used to build this motel, which is paneled in redwood and probably worth more for scrap than it is as a building.


No crying: as I am about to find out, there are whole forests of redwoods in my path as a I continue down US 101.


This is by far the most beautiful stretch of the Steinbeck Highway (sorry Montana).

But it's also the biggest slog. No wonder Steinbeck and his wife Elaine decided to take a leisurely drive down US 101. They had no choice.


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