'Murdered: Soul Suspect' looks to provide a break from the gaming norm - PREVIEW

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MurderedCoverGames being shown from the big named publishers at PAX East are easily categorized: shooter, RPG, MMO, Fighting game, etc. Then come Square Enix and Airtight Games with “Murdered: Soul Suspect”; an experience so unique that it becomes difficult to class.

What appears to be a third-person action game quickly becomes a unique puzzle-based, supernatural crime drama that seemingly draws inspirations from “L.A. Noire.”

The action follows Ronan O'Connor, a skilled detective in present day Salem, Massachusetts who is killed when pursuing a suspect. His journey begins when his soul is stuck in limbo. It’s up to him to solve his own murder mystery.

The gameplay shown was two-fold. Ronin must get to a point of interest within a contained area. Being a ghost has its advantages, like being able to travel through walls. Evil demons patrol the areas like guards trying to absorb Ronin’s soul. He can choose to avoid them, or sneak behind them to eliminate the threat.

The demo consisted of Ronin attempting to enter the crime scene of his murder. Once there, he has to search the area for potential clues by examining evidence. The player must use these clues to piece together the truth of the crime scene, pointing Ronin towards the next step of his journey.

“Murdered: Soul Suspect” is driven by plot. There isn’t a leveling system, or unlockable abilities. Solving crimes uncovers more of that plot. The game will have optional side quests that provide more insight in the lives of the characters.

Putting the pieces of a crime scene together was a refreshing change of pace on the PAX East showroom floor. “Murdered: Soul Suspect” will be available in North America on 6/3 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC.







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