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Nintendo Direct 2-13-14 LiveBlog

Thursday, 13 February 2014 04:59 PM Written by

5:01 - Satoru Iwata is on camera for the first Nintendo Direct of 2014. 

5: 03 - The show kicks off by showing off a new trailer. The trailer shows off Little Mac from the "Punch Out" series. He's the new character in Super Smash Bros. He will be in both the 3DS and Wii U versions. 

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New 'Dying Light' trailer shows gameplay

Tuesday, 11 February 2014 12:10 PM Written by

“Dying Light,” the upcoming first-person survival game from Techland and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, received a new trailer today. This trailer entitled “Humanity” shows a glimpse into the decaying world overrun with zombies.

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Lightning ReturnsCover“Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13-3” is a hefty dose of video game from the length of the title to the actual game itself. It’s the third installment of the thirteenth game of the “Final Fantasy” series. While it does bring truly inspired combat to the RPG genre, the total package proves that quantity doesn’t always bring quality.


The fan favorite heroine Lightning returns to the series after being absent from the previous game. The world is mere days away from ending. God has entrusted the skills of Lightning to carry out a number of missions in order to save the world. Since the world is on the brink of destruction, “Lightning Returns” features a running clock that constantly inches the game closer to doomsday.

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“Strider,” the anticipated reboot from Double Helix Games, will release on February 18 for the PSN (PS4 and PS3), and February 19 on XBLA (Xbox One and Xbox 360) and PC. The $14.99 package will feature a main story and Challenge Modes.

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Microsoft has announced two updates for the Xbox One that will bring new features and system improvements. The first update will be live on February 11.

Microsoft isn’t releasing all the details of this update, but listed some goodies Xbox One owners can expect. Storage management will finally be available, allowing users to see what apps and games are taking up space on the console’s hard drive. Users will also be able to manage an installation queue.

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