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E3 2015 is nearly upon us. That means an onslaught of video game announcements, trailers and news is coming. Will “The Last Guardian” finally have a release date? Will “Shenmue” get the remastered treatment? Well, no, but there are more realistic expectations we can set before the first press conference on June 14.


There are hundreds of games that will grace the Los Angeles Convention Center floor, which means there are too many to see in just three days. Here are the games and tech that could very well be the best things to see at this year’s E3.

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The-Witcher-3 words“The Witcher 3” is CD Projekt Red’s grand finale of “The Witcher” series. The game is massive, clocking in at over 100 hours for most players. The open world tale of Geralt is artistically one of the top games of the year thus far, but suffers from some technical issues. Here’s my full video review of “The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt”

This is my first attempt at a video review, so if you have any feedback please let me know in the comments, or on Twitter @GameGuyPgh. Enjoy!

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YouTube-logo-full colorYouTube made some key improvements to their live streaming platform last week. It’s now possible to stream footage at 60 frames per second and for it to be viewable in HTML5. The update makes YouTube a viable competitor for Twitch as the two sites vie for the top name in game streaming.


It’s safe to say that most live game streaming happens on Twitch. The site has all but perfected the business of live game streaming, and has one of the biggest followings on the web. But I wanted to see how YouTube’s streaming experience differed for Twitch’s from a broadcaster’s perspective. The result was a mix of positives and negatives.

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Xur made his first appearance since "Destiny's" House of Wolves expansion went live on Tuesday. He can be found in the Vestian Outpost in the Reef. Below are screenshots of what he's selling this week. 

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'Life is Strange' Episode 3 review

Thursday, 21 May 2015 01:06 PM Written by

Life Is Strange LogoMinor spoilers from episodes 1 and 2 follow.


The intrigue is beginning to ramp up in “Life is Strange,” the episodic, time-twisting tale that follows Max Caulfield’s adolescence. The story is split into five episodes. The most recent episode, “Chaos Theory,” adds a new wrinkle in Max’s strange powers that allow her to rewind time.


Until this point, Max has been able to rewind short periods of time. This allows her to see the immediate consequences of her actions. She can then reverse time to make a different choice. This power has shaped her angst filled year at Blackwell Academy, a private school in the fictional small town of Arcadia Bay.

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Drop what you’re doing, fire up “Destiny” and head to the Cosmodrome on Earth for some quick and easy blue engrams from the “House of Wolves” DLC. If you follow an easy five-step process, you’ll be able to fill your inventory with potentially legendary items.


  1. Head to the Skywatch and just chill on the top of a building while you wait for a Fallen dropship to appear along the cliff next to the building. Fallen captains and dregs will drop that will range from level 28 to level “??.” See the screenshot below for the exact area. They may also spawn by the downed helicopters.

  2. Defeat the Fallen that fall from the dropship. You will need to be a higher level character to do this. From what I’ve seen, level 30 and above should be able to do the job. My level 26 Titan won’t even hurt them, but everybody will be able to partake in the bounty as long as someone around there is 30 or above.

  3. Once the Fallen are defeated, the words Ether Key will appear above your ability meter. A chest of loot will then be spawned in the Skywatch area, and you’ll have to locate it before the timer runs out.

  4. Here’s where the glitch comes into play. Once you find it, hop on your sparrow and race back to where you came from. Once you head down the hallway to the Lunar Complex (the previous area connected to Skywatch) turn around and race back to the chest. You will be able to reopen the chest for more loot. You can repeat this process for as long as the timer is active.

  5. Repeat the process every five-to-ten minutes when the Fallen dropship spawns.


You don’t need to have high level people in your fireteam to earn an Ether Key. You just need to make sure higher level people are around you. Just head to the action once the dropship appears and act like you’re doing something. You’ll earn an Ether Key once the Fallen are defeated.


The Cryptarch in the tower won’t acknowledge that you have an engram until 10 a.m. PST today when the House of Wolves DLC goes live. So for now, just load up on engrams until then. Happy hunting!


 [UPDATE] - You have to do damage to an enemy to earn an Ether Key. If you are low level, be sure to get into the action early so you can damage one of the early level 28 characters.




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Nintendo is the first of the “big three” to announce their plans for E3 2015. In a comedic video posted on Nintendo’s website and YouTube, president and COO of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime rolled out plans for June’s pre-E3 Digital Event, an expanded Treehouse Live event from the E3 show floor and the return of the Nintendo World Championships.


Nintendo World Championships was a touring tournament Nintendo held in 1990. This year, qualifying rounds will be held at Best Buy stores across the country. The finals will be held at E3 during the week of June 14.

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Ubisoft unveiled “Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate” today, the next annual installment of the long running series. “Syndicate” will take place in 1968-era London and will star a new assassin named Jacob Frye.


The 30-minute reveal video split time between in-studio footage of Ubisoft Montreal working on the game, and in-game footage. In the video, the studio admitted to mistakes that were made in the development of last year’s “Assassin’s Creed: Unity.” The team addressed game bugs and negative reviews vowing that “Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate” would be different.

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