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E3Video game fans have already been engulfed in the wave of pre-E3 news, and E3 2014 hasn’t even begun. It appears Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have no intentions of being left behind this year, releasing tidbits of news on a daily basis leading up to next week’s big show.


So what does it all mean? What will the big guns of the Big Three look like? What will be the major takeaways from next week’s press conferences?

E3 dreams are often different from what we get in reality, so I thought I’d put a spin on the obligatory E3 preview post. These are E3 dreams vs. reality. Think of the dream predictions as long shots. These are moves that Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo should announce but likely won’t. Ones that fall in the reality column are probable. These are the safe bets.

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The upcoming first-person action game “Dying Light” received the E3 trailer treatment today. Developers Techland showed off some of the fast-paced zombie slaying that will be shown at E3 next week in Los Angeles.

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Uncharted 3 Boxart

UPDATE (11:55): It seems the free "Uncharted 3" deal is no more. The game is now listed as "disc only" on Sony's marketplace. Multiplayer modes remain free to play. The deal was live and confirmed earlier this morning, but it seems it was an error. 

Even though deal has been removed from the store, don't rule out "Uncharted 4" news next week at E3. 

The original story on "Uncharted 3" being free for PSN users can be found below.



E3 2014 preparation is kicking into high gear this week, and Sony may be laying the groundwork for a major announcement at their upcoming press conference. Developer Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed action/adventure title “Uncharted 3” has been made available as a free download to all PlayStation Network users. Formerly, only the game’s multiplayer modes were available for free.

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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment teased the new Batmobile Battle Mode in “Batman: Arkham Knight.” The trailer comes on the heels of news that the highly anticipated game from Rockstready Studios has been delayed from late 2014 to 2015.

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Longrunning fighting series “Mortal Kombat” is getting a new entry called “Mortal Kombat X.” An announcement trailer was released today, featuring the new song “Can’t Be Stopped” by Pittsburgh’s own Wiz Khalifa.

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AlwaysSometimesMonsterscoverSPOILER ALERT: This review will discuss my character’s ending of “Always Sometimes Monsters.” Sorry. I tried to find a way around it, but the ending is a key part of the game’s tone.

Choice has become a central theme of current games. It is the evolution of the RPG. Players can control and fill the role of a character, but choice truly makes the character their own. The character becomes a mirror.

This is the core value of “Always Sometimes Monsters,” a 16-bit style RPG from indie studio Vagabond Dog. It plays like a simulation of life more so than “The Sims.” Rather than focusing on monotony like managing income or rearranging furniture like “The Sims,” this game is driven by humanity.

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'Watch Dogs' reivew - Tech boom

Tuesday, 27 May 2014 03:01 AM Written by


Watch Dogs box artThe wait is finally over for Ubisoft Montreal’s “Watch Dogs.” After five years of development and nearly two years since it was first announced, this unique take on the open-world genre is ready to release. A development period like this one brings lofty expectations. Judging by the game’s quality, it looks like Ubisoft may have found their next big franchise.


It’s no easy task to make waves with a new open-world title. Rockstar Games’ “Grand Theft Auto” series casts a large shadow over the genre, while the popular “Saints Row” series has carved its own humorous niche. “Watch Dogs” proves there’s still room for innovation. That innovation is the power of modern technology.

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ArkhamAttention Batman fans, AKA everyone: there’s a new trailer for “Batman: Arkham Knight.” Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment released a first look at the gameplay of this highly anticipated title set to release later this year.

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