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How the Wii U shook my gaming beliefs

Wednesday, 01 May 2013 02:10 AM Written by

There are a few constants in my gaming psyche, constants that have been formed from decades of gaming across more than a dozen consoles. Those constants can be things like my belief in “Half Life 2” paving the way for modern storytelling in games, or “Grand Theft Auto III” being an eye-opening example of gaming’s bright future. My constants are based in opinion, but ones that are rooted so strongly that I’m rarely presented with a reason to change them. They are my own personal set of truths. Then, in late April of 2013, the Wii U dropped an a-bomb on one of those constants by the name of “Super Mario Bros. 3.”

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Plastic Piranha believes that less is more when it comes to first-person shooters. That’s the theory they’re putting forth for their upcoming military shooter “Rekoil.” This stripped down, fast paced shooter does away with the “Call of Duty-esque” mechanics like killstreaks and perks, while getting back to the genre’s roots of core gameplay.

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'Injustice: Gods Among Us' - review

Tuesday, 16 April 2013 01:05 AM Written by

The fighting genre is lucky to have a team of developers like NetherRealm. Their games may not be the headliners at esports events like Evo, but they aren’t afraid to bring new gameplay and originality to the fight game.

Their “Mortal Kombat” reboot shook up the genre with expansive content and altered gameplay from the fighting norm last year. Now they look to take their progress a step further with “Injustice: Gods Among Us.” This time, an exceptional 24-person cast of DC Comics characters aids them in their fight to become ruler of the fighting genre.

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'Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14' - review

Friday, 12 April 2013 02:22 AM Written by

(Reviewer’s Note: This review is from the perspective of a golf fan, but newcomer to the EA Sports “Tiger Woods” series)

Going into this review, I knew that the “Tiger Woods” golf franchise was immensely popular in the eyes of golf enthusiast gamers, but I always wondered if it was because of its actual quality or just because it’s the only PGA-licensed golf sim on the market. After spending numerous hours with the game, I discovered that the answer is a combination of both possible reasons. “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14” is a good golf simulation, but there are a few glaring flaws that hold back the overall experience.

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'Guacamelee' - PS3 and Vita Review

Tuesday, 09 April 2013 12:26 AM Written by

When I heard “Guacamelee” was being compared to “Metroid” and “Castlvania,” I was more worried than excited. Those are big acts to follow. If Drinkbox Studios decided to go that route, they had better do something to make it different. The developers did exactly that, crafting an original game around fresh combat and a unique story that draws inspiration from the aforementioned classics.

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“Saint Row 4” looks to out “over-the-top” “Saints Row: The Third.” Your actions in this game will be as ridiculous as that opening sentence. Volition Inc. is trying to take everything you enjoyed from “The Third,” and multiply that, adding content and pure ridiculous fun that has become synonymous with the series.

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“BioShock Infinite” may bear the name of the series and share some of the basic gameplay mechanics of its predecessor, but that’s where its label as “a sequel” should end.The game is a standalone masterpiece that, in many ways, is a direct opposite of “BioShock.”


The comparisons stretch beyond the literal and symbolic locations of Rapture being in the depths of the planet and Columbia floating above the clouds. The central themes of the two games act as two sides of the same coin. “Bioshock” conveyed the feeling of crippling isolation, while “Infinite” promotes the strong sense of companionship in Booker and Elizabeth. But at its heart, “BioShock” is a demonstration of sociological pitfalls, while the world in “Infinite” could be a case study in humanity and psychology. Both games convey their respective messages subtly in a believable, well-crafted artistic vision that is a rare find in entertainment media. Both should be considered mainstays in any video game collection.

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“Contrast” added to the spectacular indie presence at PAX East. This new platform puzzler by the eight-person team of Compulsion Games looks to craftily blend unique gameplay and a heartfelt story.

The game takes place in a noire-styled 1920’s era. You play as Dawn, an imaginary friend created by a little girl named Didi to help cope with the various problems in her home life. Her father runs a circus that has fallen on hard times. In order to keep it running, the father was forced to borrow from the mob; an action that always leads to further turmoil.

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