'Destiny' beta diary: day two and three

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The “Destiny” beta has been a living room mainstay for a full weekend now, and I think I’ve seen everything there is to see. It’s made me want more, but I understand why it’s limited in its content. I still want to be surprised when the full game comes out. Progress will be reset following the end of the beta, so I don’t want to have to repeat any more missions than I already have to.   


There has been more than enough to see in order for the seeds of intrigue to be planted. Bungie is planning to break new ground with this console-based MMO-shooter hybrid. Since this is such an original concept, the beta acts as a training seminar. If you missed my day one diary, check it out here. My experiences from day two and three can be found below.




Strikes steal the show

The highlight of my time has been The Strike mission. This challenging quest is split into three parts with two bosses. It’s the most difficult mission that is offered, requiring teamwork and a competent game plan.

The Strike has a suggested level of six. I imagine high-level strikes will be the bulk of “Destiny’s” endgame content. These could be like an MMO’s raids. I look forward to seeing how Bungie makes each Strike unique.

Strikes implement the odd design choice of allowing respawns during boss fights. Allowing players to die and come back takes the difficulty out of the battle. Bosses are in Darkness Zones, which means the battle ends when all members of the fireteam. If, however, a player dies while the other members of the team are still alive, the downed player will respawn if the remaining players survive within 30 seconds. Players can be revived in this 30-second span, but will automatically respawn if nobody is able to get to them. There isn’t much of an incentive to revive downed players when they automatically respawn.





Destiny Beta 20140719003504


The Strike remains fun, but I hope some of these settings are tweaked before the final release.



Explore = fetch

Unfortunately, “fetch” doesn’t mean “cool” in this case. Explore mission means wandering around an area and looking for mini quests. These quests usually involve killing enemies and picking up items that are dropped. The beta randomly generates them, and there’s no end to them.

Explore will be the place to go if you’re having trouble with a story mission and need to grind out a few more levels. It’s not particularly fun, but it will serve this purpose well.

Exploration did hold another highlight: the random event. The screen dimmed, and a voice was heard that told us that our fireteam had to join a fight. A devil walker was dropped in the middle of the area, and all players in the area temporarily teamed up to fight for the common cause. We all had to destroy the devil walker in 5 minutes. We succeeded and were rewarded with XP. Unfortunately, we had all reached our level cap of eight, but it still gave a few minutes of camaraderie.



PvP - Crucible

I dabbled in the PvP arena called the Crucible. The only gametype available in the beta is similar to “Call of Duty’s” Domination mode. Three points of interest on the map must be controlled.

Gameplay within the crucible feels as polished as any strict first-person shooter, but there is an imbalance that commonly come with MMOs. Your weapons and gear from the game carry over into the Crucible. If you don’t have a solid arsenal, it will be difficult to excel on the battlefield.



The search for the golden chests

This beta holds treasures. There are five golden chests scattered throughout the different areas. These chests have rare armor and weapons, but the fifth chest holds a new speeder that has more speed and durability.

Bungie channels their penchant for hiding goodies in their games with these chests. They’re similar to the illusive skulls that could be found in “Halo 2” through “4.” The chests are pretty well hidden, but the fun journey to find them is worth it.




I’m not sure what I’ll be spending my remaining time doing in the beta. I suppose I could log more Crucible matches, but I’ve been having more fun exploring the other areas of “Destiny.” I hope they add more areas before it gets pulled, because it’s summer. What else am I going to play?


Sadly, the “Destiny” Beta will be down for the next two days. The fact that I’m upset by this means the game has been a lot of fun. I should be glad the beta has such limited content. It looks like this is going to be a huge timesink when it finally releases in September.


Here are some more screens from my journey.






Destiny Beta 20140718170045
(The crew standing together before a match in the Crucible)

Destiny Beta 20140718231408
(Back at the city, I met the King of Hyrule. He likes to live dangerously.)


Destiny Beta 20140718231424
(This guy had a similar haircut, so we danced.)


Destiny Beta 20140718231431
(Lots and lots of dancing.)


Destiny Beta 20140719021533
(Then we got on the roof of the building, and more joined in.)


Destiny Beta 20140719021556
(The party never stopped.)


Destiny Beta 20140719021425
(I lost purpose when that dance party ended...)


Destiny Beta 20140719000931
(But the fight had to continue. It was time to move on to The Strike mission.)


Destiny Beta 20140719002957
(Wave two of the Strike put us up against a Devil Walker, which is a walking tank with six legs.)


Destiny Beta 20140719002951
(This thing takes a while to take down. Shoot the legs first.)


Destiny Beta 20140719003017
(So close to taking it down. That last sliver takes a while.)


Destiny Beta 20140719003030
(We got him.)


Destiny Beta 20140719003032
(Time to move forward.)


Destiny Beta 20140719003218
(Into the Devil's Lair.)


Destiny Beta 20140719003232
(Looks like Tomb Raider in here.)


Destiny Beta 20140719003454
(The final boss of The Strike is Sepiks Prime; a floating orb of death.)


Destiny Beta 20140719003457
(The Sepiks prime targeting me.)


Destiny Beta 20140719003504
(It appears I'm out of ammo.)


Destiny Beta 20140719004248
(The team worked hard that day. Caught this sweet shot of the Prime exploding in mid-reload.)


Destiny Beta 20140719005054
(There wasn't much left to do after that.)


Destiny Beta 20140719005927
(Aiming down the sight of my new weapon after hitting level 8)


Destiny Beta 20140719025404
(Then we went hunting for the five gold chests with some help from @Eric_Guimond)


Destiny Beta 20140719025541
(The fifth gold chest gets you a new speeder with more durability and speed.)


Destiny Beta 20140719025551
(So we did what anyone does with a new ride.)


Destiny Beta 20140719025551
(We went joy riding.)


Destiny Beta 20140719030037
(Sleep deprived, we found a fan that launched us into the air, and had the time of our lives.)


Destiny Beta 20140719030050
(Great times.)


Destiny Beta 20140719030053
(Lots of time spent with this fan.)


Destiny Beta 20140719030114
(So all in all, the Destiny beta was a huge success.)































































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