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Is now a good time to get into 'Destiny'?

Thursday, 10 September 2015 09:00 AM Written by


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Since you already clicked on the link, let me answer the headline for you right now. Yes, this is the best time to get into “Destiny”! If you’re a newcomer or thinking about diving back into the fray after a long time away, this will tell you everything you need to know about the new and improved “Destiny.”


Bungie launched “Destiny’s” 2.0 version this week in anticipation of next week’s expansion launch called “The Taken King.” The hefty 17 Gb update adds a golden chest full of content and improvements. Some are under the hood, while others can be noticed right away. Nearly all of it is for the better.

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The “Disney Infinity” series is about to embark on a journey to a galaxy far, far away. With the release of “Disney Infinity 3.0,” Disney interactive’s toys-to-life game adds the “Star Wars” franchise to its expansive roster of beloved characters. The series, which features action figures that come alive onscreen, has been building to this point since its debut in 2013.


John Vignocchi, Vice President of Production at Disney Interactive, talks what makes “3.0” so different from the first two installments, and the future of “Star Wars.”

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MegaManCoverRemember the “Mega Man Anniversary Collection” that came out for GameCube and PS2? Well get ready to buy those games all over again for the current gen consoles. The “Mega Man Legacy Collection” includes the first six installments as a digital download all for the bargain price of $14.99.


A lot has changed since 2004, which is when “Anniversary Collection” was released. We’ve made the jump to high definition, we expect retro games to have save state support and we suffer from the unquenchable thirst for trophies and achievements. Fortunately, Mega Man has evolved with the times. The “Mega Man Legacy Collection” includes all of the above.

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'Until Dawn' review - cheap thrills

Monday, 24 August 2015 11:00 AM Written by


UntilDawn First image still“Until Dawn,” the horror-thriller from Supermassive Games, is going to do its best to make horror fans squirm, scream and jump. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure game that changes key events depending on decisions players make along the way.


The story takes place atop the snowy and secluded Mt. Washington. A group of eight friendly teenagers head up for their annual get-together. It’s a year after the previous visit went horribly wrong when two members of their group went missing and were never found. Now the group has returned in the hopes to forget about the tragic events. The game changes lead characters throughout the game, giving players a glimpse into their personality.

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Last Friday, “Gjallarhorn” was a trending topic on Twitter. That’s because the elusive exotic weapon in “Destiny” was being sold by the game’s weekend exotic vendor known as Xur. This is only the second time that has happened since the game’s launch. The first time was the second week of “Destiny’s” in 2014.


For those not in the know, the Gjallarhorn is the strongest rocket launcher in the game. It is also extremely rare. If it’s not being sold by Xur, the only way to get one is to receive it by random drop after completing a raid or weekly nightfall strike. In other words, this doesn’t happen often, and it’s completely out of the player’s hands.

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Gally3The prayers have been answered for many “Destiny” players, and those who already owned a Gjallarhorn are bound to be a little upset. Weekend vendor Xur is selling the elusive Gjallarhorn rocket launcher.

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Personal audio equipment is not an easy purchase. Each headset and microphone comes with its own set of often confusing specs, and such devices are rarely cheap. The decision can drive even the biggest audiophile insane.


Blue Microphones has two flagship audio products: The Mo-Fi headphones and the Yeti microphone. The Mo-Fi headphones focus on mobile audio, but can also be used for games. I tried them out and put them through extensive audio tests. Here’s how they fared. The review of the Blackout Yeti follows.

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Street-Fighter-VComing hot on the heels of last weekend’s worldwide fighting tournament Evo 2015, Capcom’s “Street Fighter 5” beta is set to go live tonight at 9 p.m (EST). The beta is available exclusively for PS4.

A livestream of the “Street Fighter 5” beta will be live on Twitch tonight when the beta becomes available. Tune in live at I’ll be ready to put my fighting “skills” to the test in the online arena. Don't miss it!



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