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TowerFallCover2To an outside observer who knows nothing about video games, four friends playing an arena brawler probably looks ridiculous. Four friends cram together on a couch built for three - or perhaps one opts to sit on the floor - each with a controller in hand. Then the match begins, as does the symphony of shrieks, gasps, and expletives. Four close friends are instantly turned into bitter rivals. The brawlers, like “Super Smash Bros.” and now “TowerFall,” provide that unique and chaotic fun.

“TowerFall,” an indie title created by Matt Thorson, perfectly captures that glorious chaos. This retro-style game was originally available for the problematic Ouya, but is now available on the PS4 under the new name of “TowerFall Ascension.” “Ascension” adds some new goodies to the original recipe like new levels and a new Quest mode for solo or co-op players.

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InfamousSecondSonBoxArt“InFamous: Second Son” marks the first blockbuster title to release for the PS4. Console sales have been off to a strong start, and a new chapter from a beloved series like “InFamous” can only help drive the PS4 forward. The development team of Sucker Punch has high expectations to reach, being the first team to truly showcase the power of the PS4. While “Second Son” is visually stunning, the gameplay lacks the originality of the previous installments.

The previous lead character Cole MacGrath is out, and newcomer Delsin Rowe takes the reigns. Delsin is a troublemaker with a penchant for graffiti art. He lives on the Akomish Reservation outside of Seattle with the rest of his family. A truck crashes on the property carrying three captured conduits, the name given to those with superpowers. When attempting to track one down, Delsin comes into contact with him and absorbs his power.

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MGSC"Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes" marks the beginning of a new and troubling business model in the world of video games. It’s being billed by Konami as a prologue to the full length “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain,” but in actuality it’s a glorified demo. In this case, “glorified” means that it costs $30. The one-to-two hour demonstration has the aura of DLC, which is usually released after a game releases. This is expensive DLC for a game that isn’t even out yet.

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PS4 'Share' improvements are on the way

Wednesday, 19 March 2014 11:26 AM Written by

PlayStation 4 with controller and sensorSony announced today a future update that will bring new and improved features to the PS4’s sharing capabilities. The blog post laid out plans to change the system’s current HDCP settings, the ability to archive game streams, and more.

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The Xbox One is finally capable of live streaming through its downloadable Twitch app. The update went live Monday evening just in time for the much anticipated release of “Titanfall.”

Sony beat Microsoft in the streaming race when the PS4 was streaming-ready on the console’s release day in November. The last four months gave Microsoft and Twitch (Twitch developed the streaming app specifically for the Xbox One) time to improve upon the standard set by Sony to bring an overall killer app.

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