Video Games Holiday Gift Guide 2018

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The holiday season is upon us! Shopping for the gamer in your life can be a difficult and expensive endeavor, especially if video games aren’t your thing. Well go into December prepared with info and knowledge to be the hero of the holidays this year. Here are the best gifts you can find this year for the game enthusiast in your life.



ASTRO Gaming A10 Zelda Edition





This gorgeously Zelda-branded headset is the brand new ASTRO A10 designed for the Nintendo Switch. The best part: it doesn’t only work with the Switch. The A10 also works with PS4 and Xbox consoles. Simply plug them into your controller and you’re good to go. The A10 is a highly durable headset with quality audio. This specific A10 comes with a chat cable splitter that can run to your smartphone to take full advantage of Nintendo’s obtuse multiplayer app.



ASTRO Gaming A40 TR X





While the A10 is an excellent option for gamers looking to get quality sound that won’t break the bank, the A40 is designed for the competitive crowd. The A40 TR X is a victory lap of sorts for Astro. The A40 is Astro’s flagship headset, and the TR X celebrates the product’s tenth birthday with stunning, glossy blue and red accents. This headset provides top-notch gaming audio that is made even better if you spring for the Astro TR MixAmp.



PlayStation VR

$269.99 - Amazon (Bundle with Moss and AstroBot)




PlayStation VR once felt like a prototype, but it now has must-play games that are likely to pop up on many top 10 lists this year. The device used to cost $400, but that price has been highly reduced for the holidays. This specific bundles comes with two excellent showcases for the VR tech: Moss and AstroBot. The latter is widely regarded as one of the best VR experiences available. PSVR is an excellent toy to bring out around the holidays for family members who have never tried it.



Xbox One X


$449.99 - Amazon





Did you spring for a new 4K TV this holiday season? Then the Xbox One X could be that TV’s best friend. The Xbox One X is the most powerful home console on the market. It’s capable of the best 4K / HDR graphics you can get on a home console. Plus, thanks to Xbox increasingly impressive Game Pass, you don’t even need to buy a $60 game to enjoy said graphics. For $10 a month, you get access to a growing library of Xbox exclusive games and more. Subscribe to Game Pass and download as much as you want.



Marvel’s Spider-Man


Rated T for Teen

$39.99 - Amazon




One of the best games of the year is also a family friendly one. “Marvel’s Spider-Man” is a new take of New York City’s famous wallcrawler. This isn’t tied to any comic series or movie franchise. This is an all-new spider tale that explores Spider-Man as a hero and Peter Parker as a human being. Oh, and the web swinging is some of the best in-game travel you’ll find in video games.



God of War

Rated M for Mature





Here’s my personal choice for Game of the Year 2018. “God of War” matures its series in both gameplay and narrative. See a new side of Kratos, formerly known as the God of War, as he’s forced to grapple with loss and fatherhood. As for the gameplay, there’s a rich RPG at the heart of this game that will keep players engaged from beginning to end.







If you know your loved one is into “Fortnite,” and don’t know what else to get him or her, look no further than V-Bucks. V-Bucks are the in-game currency of Fortnite. That currency can be spent on in-game cosmetics like skins (outfits) Battle Pass tiers and more! Any Fortnite fan loves browsing the item store, and V-Bucks are a must if they want the best new skins. You can find Fortnite V-Buck voucher cards at any GameStop.



Nintendo Switch - Smash Bros. Bundle

$359.99 - GameStop




The Nintendo Switch is about to enter its third year, but not before it closes out 2018 with a smash … Smash Bros. that is. “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” finally releases later this week and brings its enormous roster of fighters to the Nintendo Switch. If you skipped “Smash Bros.” for Wii U many years ago, this is the perfect time to jump back in.



Scuf Vantage Controller



$169.95 Wired

$199.95 Wireless





This is reserved for the players who are into esports, or those looking to break into that world. The Scuf Vantage is designed for the most serious competitive players. It can give those players an advantage thanks to its comfort and additional buttons. At $180 for the wired model, it’s an expensive piece of tech, but tournament-ready gamers will put hundreds of hours on these sticks. Think of it as an investment.

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