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Happy New Year

Thursday, 29 December 2011 10:24 AM Written by

Due to the holiday hustle, posts will be limited this week.  I’m running around the country, visiting family and extended family – some of whom don’t have the internet capabilities to handle “Star Wars: The Old Republic” (GASP!).

Speaking of which, I am still hard at work on that game to get a review out by the date mentioned in the post below.  Even though the Game Guy section is a bit barren this week, I still frequent Twitter where I can answer any questions you may have about “SWTOR.”  I really do answer all questions and respond to most comments.  You can follow me @GameGuyPGH.

So have a safe and enjoyable New Year and stay tuned next week for part one of my “Star Wars: The Old Republic” review.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic review on the way

Thursday, 22 December 2011 04:53 PM Written by

If there was ever a game to begin a piece with a clichéd lead like, “the wait is finally over,” it’s Star Wars: The Old Republic. This MMO has been in development for at least four years and it’s rumored to be the most expensive video game ever created.  So yeah, EA has a couple eggs in this basket.

I’m working on the review as I write this.  It’s an MMO that makes other MMOs look like Xbox Live Arcade titles, meaning this review is going to require a lot of time.  I’m hoping to get enough of The Old Republic experienced to have a review up by January 3rd.  Of course, there will be a follow-up piece a month or so down the road after I reach the higher levels.

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Grand Theft Auto III: iOS review

Tuesday, 20 December 2011 12:24 AM Written by

I hop into my shiny new Infernus to go for a joy ride around Liberty City.  I obey the rules of the road.  There’s no need to attract any unwanted attention from police, despite being “in” with plenty well-connected officials.  I want to take a break from running errands and taking care of dirty laundry so that I can reflect on my handy work.  I’m changing the landscape of this city’s filthy underbelly.  I’m single-handedly exposing corruption and taking down mob bosses all while climbing the ranks amongst this city’s most powerful organizations.  Liberty City is becoming mine.

This is Grand Theft Auto III, and not much has changed in ten years if you ignore the fact that it used to be on a disc that was playable on the Playstation 2.  Today, it can be downloaded in seconds on a device that fits in your pocket, and can be played without pressing any physical buttons at all.  To celebrate the game’s ten-year anniversary, Rockstar released this modern classic for iOS and Android powered devices.

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Defending the Video Game Awards

Tuesday, 13 December 2011 10:28 PM Written by

Before the 2011 Spike TV Video Game Awards aired, I was fully prepared to write a piece defending the broadcast and applauding Spike TV’s promotion of the gaming industry. In the weeks leading up to the event, video game journalists came out in droves to bash everything VGA-related. But why? What were the VGAs hurting? We have our own opinions about the year in gaming, but if someone else puts an opinion into an award show format, suddenly it’s destroying the gaming world. You don’t see Rolling Stone bashing the Grammys or Entertainment Weekly bashing the Emmys on an annual basis. Gaming fans – and some journalists for that matter – are just so irrationally negative sometimes, and I doubt I’ll ever understand why.

I was one of a small few that thought that the VGAs should be fully supported by an industry of peers. Then something happened last weekend: The 2011 VGAs aired.

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Video Game Awards 2011: Blog

Sunday, 11 December 2011 05:38 AM Written by

Spike TV’s Video Game Awards aired just a few hours ago.  I was unable to watch them live, but thanks to 21st century technology, the DVR made it possible to watch.  I stayed away from the web, Twitter and any game sites in order to dodge any potential spoilers of the winners or debuted game trailers.

I’m writing this recap as I watch the awards for the first time.  Here is the running blog of the 2011 VGAs.  Key points are in bold.  There aren’t a lot of them.

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