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2685624-cuphead-footer“Cuphead,” the indie game coming to the Xbox One, looks like it’s going to be a critical darling and the game isn’t even close to being released. The 2D side-scrolling adventure flawlessly captures the essence of 20’s-to-30’s-era animation similar to Steamboat Willy or Popeye.


There’s tight gameplay that goes along with that unique art style. “Cuphead” is a series of boss fights ranging from moderate to punishing difficulty. Playable as single-player or local co-op, the game is a throwback to run-and-gun 8-bit games like “Contra.” The hero Cuphead can run, jump and shoot, all of which will have to be performed with impeccable precision if victory is desired.

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(7:32) And that's a wrap. What a show! What did you think of all the announcements? Let me know on Twitter @GameGuyPgh. 

(7:23) Uncharted 4 is going to close the show. Oops. Gameplay ran into some technical difficulties. Drake wouldn't move. The demo is now restarting. We're seeing crazy, Indiana Jones-style, cover-based gameplay we're used to in an Uncharted game. It's just a lot prettier this time. 

(7:19) Now it's time for Star Wars Battlefront. New gameplay is shown. Looks like gameplay can be switched from third person and first. This morning we saw gameplay from Hoth. This was a different planet. They showed two-player split-screen in the montage. So that's neat. 

(7:14) But we're not done yet! Star Wars is on the big screen. Time for Battlefront news. Show us more! Nope I'm wront. They're talking Disney Infinity 3.0. Starter Kit with Twilight of the Republic play set coming exclusively to PS4. The game itself is coming to the PS4 a month before anywhere else. Boba Fett is a timed exclusive for PS4. The figure looks amazing! Fans will be happy! 

(7:12) Montage to wrap up everything. It looks like that's it. Shocking that there was no Uncharted 4 shown. 

(7:09) The singleplayer and multiplayer is definitely 30 FPS. That is a first for the series. It's strange looking. Doesn't even look like a Call of Duty game at that point. And there's the announcement. Maps and content coming exclusively to the PS4. 

(7:02) Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is on the stage. I forgot that contract ran out with Microsoft. Wow. Call of Duty on a Sony stage for the first time. So exclusive content will be coming first to the PS4. The year is 2065 in Black Ops 3. Whoa. Youll have force-like powers. The soldier stuck his hand out and made an enemy vomit. People make fun of Call of Duty for being the same stuff over and over, but their trailers are some of the best in the biz. 

(6:58) Project Morpheus time. Give us all the details! New FPS coming from Guerilla. 3v3 arena shooter. Spotify has the quickest app adoption rate in PlayStation history. Impressive. Talking about all the apps now, including Vue. You'll be able to purchase channels a la carte. The crowd is happy about that. Channels will be discounted for PS+ users. 

(6:54) Arkham Knight is up next. It's a cinematic. Looks creepy, dark, and I have to have it. I can't wait to play it. 

(6:50) Shemue is back. A new Shenmue is coming thanks to a Kickstarter campaign. That's as good as funded. 

(6:45) Final Fantasy up next. It's called World of Final Fantasy. But Final Fantasy isn't finished. 7! Final Fantasy 7 is back! Final Fantasy 7 Remake is coming first to PS4. The crowd is on their feet for this news. The room is pumped! 

(6:44) Assassin's Creed Syndicate up next. PS4 will have exclusive missions. 

(6:38) Destiny up next. Tell us about The Taken King! His name is Oryx. Looks like it's Crota's dad. Subclasses shown. An arc bow, Solar ax, lightning attacks. A guardian made copyies of himself. New gear, new map, a new strike are coming to the PS4 on day one of the expansion on 9/15 

(6:32) Media Molecule is on the stage to show what they've been up to. New game is called Dreams. It will have a focus on social gameplay like LittleBitPlanet. You will draw by using the DualShock4. Media Molecule insists that we'll have plenty of questions upon seeing the presentation. I already have questions. This trailer is all over the place from a polar bear and it's cub, to space battles, to zombies vs. teddy bears. Looks like a crazy dreamscape. Not sure what it is, but I want it. 

(6:25) Hello Games is up next to show off some No Man Sky. Space battle is going on. Player can join in and take sides or avoid it all together. The game is massive. Each dot shown is a sun and that indicates that there is its own unique solar system around that dot. There are thousands of them, maybe millions. That game is just endless. A planet is picked at random to visit. Everything on the planet is fully destructable. he destroys a mountain side. Then takes a dip in a body of water to see fish. FPS combat. Robots patrol to look out for exploers. The player can take them down. still no release date. Hello Games says "soon." 

(6:23) Street Fighter V is up next. Cammy confirmed. Beta coming July 23 exclusively for the PS4. Nice! 

(6:20) Square Enix cinematic up next. Not sure what to make of this trailer. Lots of different characters in different settings from running in the woods. Oh it's a new Hitman. Looks like it's just called Hitman. We're learning more about the game now in a presentation. Coming to console, but leading with a digital release. Interesting. 

(6:19) It's called Horizon: Zero Dawn. This is a new IP to look out for. Impressive stuff. 

(6:13) Guerrilla Games is on the stage now, presumably to discuss Horizons. Demo time, of course captured entirely on a PS4. Just a cinematic trailer right now. Shows vast cityscapes. Eventually nature takes over. Shows overgrown urban settings like "The Last of Us." Humans went back to hunting and gathering. Humans are being hunted by machines. Cinematic switches to gameplay. Impressive, beautiful visuals. Birds can be seen fliying in the sky. Plant life moves based on character interaction. The character is in the bushes hiding from robots, similar to Assassin's Creed. This leads to a huge showdown with a giant robot bull-type thing. She's taging it with her bow and taking it apart piece by piece. She dislodges a gun from the robot and uses it against it. 

