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(10:59) That's a wrap! Stay tuned for the EA press conference which should happen in about one hour.

(10:57) Phil Spencer is back on stage. Dave Jones, creator of the original Crackdown, is working on the new one. That's a wrap. The show is winding down now. We're being treated to a wrap-up trailer that shows all the games that were shown throughout the day.

(10:54) New Crackdown coming to Xbox One! Crackdown is an amazing open world series. Well, the first one is good. If you haven't played, play it! Open world sandboxing at its finest. This is just a CG trailer. No Gameplay shown.

(10:51) Hideki Kamia for Platinum Games takes the stage. This is going to be an Xbox One exclusive. This is an all new game from Platinum. Hero is wearing headphones. Scalebound. Looks like a Dante for a new generation.

(10:46) Tom Clancy's The Division taking the stage. Glad to see that game is still on track. Ooo, actually gameplay being shown. Character is seeing digital imagery of what happened in each area; what people did when all hell broke loose. Civilization is dead or gone. The city is deserted. Teamwork looks esential. Team of three is taking out a team of bandits. Not sure of those other characters will be player controlled, or NPC. Multiplayer would make sense. Looks like solid third-person shooting mechanics. I hope it's like Spec Ops: The Line.

(10:43) Killer Instinct getting the focus now. Good, because it's an amazing game. Wait, no. It's a new game. Post-apocalyptic something or other. All CG, but looks nifty. Looks like a fighting game. Phantom Dust on Xbox One.

(10:38) The Witcher III is on display. Looks gorgeous and looks to be a super involved RPG as it usually is. This is an actual gameplay demo. I'll have hand-on time with this during the show. I'll have a full impressions post about it. Response options similar to Dragon Age, or other BioWare games.

(10:36) We've passe the hour mark for the presser. Get ready to see the big guns now. New Tomb Raider trailer happening right now. Trailer showed now gameplay. But shows that it is indeed going to happen in 2015.

(10:32) Id @Xbox talking about the indie game scene coming to Xbox One. Games shown, Knite Squad, White Night, Earthlock, Cuphead, Hyper Light Drifter, Lifeless Planet, Slash Dash, FRU, Lovers in a Dangerous Time, Mighty 9, Grave, Threes, Idarb, Hellraid, Below. Microsoft really hyping up the indie scene there. Good for them.

(10:30) Playdead presents a new game. They made Limbo. Side scrolling puzzle game. Black and white stile. Looks gorgeous, creepy, dark, terrifying. Cannot wait for this. Limbo is one of my favorite games ever. It's called Inside. Looks terrific.

(10:20) Halo time! New Halo on display. Shows him riding the bomb just like in Halo 2. It's CG, but still looks amazing. Arbiter is narrating. Says "forget the stories." New Spartan being shown Bonnie Ross from 343 takes the stage. Master Chief will be taking a personal journey looking for answers. November 11 will be the release date of the Master Chief Collection. That will include Halo 1, 2, 3 and 4 on Xbox One. "Single Unified Interface" on one disc. Getting the full anniversary treatment with updated graphics. Old maps are coming back. Halo 2 multiplayer is coming back! Completely untouched other than the graphics. That's how it's described. Wow. The gameplay really is untouched. All maps ever released in Halo 1-4. 1080p 60FPS. Will ship with 4000 gamerscore.

(10:18) New side scrolling platformer on display. Looks sort of like Child of Light. Ori and the Blind Forest coming from Moon Studios. Exclusive.

(10:13) New trailer in display. Project Spark. Whoa! Conker coming to Project Spark. Nothing shown other than he is in it.

(10:09) Fable Legends getting the spotlihgt for Xbox one. The crowd doesn't seem to be feeling this one. Not much excitement. Looks to be more combat-centric than previous Fable titles. Looks a little bit like Legends of Amalur: Reckoning. It's heroes against villains. Villain mode plays like an RTS, while the heroes hack and slash on the ground. Interesting. Open beta will be available this fall.

(10:07) Digital only Xbox One Dance Central Spotlight. Exclusive to Xbox One coming this fall.

(10:05) Dead Rising is getting a huge Capcom update with Street Fighter characters in the Dead Rising universe. Super Ultra Deadrising 3 Arcade Remix Edition. Available Now! Looks like a blast. All kinds of Street Fighter characters shown.

(9:59) Sunset Overdrive is getting the trailer treatment now. This is a breath of fresh air in the current melodramatic attitude of these trailers. Energy drink has turned everyone into zombies. Tons of tounge-in-cheek action and violence. Zombies bursting into goo. Lots of cheers from the crowd. Ted Price of Insomniac is on the stage. You'll be able to create your own character. Here comes the hands-in demo. Character is in an amusement park, grinding on railings and demolishing zombies below him. Looks like Tony Hawk meets Crackdown. The hero is taking on a huge beast. Of course, he kills him, as he explodes into huge goo. Now he's riding on the tracks of the rollercoaster. Yes, that game looks so fun. 8-player multiplayer mode called Chaos. There will be dedicated servers. Coming October 28 for Xbox One.

(9:57) Dragon Age Inquisition time. Trailer behing shown that shows some wild beasts in a huge open world. The footage shows a serious emphasis on combat. Lots of hacking and slashing. No release date show.

