PS4 'Share' improvements are on the way

Wednesday, 19 March 2014 11:26 AM Written by 

PlayStation 4 with controller and sensorSony announced today a future update that will bring new and improved features to the PS4’s sharing capabilities. The blog post laid out plans to change the system’s current HDCP settings, the ability to archive game streams, and more.

The PS4’s HDCP settings have been a common complaint since its release. These settings make it impossible to game capture using proprietary hardware, like the popular Elgato Game Capturer. The update will add the option to disable these HDCP settings.


The update will also add a video editor for saved video clips. Currently, 15-minute clips can be saved and uploaded to Facebook. The update will now allow clips to be saved to a USB drive. This feature will allow video clips to be saved locally, or uploaded to other services like YouTube.


Improvements to the system's integrated Twitch and Ustream functionality will also be a part of the update. Resolution will be bumped up to 720p. Twitch broadcasts from the PS4 will be archived, which was another heavily requested feature.

There is no release date for the update, but Sony promises more details in the coming weeks.















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