(6:11) Gameplay demo is still going on. More than 7 minutes now. Such a touching demonstration. Can't wait to play the real thing. The title flashes on the screen and the crows loses it. Shehei Yoshida is on the stage now. "You don't know how long I've waited for this moment," he says. He introduces Fumito Ueda who receives a standing ovation from the viewers on the ground level. 

(6:04) "I believe we are witnessing a history revolution." First game is up. Fumito Ueda presents The Last Guardian! It lives. Crowd is understandably excited. We're seeing actual gameplay. A boy running around ruins. Calls out to the guardian. Looks beautiful! Puzzles are shown envolving the boy and his guardian companion. The boy jump off a ledge, isn't going to make it and the guardian catches him. This is going to be heartrenching at times, I'm sure. Such companionship. Sony is showing a good amount of this game. I wonder how far along it is. Gameplay looks sharp. I'm sure they'll give those details after the gameplay demo. 

(6:03) "A reality where games and gamers come first." This is a solid intro, but expected at this point. 

(6:02) The crowd is pumped as expected. Shawn Layden President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America takes the stage. 

(6:01) Just hit refresh for all the info from the presser. Montage time. Battlefront, Destiny, Mad Max, The Show and others appear. 

(6:00) It's 6 by my clock. Should start any moment. Music is building. Here we go! 

(5:57) Take your seats. The event is about to start. 

(5:52) Of course, this is going to be updated on the minute once the presser goes live. Just trying not to ruin the wi-fi before the event begins. 8 minutes remaining. 

(5:48) 10 minute warning! Get your beverages and go to the bathroom if you need to! Sony usually stretches these things out for as long as they can. It will definitely be longer than an hour. 

(5:40) About 20 minutes before showtime. Will we finally see The Last Guardian tonight? Is the wait over? What do you think??

(5:34) We didn't get any Rock Band or Guitar Hero footage from Xbox this morning. One of those has to appear here tonight. Which one will it be? I'm prepared to see Destiny news about The Taken King expansion. 

(5:30) We are packed in here and it's about a billion degrees inside the Memorial Sports Arena in L.A. This place is so old. Kind of surprising it's still standing. 

(5:27) - We're a little over 30 minutes from Sony's E3 presser. Get your last-minute predictions in now! Will we see Kingdom Hearts footage? Will Last Guardian be officially announced? Time will tell. I'll keep this liveblog going for as long as the wi-fi holds. Fingers crossed! 

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EA press conference E3 2015 Liveblog

Monday, 15 June 2015 03:06 PM Written by

(12:24) - What do you expect to see about Mass Effect 4. The trend at this E3 seems to be dogs. Maybe Mass Effect 4 will have a German.........Shepard. (I'll show myself out)

(12:16) - Awaiting the start of the show. Just...45 minutes left. Wi-fi is slowing down...

(12:06) - I am packed in the Shrine Auditorium on the campus of the University of Souther California awaiting the start of EA's E3 2015 press conference. What do you think we'll see? Mass Effect 4? Need for Speed? Star Wars Battlefront? Get your last-minute predictions in now. I'll be liveblogging and tweeting as long as the wifi holds out. So far, so good. 

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(9:25) - We are in our seats at the Galen Center on the campus of the University of Southern California, awaiting the start of the Microsoft press conference for 2015. Get your last minute predictions in. Will we see Tomb Raider Footage? A Gears of War Collection? What do you think? Here's hoping the Wi-Fi holds out! 

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Bethesda hosted their inaugural E3 press conference on Sunday. The Dolby Theater in Hollywood was packed with eager fans and members of the press. The “Elder Scrolls” publisher already released/leaked information about “Fallout 4” and “Dishonored 2” earlier in the month. The rest of the conference would be a surprise.

The venue that is usually seen as the location of the Academy Awards instead had an enormous screen that spanned the width of the stage. Excitement for the incoming announcements was palpable as popular music pumped through the theater sound system. The event felt like an event for fans more than a press conference.

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E3 2015 is nearly upon us. That means an onslaught of video game announcements, trailers and news is coming. Will “The Last Guardian” finally have a release date? Will “Shenmue” get the remastered treatment? Well, no, but there are more realistic expectations we can set before the first press conference on June 14.


There are hundreds of games that will grace the Los Angeles Convention Center floor, which means there are too many to see in just three days. Here are the games and tech that could very well be the best things to see at this year’s E3.

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The-Witcher-3 words“The Witcher 3” is CD Projekt Red’s grand finale of “The Witcher” series. The game is massive, clocking in at over 100 hours for most players. The open world tale of Geralt is artistically one of the top games of the year thus far, but suffers from some technical issues. Here’s my full video review of “The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt”

This is my first attempt at a video review, so if you have any feedback please let me know in the comments, or on Twitter @GameGuyPgh. Enjoy!

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YouTube-logo-full colorYouTube made some key improvements to their live streaming platform last week. It’s now possible to stream footage at 60 frames per second and for it to be viewable in HTML5. The update makes YouTube a viable competitor for Twitch as the two sites vie for the top name in game streaming.


It’s safe to say that most live game streaming happens on Twitch. The site has all but perfected the business of live game streaming, and has one of the biggest followings on the web. But I wanted to see how YouTube’s streaming experience differed for Twitch’s from a broadcaster’s perspective. The result was a mix of positives and negatives.

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