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It’s been two long years for Bungie’s shooter/loot grind/MMO called “Destiny.” Whatever genre the game gets categorized as, it’s hard to ignore the strides it’s made since it’s original release. The “Rise of Iron” expansion is its finale. It’s a culmination of everything that works for Destiny, rather than focusing on what doesn’t.


If you were to go back and play the original “Destiny,” often called “vanilla Destiny,” it’s hard to believe it’s even the same game when compared to its current state. Throughout these two years, Bungie increased loot drop rates, added more social areas and gave us more things to do in them. There are different events that friends can engage in like the Horde-inspired Prison of Elders, four raids and free holiday events that all “Destiny” owners can enjoy.

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Sony has officially outlined what we can expect to play on the PlayStation VR demo disc. There was a lot of discussion about what exactly players could do with their PSVR headsets right out of the box. No we know, and it’s actually a pretty impressive lineup of demos. Here’s the whole list of demos and their developers.

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Who is the PS4 Pro for?

Thursday, 08 September 2016 05:51 PM Written by




Work is hard work. Saving money earned from that hard work is even harder. Yet that’s what has to be done in order to stay current in today’s tech world. Let’s skip over Apple’s announcement of new products from yesterday that range anywhere from $650 to over a grand. Let’s go straight to Sony’s PS4 Pro Meeting that followed right on the heels of Apple’s big show.


Let’s ignore the fact that unveiling new tech directly after Apple already poses an uphill battle for press space. That’s a column for a different time. We’ll look right at the product: The PS4 Pro. It’s a slightly larger, slightly more powerful and a slightly intriguing new box that is capable of 4K resolution. Well, it’s kind of capable of 4K resolution. It can handle HDR image reproduction and 4K video, but can’t play 4K discs. The Pro also has a 1TB hard drive and a improved GPU. The whole strategy is just puzzling. It’s not enough of an upgrade to turn heads and grab headlines. The event didn’t tell us why we needed it and the console’s introduction left us with more questions than answers. Number one on my list of questions: who is this for?

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Do you remember 2012? You should, because a glorious year if you were a console owner. The Xbox 360 was celebrating its seventh year in consumers’ homes. If someone dropped $400 on a new Xbox 360 in 2005, that same console would remain current all the way until 2013. That’s if the system didn’t suffer a Red Ring of Death somewhere in the middle.


The Xbox 360, along with the PS3 and even partially the Nintendo Wii, were part of the longest console generation of all time. The 360 led the pack by staying current for eight years. Eight years is a long time for humans. That’s two standard college experiences. That’s two summer olympics. The biggest song in the world eight years ago was “Low” by Flo-Rida and T-Pain. That’s a long time ago. Now think about how long that is for technology.


Imagine the phone you had eight years ago. I had either the iPhone 3G or the Motorola Q depending on what month we’re talking about in 2008. Now imagine using that same phone in 2016. It would literally be impossible to perform daily tasks on those ancient relics.

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PS4 Slim exists, not much looks new

Monday, 22 August 2016 12:03 PM Written by


Hardware refreshes for game consoles aren’t a matter of if they’ll happen, but when they’ll happen. Hardware becomes cheaper and manufacturers find ways to cut costs and make the product smaller. The Xbox One already has it’s slim edition in the Xbox One S, now it’s the PS4’s turn.

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TechTest“Titanfall 2” is here! Ok, well not really. But “Titanfall 2” is close. EA and Respawn Entertainment dropped a titan-sized bit of gameplay with their newly released beta. It’s actually not even a beta. It’s official title is called a “pre-alpha tech test,” but that doesn’t seem to have an effect on the gameplay. It seems as polished as ever.


This wasn’t my first time playing “Titanfall 2.” I played one measly match at E3. Do you know kind of info you can gather from one match of an unreleased first-person shooter? Practically nothing. But now I’ve played dozens of matches. I’ve hit level 8 in this pre-launch build, and “Titanfall 2” builds on ideas from the first game while adding depth and strategy.

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Injustice2The new “Injustice 2” trailer from DC and NetherRealm Studios showcases two popular members from the Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn and Deadshot. Neither of these characters are new to the “Injustice” franchise, as they both appeared in the original, but the trailer shows some of their new gameplay and outfits.


“Injustice 2’s” new hook is all about gear and costumes. NetherRealm is attempting to combine the worlds of fighting games and loot-based games like MMOs. Players will be able to earn new gear for their characters that changes both their appearance and attributes in the arena. Gear will be able to be unlocked and earned in both offline and online modes.

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Bioshockcollectioncover“The Bioshock Collection Remastered” is inching closer and closer like a lumbering Big Daddy through the halls of Rapture. The collection that includes the original “Bioshock,” “Bioshock 2” and “Bioshock Infinite” is set to release on September 13 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. 2K Games released a taste of what to expect with a look at the completely remastered intro from “Bioshock.”


“Bioshock’s” intro is a special representation of art in video games. The first glimpse into the underwater city of Rapture was awe-inspiring in 2007. The remastered collection doesn’t look like it’s cutting any corners when it comes to giving the game a 2016 graphical facelift.

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