(9:51) New Assassin's Creed will be multiplayer with up to four players. "Assassin's Creed Unity." We're seeing actual gameplay right now. Waiting to see how multiplayer will work. There are more people on screen right now than I've ever seen in an AC game. A fellow assassin is in the group with the player. They both take down a couple guards and a mob storms one of the buildings. Neat. The two Assassins are sneaking around the inside of the building, tag teaming the guards. ONe will distract while the other takes out. This could be quite fun. The mob is storming this noble's house. Windows shattering. Mass chaos. The full four assassins take the castle, toss the guy's body into the crowd who is then beheaded. Ouch.

(9:49) Evolve is on the screen now. Showcasing all the classes, and showing a glimpse of some of the new monsters. Wowza, those creatures look Cloverfield-esque. Very cool design. DLC coming first to Xbox One.

(9:43) Forza is taking the focus now. Forza Mororsport 5 is up first. I guess Horizon 2 will be showcased next. Nurburgring track is coming to Forza 5. It's available for free today. Forza Horizon 2 time. Over 200 cars coming to this game. Lambo is on screen, glistening in the rain. Dynamic weather. "1080p" name dropped. 60 FPS not name dropped. "Road trip of your life" coming September 30. Trailer time. Yeah, scenery looks insanely good. Not much else to say about a Forza Horizon trailer. Cars will go fast in amazing environments. Offroad driving will be part of it. Rally racing shown. Horizon 2 is going after Ubi's The Crew.

(9:33) "Huge franchises, New IPs and old favorites" will be shown during the show today. Xbox One owners will be the first people to play DLC for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Trailer time. Looks pretty, as expected. Also looks "Advanced." Trailer looks like Michael Bay had a hand in it. Some sort of drop ship crash lands into a building. The team is hopping out in the middle of this sky scraper. Wow, this game looks gorgeous. Headed to ground level, the team looks like they're in Time Square in New York. It's a warzone. Huge mech suit shown, but not as big as a Titanfall Titan. Slightly bigger than human form. AT-AT style walker confirmed! Someone is on stage actually playing the game. Whoa! we see Matrix style Squid machines. They're swarming exactly like they do in the movies. They might be enough to spice up this franchise. Epic trailer is epic. I'm more than intrigued now for this new CoD. Yikes. Severed arm confirmed. Also full mechs.

(9:30) The lights are dimmed. It's timed. The bracelets are lighting up. We are all marketing pawns now... Phil Spencer is on the stage. "It's an honor to be with you today." He thanks the fans. He recognizes the developers. He promises to showcase "games" today. You don't say! Today will be all about games. Nothing else.

(9:28) Apparently Cinder was also announced for Killer Instinct. I didn't see that on the trailer. Hmm.

(9:26) As we get closer to showtime, wi-fi is starting to slow. Hopefully it holds. We'll see. Fingers crossed!

(9:24) Just about five minutes until showtime. Thanks for tuning into the live blog. Just be sure to refresh the page to get detailed updates from the show! Follow my twitter feed @GameGuyPgh for pictures from the venue. I'm also responding to questions on there.

(9:21) Less than 10 minutes to go. Celebs on the screen talking about how they love games. Microsoft flexing its power. Happy Wars is coming to Xbox One. It's said that there will be new characters and new gameplay. Xbox 360 content will transfer over to Xbox One version.

(9:20) Hyrb interviewing Black Tusk right now. They're chatting about the new Gears. No details. Just fluff.

(9:18) The mobile craze Threes! is coming to Xbox One. The creator said that you'll be able to play Threes while you watch Netflix or other programing. Um, I can do that now with my phone.

(9:16) This is still part of the pre-show. There's stuff going on on the screen. We're all waiting for the actual show to start. Should start in a little under 15 minutes.

(9:15) TJ Combo announced for Killer Instinct. A trailer was just shown showing some of his combos and moves. Looks awesome.

(9:13) Wi-Fi is slowing! Oh no. May have to switch to mobile network, but that usually crumbles under the pressure, too. Will keep you posted.

(9:09) Now there's a demo going on of the new Achievement tracking. You can snap in Achievements so you can track progress and see how close you are from unlocking them. That's pretty neat for Achievement hunters.

(9:07) Hyrb chatting with Alex Rigopulos of Harmonix onscreen right now. There's some awkward chatting going on right now. It really is like a red carpet outside of an awards show.

(9:03) TONS of PR speak right now, hyping up Forza. "Open world," "digital playground," etc. It's like a pre-oscar show right now. Larry Hyrb = Ryan Seacrest, currently.

(9:02) Major Nelson is now chatting about Forza Horizon 2 from outside the Galen Center. They're showing off some of the Forza cars that they brought to the show to show off.

(9:00) 30 minutes away from the start of the show. Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb is on a screen chatting to Phil Spencer and hyping up the crowd. Be sure to simply refresh the page to get live updates from the liveblog!

(8:56) Chvches is pumping through the Galen Center sound system right now. People are filing in, waiting for the show to begin. Wi-Fi is going strong for me (knock on wood). Some others are unable to join the network. Microsoft promised to have "robust wi-fi," so we'll see.

(8:52) We are in our seats at the Galen Center Arena on the USC campus, waiting for Microsoft to take the stage. Music is pumping through the arena. A giant Xbox logo is on the stage.

Microsoft’s E3 2014 press conference will begin at 12 p.m. EST (9 a.m. PST). Check back here at that time for a live blog of the event that will include all the announcements and impressions live from the Galen Center in Los Angeles.

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