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It seems like everything Star Wars-related has been panned recently (except for SWTOR), starting with the Blu-Ray changes, and continuing on with Kinect Star Wars for the Xbox 360. Don’t expect me to join in the chorus of “boos,” though. I enjoyed my time swinging a virtual lightsaber and learning dance moves like “The Kessel Run” from Han Solo. If you accept and view this game for what it is–a game for kids–it is a perfectly serviceable title. Just don’t fire it up and expect the second coming of Empire.

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Journey - PSN review

Thursday, 29 March 2012 01:42 AM Written by

When I was a young boy, I was shown an early Disney film called “Fantasia,” a movie that mesmerizes me to this day.   The word “symphony” comes to mind when I think about it, not only in the literal sense of the word that represents a classical piece of music, but because of the movie’s characterization of two elements working together for a common cause.  “Fantasia” was and is the perfect harmonious relationship between music and imagery, two elements that have the ability to evoke strong emotion.  To see them come together in a way that I had never seen before at a young age was awe-inspiring.  Since then, I haven’t had an experience that resonated with me on the same level of “Fantasia” until I played Journey for the PS3. 

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The PlayStation Vita: One Month Later

Tuesday, 27 March 2012 06:35 PM Written by

It’s been over a month since the PlayStation Vita’s release, and the infatuation stage is officially over.  It’s funny how quickly infatuation transitions into the “what have you done for me lately” stage when it comes to technology.  I suppose it’s similar to human relationships in that regard, but that’s a post for another time and place.

The Vita came out last month like gangbusters, bringing with it launch lineup of over 30 titles.  It was a mixed bag in terms of quality, but it was safe to say that there was a game for every kind of gamer.  Then came the apps that released during week one, like Netflix, Facebook and Twitter.  Now, Sony’s music streaming service, Music Unlimited, is available as well.

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Blades of Time - review

Wednesday, 21 March 2012 08:51 PM Written by

In a job where I’m used to defeating my video games, I finally met my match.  Konami’s latest action/adventure game, Blades of Time, defeated me.  It failed to connect with me in nearly any of the oft-engaging categories of aesthetics, control, plot, gameplay, sound, and especially the all-important “fun-factor.”  Maybe it’s because I came fresh from my glowing Mass Effect 3 review, followed by the draining and seemingly never-ending saga regarding the ending.  But I doubt that even this could blind me from the fact that Blades of Time provides almost nothing that the modern gamer hasn’t already seen.

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I was fully prepared to watch the battle of the Mass Effect 3 petition unfold from the sidelines, while occasionally asserting my two cents in the form of a tweet. But now that the focus of the backlash has turned from BioWare to the reviewers, I can no longer sit idly by.  Since this piece is almost entirely about Mass Effect 3’s ending, there are indeed spoilers.  You’ve been warned.

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PS Vita Review Roundup

Tuesday, 13 March 2012 08:22 PM Written by

The Vita reviews are in and while nobody thought it was perfect, most could agree that it touted one of the most impressive launch lineups in Video Game console history.  With a hefty launch lineup of 30+ games comes 30+ expected reviews, and 30+ sleepless nights.  Since it would be virtually impossible for me to produce a full review for each individual title, I’m going to take the “roundup” approach.

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Unit 13 - PS Vita review

Thursday, 08 March 2012 11:56 PM Written by

Zipper, the military-focused video game developer is at it again.  This time they’re bringing shooter fans Unit 13, a third-person shooter for the PS Vita.  It had plenty of positive buzz behind it due to their stellar work with the SOCOM series, but does it bring that same action to the mobile market?

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Mass Effect 3 - review

Tuesday, 06 March 2012 12:53 AM Written by

The Mass Effect series will define this generation of gaming.  The series on the whole has been a groundbreaking RPG on different levels, from its cinematic storytelling to its open-ended character development that created a different experience for every player.  Now the series will come to a close with Mass Effect 3, and the story of Commander Shepard reaches its end.

This is the biggest game to release in 2012, and it’s certainly one of the most anticipated.  The development team at BioWare has been hard at work for years to give the story arc a proper farewell.  In short, the studio delivered one of the best directed, most poignant video game experiences ever created.

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