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E3 game trailer roundup

Tuesday, 11 June 2013 12:19 PM Written by

The trailer parade was in full force yesterday during the E3 press conferences. Here are my favorites in one easy-to-find place. Enjoy!

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The first day of E3 is in the books, as is the second round of the battle between the Xbox One and Playstation 4. Sony held their event Monday evening at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena to reveal more details about their upcoming console.

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7:00 - PS4 will be $399 at launch. 

6:55 - PS4 cloud and streaming service will be available in 2014. 

6:48 - Finally, we get to see some Destiny gameplay. The player is in Old Russia. Graphics look crisp, and detailed. It's co-op based, or at least this gameplay is. Shooting mechanics look very similar to Halo. That's a good thing. Enemies have health, like Borderlands. Destiny is an MMO shooter, and it doens't look like it skimped on either genre. This is the best of both worlds. I can't wait to see more fronm this on the show floor.   

6:44 - PS4: No used games restrictions, no online checks, PS+ carries over to the PS4. PS+ will get get you Drive Club, Don't Starve, Outlast. Just for being a PS+ member. Unreal.  

6:38 - New IP time. Pre-rendered video of a guy in the desert standing over a wounded bandit. Wow, Mad Max gaming coming to PS4. 

6:36 Elder Scrolls online coming to PS4? The game is getting some serious focus now. A console release would be interesting for this title. Will surely bring a larger audience to the game. Yes indeed. Confirmed for the PS4. 

6:34 - NBA 2K 14 being shown on the next gen console. Just shows off the graphics but they look

ridiculous. Lebron James is on the screen, because he's probably busy in the NBA finals. 

6:25 - Watch Dogs time. Aiden is driving around in a neat looking car. BTW, sorry about the spotty coverage here. Internet is going in and out. Watch Dogs is showing some new gameplay. Aiden behind the wheel, in a coffee shop. Someone was trying to call the cops because Aiden is a wanted man. Aiden had to chase him down to crush the phone and stop him. He was too late and officers are on his position. Hacking into cameras now to keep an eye on surrounding threats. Aiden has a friend on the inside, someone to check footage. Someone can join on a mobile device like a tabet and alter the world around you. The friend killed the lights, and Aiden could move in and take down the foes. The world map shows up on the tablet. Pretty impressive stuff. 

6:18 - Assassin's Creed: Black Flag coming to PS4 and PS3. Gameplay being shown. This is indeed next gen. Huge scope of distance. Lots of environmental effects happening. Jumping right into a sea battle from being on land. The AC demo freezes and that's a wrap. Ugh. I feel bad for that guy.    

6:18 - Kingdom Hearts 3 confirmed. Coming exclusively to PS4. It's "currently in development."

6:04 - Lost some content there thanks to internet loss. Self-publishing will be available for the PS4. Tons of indie content coming like Octodad, Don't Starve, Outlast and much more. 

6:48 - Back to PS4 talk. Thank goodness. That entertainment part was dragging. Here comes a new PS4 exclusive. It's from Santa Monica Studios. Looks like a new IP to me. Set in a fantasy, medievil-type setting, but with firearms and other tech. Somewhat reminiscent of "Dishonored." The trailer is in-game, but we haven't seen any gameplay yet. They protagonists are hunting some sort of warewolf creature. We didn't get a look at them. It's called "The Order 1886."

6:44 - Sony Pictures Entertainment is on the stage. New entertainment choices will be tailored to gamers. How? We still don't know how.

6:38 - PS4 gets the focus now. Hooray. We're about to see the PS4 design. And there it is. Looks small, reminiscent of the PS2. It's a small black box with blue trim. It's a parallelogram. 

6:37 - There will be a GTA V-branded Sony headset. It's the same pulse headset, but with a nice GTA logo on the side. 

6:31 - So the takeaway from this montage is that there's still a lot going on with the PS3. Oh nice! More Arkham footage. Actual gameplay footage this time. It's definitely a prequel. Classic combat is back. Looks fast paced, and fluid once again. You'll get two exclusive Batman skins on the PS3. 

6:28 – Puppeteer from Japan Studio gets a trailer. Now “Rain.” Looks similar to Eco. Coming Fall of this year. “Beyond Two Souls” takes the stage from Quantic Dream. This is their follow-up to “Heavy Rain.” It’s a new story, but in the same style of “Heavy Rain.” It’s made up of QTEs. It stars Ellen Paige and Willam Daffoe

6:27 – “The Last of Us gets some screen time. Go read my review.

6:22 – The Vita takes the focus first. More than 85 games coming out for the Vita this year, including a Walking Dead game.

