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Hands-on with BandFuse: Rock Legends

Tuesday, 05 June 2012 10:26 PM Written by

“Bandfuse: Rock Legends” is a new music game that focuses is real guitar playing rather than the button pressing that goes into “Rock Band” or “Guitar Hero.” Similar to “Rocksmith,” Bandfuse uses a real guitar or bass as its controller.  Don’t expect any 3D character models or cutesy cut-scenes. This game is all about music.

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I'm seated at the Nokia Theater, waiting for the Nintendo Presser to get underway. It should kick in about 20 minutes. In typical Nintendo E3 presser fashion, Nintendo trivia is being shown on the big screen. 

The auditorium is filling up.  Harada of Tekken fame just walked by. 

I'll be checking and communicating via Twitter, too. Let me know if your E3 thoughts @GameGuyPGH. 

About 15 minutes to go.  The theater is getting packed. I'm hoping this wi-fi stays strong. 

I posted some pics of the event to my twitter account. You can check them out there. Anyone have any last-minute predictions? 

12 minutes and counting... 

The theater looks filled.  Five minutes to go. 

The lights should be dimming any minute now. What's next for the Wii U??

The music just changed up. Any minute now. Here we go. The press conference is underway. The conference opens with a video of Miyamoto getting ready among a bunch of Pikmin. Miyamoto takes the stage taking first about the Wii U. "When someone else is watching the TV, you can use the game system. The TV doesn't need to be on in order to use the system."

More talk about the Wii U severing the dependency on the television.

Pikmin 3 officially coming to the Wii U. Each Pikmin has individual movement. Environments look amazing. The Wii U game pad will always have a game map on it. No captain Olimar. We are told the reason for that is "a secret."  Crowd sounds pretty excited for Pikimin 3. 

Here comes Reggie Fils-Aime. The crowd goes wild. He says games are "most important in this presentation." He promises showing 23 Wii U games today. Wii U "changes gameing, changes how you interact with your gaming friends, and changes the way you enjoy your TV." Neflix, Hulu, Amazon Video are promised for the Wii U. 

Now he's talking about the announcement on Sunday night, which explained some of the functionality. Wii U will support two game pads. Touch screen works with stylus and your finger. Two triggers on the back.  Real analog sticks. Two shoulder butons. Accelerameter, gyro, built-in microphone and speakers, headphone jack.  Also, a home button. No price announcement yet. 

Showing off Miiverse.  It's a big social network for the Miis.  You can see and send text messages and share screenshots for the game you are currently playing. Miiverse will be integrated in the 3DS, smartphones, and PCs.

New Super Mario Bros. U announced. Looks much like the "New" Mario Bros. series (2D sidescroller). Game footage is shown. Mario looks as charming as ever. Colors look amazing on the Wii U. New Yoshis are seen. This Mario game looks like a must-play already. 

Batman Arkham City being discussed about the Wii U. Harley Quinn's voice can be heard. Martin Tremblay, President of Warner Bros. Interactive takes the stage to talk about Arkham City. Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition announced. Gameplay has been expanded. Batman's gadgetry can be seen on the Wii U gamepad. Batman will have a new suit.  Graphics look like they rival the 360 and PS3, but I wouldn't say they look better. Remote control batarang can be controlled by the pad. Very cool.

Scribblenauts takes the focus. "Scribblenauts Unlminited" announced. Exploration looks huge. Touts "endless possibilities." A dog with wheels for legs is shown. It will have multiplayer. 

Game montage coming showing:

Darksiders II

Mass Effect 3

Tank! Tank! Tank!

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Trine 2

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge

Aliens Colonial Marines

Here comes Wii Fit news. Reggie jokes about his body being ready. Wii Fit U announced. Looks exactly like Wii Fit, just this one has the new game pad.  Lots of motion controls. It does look fun though. Communicates wirelessly with a pedometer. It didn't get a big reacation from the crowd here.

New game called "Sing" is announced. Introduced with Carly Rae Jepson's "Call Me Maybe" of course. 

The presser shifts to 3DS news. Tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. PST will bring announcements for the 3DS. It will be all about games and game annoucements. 

"New Super Mario Bros. 2" is shown. It promises to be different than the Wii U title. It's all about coins.  It's coming August 19.

Paper Mario sprite is shown.  "Paper Mario Sticker Star" is announced for the 3DS. This game is all about stickers. hmmm. Environement looks like classic Paper Mario. It will be a retail and digital release. 

