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Elgato is beefing up their game streaming offerings with two new products this month. The Game Capture HD60 external capture card is the follow-up to the Game Capture HD, and the company’s video editing software called Game Capture has been given a big 2.0 upgrade. It’s all very confusing since the hardware shares the same name with the software. The Game Capture HD60 ($179.99) is capable of streaming in 1080p at 60 frames per second, and has a smaller, lighter design.

I’ll be working with the HD60 extensively over the next few weeks to eventually bring you a full review. At the start of that process, I began testing out the Game Capture 2.0 software. What was once bare-boned streaming software that had more features for editors than streamers is now a full-fledged command center for broadcasters.

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DBcoverI grew up with a household PC that was limitedly effective, but overall inadequate. It carried out the few tasks that were expected of it like an early web service called Prodigy, and Encarta digital encyclopedia. Throw in a word processor and you have the three main tasks of my childhood PC. Gaming was not on its short list of can-do tasks. The only game character it was familiar with was Mavis Beacon.


It was because of this PC that I missed out on the “Diablo” series. The popular game from Blizzard was not in my computer’s prevue. In fact, this PC wouldn’t even know what to do with it due to its lack of CD ROM drive. Throughout the years, I instead experienced the many “Diablo” console clones like “Hunter: The Reckoning” and “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.” I now admit that I enjoyed these games through a naïve lens having never played the game that inspired their cooperative progression.


“Diablo 2” eventually released for consoles, but by that time the series had passed me by. I had little interest. That was until “Diablo 3” was released for next-gen consoles and I was tasked with giving it the review treatment. It only took a couple hours of playtime to show me what I had been missing.

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'Hohokum' review - controlled ambiguity

Wednesday, 13 August 2014 11:00 AM Written by


Hohokum iconEvery so often, a game will pop up as a surprise on my review calendar. This was the case for “Hohokum”: an artsy exclusive for the PlayStation family by Honeyslug and Santa Monica Studio. I didn’t know much about “Hohokum” going into the review, which can be a positive. It’s refreshing to pick up a game with a blank slate, especially today when AAA games receive umpteen trailers prior to release. “Hohokum” is rare in this regard. But what’s even more unique is that I don’t know much more about this game after having spent more than six hours with it.

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One of the biggest video game news events has kicked off from Cologne, Germany. Gamescom is home to some major announcements in the industry, and the 2014 show was no exception.


Microsoft took the stage first with their annual press conference to make major announcements such as the 1TB Xbox One and that the next “Tomb Raider” installment will be exclusive to the Xbox platform.


Later, Sony tried to match that with the presser of their own, which showcased a strong lineup of upcoming games, plus the PS4’s firmware 2.0.

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TLOURcover“The Last of Us” is on its victory lap this month with “The Last of Us Remastered” for PS4. It’s entitled to do so after winning (according to the game’s cover) over 200 game-of-the-year awards. This updated version has shinier textures, a faster frame rate and all the DLC from the original release for the PS3. Now you can see the horror of clickers getting shivved in the neck and the beauty of a giraffe eating leaves in 1080p and at a nearly consistent 60 frames-per-second.

Part of that DLC is the Grounded difficulty.  Post-launch DLC for the original “The Last of Us” included this punishing difficulty, but my PS3 didn’t live long enough to see it. Now that I’m experiencing this mode for the first time, I’ve realized that Grounded is the best way to play this game.

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(11:25) That's a wrap on the show. No surprises. Hyrule Warriors looks very much like Dynasty Warriors in a Zelda skin. The wheel won't be invented. If you love Dynasty Warriors than this is probably good news. What did you think of the show? 

(11:23) One more character is coming. Of course it's Ganondorf. he will be playable. This shouldn't surprise anyone. I imagine he will be Hyrule Warrior's Lubu. yeah, his attacks look brutal, with a combination of magic and weapons. 

(11:21) Guld Skulltulas are in Hyrule Warriors that are in hiding places. 

2-player co-op will be available. One player can play on the GamePad while a different character is on the screen. This will reduce the resolution. Off-TV mode is also available in single player. Hyrule Warriors will be released in North America on September 26

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'BioShock' sails to iOS this summer

Monday, 04 August 2014 09:56 AM Written by


Add iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch to the list of devices in which to play the 2007 classic “BioShock.” 2K announced today that the beloved first-person shooter will be available on iOS later this summer.

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EA is attempting to change the conventional way to play games exclusively on the Xbox One. The company announced EA Access today, a subscription-based service that will unlock some of the publisher’s most popular games.

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