6:20 – The montage is over. There’s talk about the number of gamers worldwide and how much that means to Sony.

6:15 – We just got the 1 minute warning. We’re about to get started here. The lights go down. Here we go. We’re looking at a video montage of people playing with the PS4 controller smashed in with a lot of game footage. Still no sign of the console. We’re seeing footage from about 50 different games. Pretty exciting cinematic with techno and orchestral music.

6:14 - It’s 6:14 at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. People are taking their seats, and we’re waiting for the event to start.

I’m sitting in the fourth row at the Sony E3 press event. Wifi is spotty so I’m not sure that I’ll be able to liveblog this event. I’ll write about the event as I normally would and then post it when I’m back in the land of internet. 

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EA E3 Press Conference Liveblog

Monday, 10 June 2013 03:27 PM Written by

1:57 - wrapping up now. That was an impressive show. What did you think? Sound off in the comments or on Twitter @GameGuyPGH.

1:55 - Mirror's Edge 2 is being show. This is in-game. Combat looks fluid. Glad to see Mirror's Edge is back. "Coming when it's ready."

1:46 - Now for some Battlefield 4 action. "Levelution" is the term they're using to describe the destructable environments. Battlefiled 4 is being demoed live with 64 players, on stage right now. It's running at 60 FPS. Lots of destructable environments. Whole ceilings coming down from within buildings. Someone is controling the chopper now. Map is massive. Two sides to it with a river running through the map. Two characters are chasing each other in jet skis. They moved into a building overlooking the city. Graphics are nuts. The player just called in a remote strike from across the map. He was able to follow the missile to its target. Then the skyskraper fell.   

1:40 - Bruce Buffer is on the stage to get hype about the new UFC game. Jon Jones and Dana White come out to talk the new UFC game from EA. Both fighters are talking about their experiences in the ring and how this new UFC game is going to capture that. "Full Body Deformation." Not sure what that means in terms of the game. Launches next spring on Xbox One and PS4. Trailer time. Hopefully we see some gameplay. Looks pre-rendered, but I can't be sure.  

1:37 - Drake takes the stage. Talks about being excited about FIFA. Well that was random. FIFA will be playable at E3. I'll be sure to get hands-on with it for a preview. 

1:35 - EA's biggest sports franchise is up now: FIFA. This trailer features Soccer players talking about their experience in the game.  

1:32 - Shifting from NBA Live to Madden. This Madden footage is in-game. There will be more realistic line behavior in the new engine. It will focus on threats based on the opponents. Madden gets the trailer treatment now. All will be in-game. Graphics look very detailed, but the framerate looks to slow at certain spots. 

1:26 - Andrew Wilson, Head of EA Sports, is on the stage to talk Madden. More talk about EA Sport Ignite engine. We already heard about this... Now we're going to see some new games. NBA Live 14 is up first. Sean O'Brien if EA Sports is on stage with Kyree Irving. They're talking about Irving's game and the new dribbling mechanics in NBA Live. The ball is seperate from the player. It's no longer tied to the ball carrier. Trailer up. Looked like CG.   

1:23 - Aaryn Flynn General Manager of BioWare is on the stage to talk Dragon Age Inquisition. It will be avaialable in Spring of 2014. Here's the first trailer. Trailer looks to be CG. Crowd is pretty excited for it. 

1:21 - Aaron Paul from Braking Bad takes the stage to talk the Need For Speed movie. 

1:17 - Need for Speed: Rival being shown. I'm always up for a new Need For Speed game. Can be played offline, but will have an emphasis online. Races and chases can happen at any time. Races can start in single player and end in multiplayer. 

1:16 - New game from Dice. Star Wars Battlefront! No gameplay shown, but it does exist. 

1:14 - Ugh more creation videos about the new tech. Just show us the action. 

1:11 - In case you haven't seen enough Titanfall during the Xbox presser, EA is showing us more. We're going behind the scenes with the team at Respawn. 

1:05 - First trailer is underway. Garden Warfare. It's Plants vs. Zombies. Looks huge. Lots of characters. "Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare." It's a third person action title. Looks like multiplayer goodness. Hitting Xbox One first, then the Xbox 360. Live demo time. The game is definitely running at 60 FPS. Characters shown are the Peashooter, Chomper, Sunflower, and Cactus. All are different classes. Chomper is close, Cactus is a Sniper, Funflower is the healer. Boss Wave time and it's disco zombies. Corn strike is the Plants vs. Zombies air strike. In closing, Pop Cap will also give us Peggle 2!    

1:02 - Peter Moore takes the stage to talk about EA's future plans. Here we go. Everything we're going to see, all 11 games, will be shown in brand new code made for the PS4 and Xbox One. 

