'Alien: Isolation' is everything an Alien game should be - PREVIEW

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Alien IsolationCoverWe may finally be getting the “Alien” game that we both deserve and need. “Alien: Isolation” by The Creative Assembly and published by Sega looks like it has what it takes to be a true survival/horror game within the world of the popular movie franchise.


“Isolation” drops you within a world where the xenomorphs are king. You are not strong enough to take on these powerful creatures. Your only hope is to run.


The demo at E3 2014 was of a game mode separate from the main campaign. The campaign will contain a story-driven tale of survival that involves additional characters, despite the game focusing on the dread of being alone in a hostile death trap.


The mode shown in the demo that dropped players in an setting where it’s you against a deadly xenomorph whose only motivation is to rip you to shreds. The setup is terrifying. Even when I was approaching my demo station (held within a contained series of dark booths), shrieks and screams could be heard from other players enjoying (or being terrified) by the game.


The demo begins in a room to gather supplies. Once these supplies are gathered, the player must complete objectives to successfully finish the stage. That is no easy task. I had to start a generator and take an elevator to safety. I failed...three times.


“Isolation” understands the approach that is needed for an “Alien” game. There is no point in engaging the alien enemy. Players should avoid the creature at all costs. Complete the objectives undetected. Try to run and the enemy will hear you. The setting is one of fear and despair.


The game feeds off of that environment. Music swells when the xenomorph is near. I hid in a locker while the beast stalked me outside. Music became louder as the alien became closer. My character’s breaths became more fearful with manic gasps. It was terrifying.




The iconic motion sensor returns and helps build on the established, scary tone. Viewing the motion sensor builds tension seeing that the dot that represents the xenomorph is near.


A crafting system will also be part of this game, but I wasn’t able to get in-depth into this system. The world is filled with items to gather to craft essential gear.

This is the proper setting needed for this series. It’s what was needed during the decade of sub-par games based on this universe. “Alien: Isolation” is nearly finished. Prepare for the final version to be available Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on October 7. This looks like an excellent game for the Halloween season.


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