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'Earth Defense Force 2017' - Vita review

Tuesday, 15 January 2013 06:27 PM Written by

First impressions are important to me when reviewing a game. I can usually tell if I’m going to enjoy or despise it in the first hour or so. That was until “Earth Defense Force 2017” destroyed this notion. The first hour of this Vita port of a game that was originally released in 2007 made the game feel simplistic, repetitive and dated, but I couldn’t put it down after the first hour.

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When news breaks that a traditionally single player series will introduce multiplayer in an upcoming instalment, the announcement is usually met with horror from the gaming public. The common phrase “tacked-on multiplayer” often gets thrown around. Said multiplayer modes are deemed unworthy before they even get into the public’s hands.

God of War: Ascension” is the most recent offender, seeing as its beta was recently made available on PSN. The “God of War” franchise has always been a favorite of mine, and when I caught wind of the added multiplayer, my reaction was puzzlement. What’s the point? Do the folks at Sony and Santa Monica Studios believe that this will be a major selling point for the franchise that has thrived as a single player experience since 2005? Could “God of War: Ascension” rival the online offerings of, say, “Call of Duty”? I’d use the cliche “stranger things have happened” here, but in this case I think “God of War: Ascension” overtaking “Black Ops 2” would actually be the strangest thing I’ve ever witnessed in modern video games.

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Video Game Power Rankings - 2013 Edition

Friday, 04 January 2013 03:51 PM Written by

The top ten lists and GOTY awards for 2012 are things of the past. Now we look to the horizons of 2013. The upcoming year will bring hotly anticipated games like “Grand Theft Auto V,” “Bioshock Infinite” and literally countless other sequels. I took a look at the release calendar and came up with my second annual Video Game Power Rankings.

This list is a compilation of titles with currently concrete release dates, or at the very least, release months. For example, “Injustice: Gods Among us” is scheduled for an April release. If something is slated for a quarter of 2013, it’s not eligible for the list. Sorry, “GTA V,” but I’ve seen enough triple-A games get pushed back to be pessimistic about your Q2 release date. Heck, remember when “Bioshock Infinite” was scheduled for 2012?

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Forgotten Video Games of 2012

Wednesday, 26 December 2012 12:32 AM Written by

‘Tis the season for caroling, exchanging gifts, and… game of the year talk and top ten lists? Well, if you keep a close eye on the gaming haps, you’re no stranger to the latter. This year brought another batch of games that deserve their praise, but there are only so many awards and nominations to go around. I find it to be a shame when certain games get overlooked. That’s why I came up with this current list.

This is a list of unappreciated, unrecognized and possibly just misunderstood games from this year. They could be on this list for any of the above reasons. Some of them, I thought, were treated unfairly in reviews. Others could’ve been wrongfully snubbed during awards season. Regardless of the reason, these games range from solid to great and deserve a shot in your gaming life.

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The top 10 Video Games of 2012

Tuesday, 18 December 2012 01:49 AM Written by

The year 2012 is nearly in the books, and with it came a year’s worth of must-play games. Blockbuster titles like “Halo 4” and “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” sold millions of copies and broke records. Meanwhile, independent games like “Journey,” “Fez,” and “FTL” showed the gaming public that big name publishers aren’t essential in making greatness in the medium. Nintendo released a successor to the Wii in the Wii U, while Sony struggled to establish their Playstation Vita handheld. More importantly, developers released top-notch games that further cemented video games as a bona fide art form.

The captivating role playing games, adrenaline pumping racers, the action-packed first-person shooters, and even the addictive mobile games made it difficult to narrow it down to just ten titles. These are the ten best games of 2012.

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'Far Cry 3' - review

Wednesday, 12 December 2012 08:37 PM Written by

Ad·ven·ture [ad-ven-cher] noun, verb: an exciting or very unusual experience.

That sounds about right, but they forgot about the part where you outrun a pack of wild animals on a jeep, swing on a vine over river rapids and then get caught up in a third-world slave-trading ring.

Ubisoft Montreal didn’t forget. Or maybe they just use a different dictionary.

“Far Cry 3,” their most recent release, takes adventure to whole new level. You’re dropped on a tropical island in the midst of violent conflict and drug trafficking, where human life is regarded as nothing more than currency. And if the natives don’t gut you, the apex predators of the jungle will gladly finish the job. Good luck.

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Scribblenauts Unlimited - review

Wednesday, 05 December 2012 12:46 AM Written by

“Scribblenauts Unlimited” is one of the best launch offerings for the Wii U. Its clever gameplay that calls upon the player’s imagination mixed with its whimsical style makes it a joy for gamers from different age groups and experience levels.

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I desperately wanted to allow “Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale” to be its own game and have its own identity before I began my review. But once I booted it up, saw the menus, and tried the fighting system, it appeared that a comparison to “Super Smash Bros.” was unavoidable. It didn’t seem like Santa Monica studios had any intention of making something fresh, and stayed content with creating a product that had the appearance of a “Smash Bros.” clone, yet failed to match it on so many levels.

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