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Journeying from console to PC

Tuesday, 10 January 2012 06:15 PM Written by

Getting acquainted with a video game console has always been simple.  There’s no worrying about hardware specs, game installation isn’t a prerequisite, and the controller has buttons that my fingers are all too familiar with.  That’s why throughout my long and semi-illustrious gaming career, I’ve always leaned towards console gaming.

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If you read part one of my review of "Star Wars: The Old Republic," you may remember me admitting that although I find MMOs enjoyable, they are far from my main area of expertise.  So, here to bring you a different perspective is guest Game Guy and veteran MMOer, Nick Tylwalk.  He's test driven a number of characters, classes and races in "The Old Republic," and here's what he has to say about his experience. 

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“Star Wars: The Old Republic” is here to wage war on the massively multiplayer online market and any free time you may have.  If you don’t know the back-story of this mega-game, here’s the gist: EA and BioWare have been hard at work on this new Star Wars-based MMO for about five years, and it has a rumored budget of 150 million dollars.  If the rumored budget is indeed fact, it would put “The Old Republic” among the most expensive video games ever created.

Part one my review for “The Old Republic” covers the basics of the game and will get into the early gameplay experience.

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Happy New Year

Thursday, 29 December 2011 10:24 AM Written by

Due to the holiday hustle, posts will be limited this week.  I’m running around the country, visiting family and extended family – some of whom don’t have the internet capabilities to handle “Star Wars: The Old Republic” (GASP!).

Speaking of which, I am still hard at work on that game to get a review out by the date mentioned in the post below.  Even though the Game Guy section is a bit barren this week, I still frequent Twitter where I can answer any questions you may have about “SWTOR.”  I really do answer all questions and respond to most comments.  You can follow me @GameGuyPGH.

So have a safe and enjoyable New Year and stay tuned next week for part one of my “Star Wars: The Old Republic” review.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic review on the way

Thursday, 22 December 2011 04:53 PM Written by

If there was ever a game to begin a piece with a clichéd lead like, “the wait is finally over,” it’s Star Wars: The Old Republic. This MMO has been in development for at least four years and it’s rumored to be the most expensive video game ever created.  So yeah, EA has a couple eggs in this basket.

I’m working on the review as I write this.  It’s an MMO that makes other MMOs look like Xbox Live Arcade titles, meaning this review is going to require a lot of time.  I’m hoping to get enough of The Old Republic experienced to have a review up by January 3rd.  Of course, there will be a follow-up piece a month or so down the road after I reach the higher levels.

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