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Xbox Live's Microsoft Points must go

Thursday, 26 January 2012 05:43 PM Written by







Rumors are flying that Microsoft plans to ditch Xbox Live’s Microsoft Points by the end of the year.  If true, this is a wise move by the software giant.  The axing of MS Points would fit into the company's family-friendly plan for Xbox 360 and I’ll describe why with an anecdote.

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Zynga's Scramble with Friends - review

Monday, 23 January 2012 10:33 PM Written by

I’d like to see the total number of professional working hours that have been lost due to Zynga’s “Words with Friends,” and the lesser known-but still popular-hanging with friends.  Zynga’s mobile addictions are more than the average casual game.  They provide a new social connection between friends and family.  I’m even in the middle of “Words with Friends” games with people I’m loosely acquainted with.  These games appeal to such a broad audience and they’re perfect for picking up whether you have a couple minutes of free time, or you’re buried in work.

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The 2012 Video Game Power Rankings

Thursday, 19 January 2012 05:45 PM Written by

The year 2012 is here, and if the world doesn’t end this could be a suitable follow-up to the incredible video game lineup of 2011.  There’s already plenty of buzz about this year’s hottest games.  Most of them we know next to nothing about, while others don’t even have a release date.  But we can always speculate.

Since speculating on the industry is part of my job, I decided to form power rankings for the 2012 lineup.  The power rankings rank the most highly anticipated games of the year by order of their potential quality.

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Handheld gaming is dead

Friday, 13 January 2012 05:31 PM Written by

Why the 3DS and the PS Vita are the end of an era


Think back to handheld gaming’s early history.  Recall the original Game Boy, the Game Boy Advance, and Sega’s Game Gear.  Handhelds used to be the bright new frontier of gaming.  For a while, it looked like that was the direction every gaming company was headed.  Nintendo hit huge success with the original DS, and Sony had big plans for its PSP.  It seemed as if consoles would be left in the dust while gamers wanted to game on the go.

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Journeying from console to PC

Tuesday, 10 January 2012 06:15 PM Written by

Getting acquainted with a video game console has always been simple.  There’s no worrying about hardware specs, game installation isn’t a prerequisite, and the controller has buttons that my fingers are all too familiar with.  That’s why throughout my long and semi-illustrious gaming career, I’ve always leaned towards console gaming.

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