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“Mortal Kombat” is one of the most consistent mainstays in all of video games. It’s seen a release on every generation of home console, and was the highlight of any arcade before home consoles were the best way to play. “Mortal Kombat X” continues this tradition for the new generation on the Xbox One and PS4.


“MK X” takes place 25 years after the events of “MK 9.” Most of the character roster remains a mystery, but the only current returning characters are Sub-Zero and Scorpion. The rest of the cast consists of completely new characters.

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TheOrderBoxArtTrailers have yet to do “The Order: 1886” any kind of justice. To me, these brief glimpses into this vision of 17th-century London looked like a generic, but story-driven, third-person shooter. It was only once I had hands-on time with it that it rooted itself firmly on my radar.


“The Order” combines action and art in this tale of alternate history. This game is so breathtakingly gorgeous that I didn’t believe what I was seeing during the Sony press conference was actual in-game footage. The game somehow makes truly seamless transitions from cinematic to gameplay, and back again. The gloomy hue of the art direction along with its detailed environments paint a dark picture of a crisis in London.

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ShadowofMordorCoverMy expectations of “Shadow of Mordor” were already high based on quality gameplay trailers and the studio behind it, but the hands-on demo managed to exceed them. Monolith Productions has crafted a unique sense of player choice within the action/adventure genre without sacrificing fast paced combat.


The main character, Talion, is the victim of a mass killing. He and his family have been slain. His journey begins with his resurrection; one that grants him mystical powers making him the Shadow of Mordor.

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Alien IsolationCoverWe may finally be getting the “Alien” game that we both deserve and need. “Alien: Isolation” by The Creative Assembly and published by Sega looks like it has what it takes to be a true survival/horror game within the world of the popular movie franchise.


“Isolation” drops you within a world where the xenomorphs are king. You are not strong enough to take on these powerful creatures. Your only hope is to run.

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ArkhamWhen Batman’s “Arkham” series is in the hands of RockSteady Games, the result is one of the best experiences in the entire video game medium. Collectively, I’m of the school of thought that believes the series is a stronger representation of the caped crusader than the movie trilogy by Christopher Nolan.


It was one of my most anticipated games of E3 2014. Just the thought of getting hands-on time with it nearly put me in a stupor, and fortunately it did not disappoint.

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(9:42) Wait, one more teaser. Pit and Link are battling in a cartoon vision of Smash Bros. Sorry, that's an anime style Smash Bros. Palutena from Kid Icarus confirmed for Smash Bros. This is showing her many attacks. Looks like a good character. Oh, Dark Pit was breifly shown at the end. I guess he'll be in it too? Not sure. Miyamoto briefly shows up to chat about the Wii U GamePad with what looks like Star Fox in the background, but the screen is blurred out. 

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(10:59) That's a wrap! Stay tuned for the EA press conference which should happen in about one hour.

(10:57) Phil Spencer is back on stage. Dave Jones, creator of the original Crackdown, is working on the new one. That's a wrap. The show is winding down now. We're being treated to a wrap-up trailer that shows all the games that were shown throughout the day.

(10:54) New Crackdown coming to Xbox One! Crackdown is an amazing open world series. Well, the first one is good. If you haven't played, play it! Open world sandboxing at its finest. This is just a CG trailer. No Gameplay shown.

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(12:54) Battlefield Hardline open beta is available on the PS4. That's the show! Hardline is playable at the venue and playable right now.

(12:43) Here comes Battlefield Hardline. "War on the streets between cops and criminals." New worlds, new weapons, and new ways to play. This looks like Heat: The Video Game. Robbers are trying to steal and armored car. Cops are on the scene trying to stop them. All of this is taking place in downtown LA. Cars are flying into the scene. Massive shootout happening on the city streets. Still squad-based. Criminals have to get the loot and escape. Still has fully destructable environments. Slipping sides to show the police now. They're in a helicopter trying to show down and the criminals below. Criminal is hanging out of the passenger side window as they flee the scene. Criminal gets out to engage in the battle on street level. He dropped on a zipline on a motorcycle. They blew up a crane on top of a building and it crashed down the the streets below. The battle rages on. Following the criminals now. He has a baseball bat and he just clubbed a cop facing the wrong direction. Back over to the police side. Sniper set up on the building across the street. He's taking out the criminal team from the vantage point. The criminals ziplined to another rooftop where a chopper is waiting for them. They're away, but a police chopper is in pursuit. The criminal parachuted down below and was promptly aprehended by the police. Wow Wow Wow Wow. What a demo.

(12:40) FIFA time for FIFA 15. Dynamic crowds for each stadium. They'll have signature celebrations from each stadium. Looks really neat. Coming this fall. Sorry again. I don't know futbol.

(12:35) DICE is back on the screen. This time for Mirror's Edge. No gameplay shown yet. Parkour performers are jumping on the screen while wearing a Go Pro camera. Gameplay looks like it exactly matches this footage. Prototype footage is being shown. Not sure how early this game is in its development. Combat looks as solid as ever. This will make fans happy. No release date, or final footage shown. Won't happen this year, that's for sure.

(12:32) Dawngate on the screen now. It's a PC MOBA. Lots of characters, League of Legends style. I'm sorry. I don't know much about MOBAs.

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