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NoMansSkyCoverThe expansive universe of “No Man’s Sky” has grabbed headlines since the game was announced three years ago at the 2013 Video Game Awards. The space exploration game features 18 quintillion planets, each with its own unique lifeforms, ecosystems and fauna for players to discover. To put that into perspective, there is virtually no way the game’s player base will ever see everything there is to discover in “No Man’s Sky.” There has never been another video game like this one.

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A gaming console’s controller is the most underappreciated aspect of its design. A controller makes an immediate first impression, and has an impact on the player’s enjoyment for years down the line.


The Xbox 360 had massive success partially because of a virtually perfect controller. The Xbox One had missteps with it’s original controller, but Microsoft has made strides in improving it. Sony’s DualShock 4 for the PS4 was regarded by some as being a huge upgrade from its predecessor, but a poor build quality (wearing of the analog sticks) soured the experience as the console got older.


A fraction of the gaming community demands more from their gamepads, and that fraction appears to be growing. Microsoft has shipped more than a million Xbox One Elite controllers. The $150 high-end pad has rear paddles and a higher quality build. But before Microsoft jumped into the fray of pricey peripherals, Scuf Gaming was making pro-style controllers for both Xbox and PlayStation. Since Sony hasn’t announced their own first-party competitor to the Elite, demanding PS4 players have had to go with the third party route.

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AstrologoI know it’s tempting, but don’t buy a new gaming headset just yet. The fully upgraded Astro A50 is just around the corner. It made some key changes to improve upon last year’s model. Most of those changes are for the better, but some may irk the hardest of hardcore gamers that play on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles. I went hands (and ears) on with the new device at E3. Here’s everything you need to know about Astro’s new flagship headset coming in next month.

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LegoStarWarscover“Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens” marks the return of the long-running beloved series. Since there was a long break in the “Star Wars” series between “The Revenge of the Sith” and “The Force Awakens,” there hasn’t been a new “Lego Star Wars” video game in five years. The series is back now and brought the trademark charm that it’s become synonymous with.


Lego video games have tackled plenty of high-profile movie franchises from “Indiana Jones” to “The Lord of the Rings” to “Jurassic Park.” “Star Wars” was the first in its long history. It has always presented these classic stories in a clever and G-rated manner. It’s the perfect way for kids to experience the movies, even if the movies may be too mature for the kids to handle.

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Hide your wallets! The Steam Summer Sale is upon us. It happens every year at this time. Thousands of new and old PC games receive heavy discounts on the Steam marketplace. You’d be a fool not to buy every game on sale, right?!


But beware. The Steam Summer Sale has bankrupted many. It’s impossible to resists its bargains like Stan Marsh walking through a Walmart in the wee hours of the morning. That’s why I’m here to help you find some of the best deals on the store. It’s only day 1, and the sale goes all the way to July 4. Pace yourself. You have to pick and choose the best games at the best discounts.


Here are the best finds on Day 1 of the Steam Summer Sale:

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The new "Doom" isn't for everybody...



Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.09.31 AM


Bethesda and ID Software’s new vision of “Doom” hit shelves earlier this month. The idea behind it wasn’t to make a first-person shooter that competed with the “Call of Duties” or the “Halos” of the world, but instead make a game that took the genre back to the Doom games that started the series. The original “Doom” games from the 90’s were fast paced, gory and fun. The new “Doom” captures that essence nearly perfectly.

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"Uncharted 4" discovers new ground for Nathan Drake


This review of "Uncharted 4: A Theif's End" does not include impressions of the game's multiplayer modes. A review edit will be added after the game's launch on Tuesday, May 10.


Uncharted4CoverThe next and potentially final chapter of the “Uncharted” series is finally ready to grace Sony’s PlayStation 4. It faced several delays and added a new creative director to the series in Neil Druckmann, but that’s no cause for concern.


“Uncharted 4: A Thief's End” is a coming of age story for the protagonist treasure hunter Nathan Drake. Players have watched him age throughout the first three games, but “Uncharted 4” shows him mature. The story is more than an Indiana Jones-inspired adventure. This tale delves into Drake’s upbringing and family and answers the question of what happens to a seasoned treasure hunter when he has to grow up and leave the life of adventure behind.

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The Xbox 360 is dead, long live the Xbox 360




Microsoft made the somber announcement that they will be officially discontinuing production of the Xbox 360. To say it had a good run is an understatement. It had one of the longest lives in the history of home gaming consoles. The 360 reached the virtually unobtainable ten year mark before the powers that be brought down the ax.


This shouldn’t be a time of sadness. It should be a time of remembrance. The original Xbox put Microsoft on the map for home game consoles. The Xbox 360 changed the game with an impressive suite of online media offerings. It was more than a console. It evolved into a complete entertainment device. Fans of the PS4 have the Xbox 360 to thank for some of the console features that we take for granted like party chat and friend interaction.


The Xbox 360 did much more than just play apps like Netflix and Hulu. It had games; lots of games. Some of those games revolutionized the action genre like “Gears of War” and “Mass Effect.”


So let’s look back on the last ten years at some of the best memories from the Xbox 360 generation.

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