Wow Luigi's Mansion sequel isn't dead. It's called Dark Moon and it's still coming. Looks to be heavy on the 3D. It will be available this holiday season. 

3DS game montage time. Here's what's shown:

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate

Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion

Scribblenauts Unlimited

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Lego City: Undercover time. This was announced last year. It's shown for the Wii U. It looks like a dream come true for lego game fans. You can "solve crimes with your game pad." 

Ubisoft is getting some time in the spotlight. Here comes Assassins Creed III, no doubt. The acting on the stage is so incredibly forced. It shouldn't be this hard to sound naturally excited for this system. 

No Assassins Creed III, instead we move to Just Dance 3.  Dancers take the stage. Of course they're excellent dancers. Reggie is choosing the next dance moves for the dancers on the Wii U game pad. 

Zombi U announced from Ubisoft. Survival horror genre.  The Wii U game pad acts as your zombie survival kit.  Wow this looks like it could be a serious game innovation. Ubisoft "gets" this system. 

Here comes the montage. Ubisoft games being shown:

Assassins Creed III

Rayman Legends

Sports Connection

Marvel Avengers: Batle for Earth

"Nintendo Land" announced. "Play it once and you begin to understand." It's being compared to Wii Sports. Miis will change depending on the environement.  That's really the ploy they're using? 

Nintendo Land will have multiple mini games that can be played with friends. It looks "Mario Party"-esque. Some games will feaure one player using the Wii U game pad while three other players use Wiimotes. The Luigi's Mansion Mini game is being shown. Looks like a fun minigame, but this part of the show is dragging. 

Looks like they are going to close with Nintendo Land. "Why" I have no idea. They are still talking about Nintendo Land and they really are going to close the show with it. What a downer to end on...

That's all folks. Thanks for following along. What did you think? Let me know on Twitter @GameGuyPGH

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Sony’s press conference was the last event of the day. The gaming press packed the seats of the Los Angeles Sports Memorial Arena, waiting to see what Sony had in store. Would it be news for the future of the Vita? Well, the easy answer is “no.”

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EA was my first press conference of the day. I almost didn’t make it inside the Orpheum Theater, but my ticket was accepted at the last minute. 

The publishing giant promised to show ten games, and they delivered the goods. The games covered “Dead Space” to “FIFA” and everything in between.

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E3, the biggest show in gaming, is just two days away. The energy is hard to ignore. Announcements and new trailers are already pouring in, raising the excitement even higher for next week. Who knows what big announcements are just around the corner.

EA, Ubisoft, Microsoft, and Sony hold their press conferences beginning Monday at 9 a.m. PST (12 EST). Continuing on Tuesday, Nintendo's press conference begins at 9 a.m. PST (12 EST) and the big show kicks off at 12 p.m. PST (3 EST). I'll be blogging each day with my hands-on impressions of the biggest games of the show. I'll also be tweeting live from the press conferences and the show floor and answering any questions I can. You can follow all the action and join in the conversation here: 

Happy E3!

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Resistance: Burning Skies - review

Tuesday, 29 May 2012 10:39 PM Written by

“Resistance: Burning Skies” fills the first-person shooter void on the PS Vita platform.  Before its arrival, the Vita had nearly every genre covered except for the oft-important FPS.  Sony hopes that this big-name exclusive can jump-start what has been a comatose release calendar for the handheld that is still in its infancy.

“Burning Skies” is more of a taste of things to come than an actual indication that said things have arrived.  It has all of the bases covered to be considered a competent FPS, but fails to excel in any specific category.

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E3 kicks off next week and there is plenty of speculation about the potential for new console announcements from Sony and Microsoft, but new footage from upcoming game releases could steal the show.  Here is a glimpse of the hottest games to be shown at E3.

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25 Outstanding Video Game Moments

Wednesday, 23 May 2012 02:01 AM Written by

The completion of "Max Payne 3" inspired me to reflect on some of my favorite video game moments ever.  Everyone who plays video games knows of a few moments when a game really resonated and caused the realization that he or she was experiencing something special.  Below are my personal favorites.  They aren’t the 25 greatest of all time.  Since I haven’t played every video game ever made, I’m not entitled to create such a list.  I’m only entitled to share with you my opinions on the following moments and explain why I love them.

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