1:01 - A very quick montage of games just flashed on the screen. Yep, we'll be seeing more about the new "Dragon Age."

1:00 - Peter Moore just came on the stage to greet the audience. Told some jokes. Told us to enjoy. Should be starting shortly. 

12:55 - Just writing another post to test out the wifi again. Place is getting crowded. Let's see how it goes. 

12:50 - 10 minutes until the show starts. The Shrine auditorium is filling up. 

12:33 - Wifi seems pretty reliable, so the blog should go on without a hitch. 

12:30 - I am in my seat for the EA Press Event at E3 2013. The event is held at The Shrine on USC's campus. There's still about 30 minutes until it begins, so sit tight for the start of the show. 

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People are filing into the Galen Center in Los Angeles to learn about the upcoming console, the Xbox One. We are still about 25 minutes away from the event's start. I'll be liveblogging the even, and will attempt to tweet pictures and thoughts, network permitting. Follow me on Twitter @GameGuyPGH for those pics. 

9:16 - About 15 minutes left until showtime. Testing the network capabilities. 

9:17 - Looks like liveblogging is working at the moment. Here's hoping it stays strong.

9:20 - WiFi looks like it's holding, knock on wood. 10 minutes until showtime. Don't think the wifi can handle and picture uploads, unfortunately.

9:24 - Just about 5 minutes until showtime. Testing out the wifi again. Don't fail me now!

9:27 - It was slow to load that last update. If I stop liveblogging, it's because the network failed. 2 minutes until kickoff.

9:29 - One minute left. Get ready. Seats are packed at the Galen Center.

9:30 - Three big screens sit above the stage. Three large TVs are on the stage. Music has started. Looks like it's about to start.

9:33 - What's the hold up here? Let's go.

9:35 - Lots of Xbox One imagery being shown on the TVs. Still hasn't started. Stay tuned.

9:36 - Konami trailer being shown first. Kojima productions. Two guys on horseback, one is of course Solid Snake. Trailer is running on the Fox Engine. This is gameplay. Metal Gear goes open world. Snake is on horseback traveling across the desert. Now hops in a tank. The world looks enormous. Gameplay is being sped up to show the size of this world. Massive. "Unparalleled strategic freedom." "Realistic passage of time." We hear Kiefer Sutherland's voice for the first time. His voice fits perfectly. This Metal Gear looks gorgeous. This is "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain."

9:42 - Kojima is on the stage talking up the Xbox One and "Phantom Pain."

9:43 - Yusuf Mehdi is on the stage talking about what's coming out for the 360. Xbox One talk will follow. New Xbox 360 design to look similar to the Xbox One. Smaller and available today! Xbox Live is also being updated. You'll get two new games a month. Sounds similar to Playstation Plus.

9:45 - New game being shown coming for the 360. Custom built for the 360. World of Tanks is coming to 360.

9:48 - Victor Kislyi of Wargaming takes the stage to talk more about "World of Tanks." Sounds excited to tap into that large Xbox Live market. 15 on 15 team warfare. Will be free to download.

9:50 - Two more titles for the 360 being shown now. Press Play studio is on the screen. "Max: The Curse of Brotherhood." Looks cartoonish 2D platformer. Looks like my kind of game. Puzzle heavy.

9:51 - From Software trailer now. Undoubtedly "Dark Souls 2." Looks like it has better graphics, creepy enemies, difficult battles. Yep, looks like "Dark Souls 2" alright. That's an impressive trailer.

9:52 - Phil Spencer on the stage now talking about games in development for Xbox One. New IP being shown. It's "Ryse." Soldiers are on a roman battlefield about to charge into battle. Tough to tell is this is gameplay or pre-rendered. OK Yeah, this is in-game. So much is happening on the screen. This really shows off the power of the Xbox One. Ships burning, other battles being fought all around you. "Ryse" will have quick-time events. It looks like a strategic hack-n-slash. Oh wow, the soldiers take the Phalyx to block incoming arrows. Awesome. Bloody, gory, hack-n-slash. Just brutal. Graphics are beyond impressive. This is indeed next gen power.

10:01 - "Ryse: Son of Rome" is a launch title exclusive for the Xbox One.

10:02 - Killer Instinct is back exclusively for the Xbox One!

10:03 - Insomniac Games is working with Microsoft. They're working on an exclusive called Sunset Overdrive. Trailer time. Fast paced, parkour-esque gameplay. Cartoon-style violence going up against zombies.

10:05 - Car time. This has to be Forza 5. A McClarren is coming up out of the stage. Very cool. Yep, these cars look gorgeous. Forza 5 will have smarter AI thanks to cloud technology. It's called "Drivatar." It will learn and shift AI depending on your driving style. Drivatar will drive while you're away from your Xbox. It will drive against other people who are online. Then, when you log back in, you'll earn credits based on your Drivatar's performance.

10:11 - Here comes Phil Harrison. Minecraft is coming to the Xbox One. "Minecraft: Xbox One Edition."

10:13 - Quantum Break from Remedy takes the stage now. This is an Xbox One exclusive. Trailer time. Characters are moving around a frozen crime scene. Character can put parts of the scene in motion. Could create interesting opportunities for gameplay.

10:17 - "D4" is another exclusive from Swery65.

10:18 - Dave McCarty of Microsoft Studios is on the stage. "Project Spark" takes the focus. He's controling the demo with his voice. He made the world with voice recognition on the Kinect, and the world is being further designed on SmartGlass. They're making forests, villages, and people. I have no idea what to make of this demo. Looks creation focused, while having co-op elements. It's on Xbox One and Windows 8.

10:23 - Xbox Live and SmartGlass being talked about now. "Ryse: Son of Rome" will have SmartGlass functionality. You'll be able to check maps, leaderboards, acheievements, DVR Recordings, and friends all on SmartGlass. Jago vs. Sarewolf on Killer Instinct is being shown now. Looks very inspired by Street Fighter.

10:26 - Fight was automatically recorded by "Upload Studio" on Xbox Live. You'll be able to edit and share your clips and share them instantly.

10:28 - Xbox One will be partnered with You'll be able to broadcast your gameplay right to

10:29 - no more Micosoft Points. Changing to real money. Sweet.

10:30 - Crimson Dragon trailer has no sound. Looks cool though. From the creators of Panzer Dragoon.

10:30 - Dead Rising 3 will be exclusive and a launch title for Xbox One. New main character. It wouldn't be an new Xbox without a Dead Rising game. Of course, lots of zombies on the screen. Huge world. Huge open world with no load times. Hundreds of zombies on the screen all moving independently. Environmental effects, like burning cars, buildings and explosions are all all display. Looks like you'll be able to go into most buildings. You'll be able to build weapons on the fly. You'll also be able to get into cars and drive around, GTA style. You can call in air strikes.

10:38 - "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" will be open world and on the Xbox One. No Linear story. Combat has been built from the ground up. "The last part of the legend," does that mean this is the last "Witcher" game?

10:41 - Here comes Battlefield 4 running at 60 FPS. Uh oh, Battlefiled 4 demo problem. No sound. Restarting the demo. No footage yet. Ah here it comes. Yep, that's 60 FPS. Environmental effects happening everywhere. Debris, fires, water. Lots of stuff happening on the screen. Battlefield 4 looks beautiful. Showing some outdoor environments. Massive setpeices. An aircraft carrier is sinking and jets are sliding into the sea. Boat controls being shown off now. That's high octane stuff.

10:49 - Map packs for Battlefield 4 will be available on the Xbox One before other platforms.

10:50 Top-down, puzzle, Zelda-like journey coming to a new game called "Below." Looks like Journey meets Zelda.

10:51 - Black Tusk Studios just showed a trailer that showed nothing... Basically says, a new exclusive exists.

10:53 - Another exclusive being shown. Moving from trailer to trailer pretty quickly. New Halo game coming to Xbox One! It will run at 60 FPS.

10:55 - $499 in US, available in November. That's the Xbox One.

10:57 - Titanfall trailer being shown. Sci-fi journey on land and in space. Platforming third-person shooter with mechs, jetpacks, everything that should be in a sci fi game, really. Mech battles. Cloaking abilities also shown.

10:59 - Respawn Entertainment on stage showing a realtime demo of Titanfall. The first-person elements look solid. Areas look massive. Buildings are getting destroyed while mechs can be seen on the battlefield. Player just took out the mech. He's in the mech. Has a gravity field. Just engaged another mech. Pulled the human out of the mech and tossed him. Wicked. Will be available on in 2014.

There you have it. That's a wrap. What did you think abou the Xbox One details? Sound off in the comments or let me know on Twitter @GameGuyPGH. EA Press Conference is up next at 1 PST.      




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Every once in awhile, about once every year or two, a game comes along that combines everything that makes a great game, while throwing in some innovation. “The Last of Us” is one of those rare finds.

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e3 logoE3 is less than a week away, and this year’s isn’t going to be one to miss. The end of 2013 will officially begin the console war with Microsoft and Sony both releasing their next systems. Not only that, but the current gen will continue to have some of the best games of its long lifespan. Pair these with a strong indie presence and a bevy of new peripherals, and you have the potential for the best E3 in years.

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