Crafting 'Fantasy Fantasy Football' on 'Madden 25'

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M25The 2013 NFL season is about to come to a close. The end of a season is always bittersweet. Football is a bonding experience among my circle of friends. It’s an excuse to get together, catch up on each other's lives, and watch our favorite sport in the process. Fantasy Football added friendly (or sometimes unfriendly) competition into the mix. But now the season is all but over.

Now what are football fans supposed to do? Do we wait until fall of 2014 for the next season to arrive? Faced with that horrifying possibility, I came up with the idea of Fantasy Fantasy Football. This is a new season of Fantasy Football that has a league of friends, and a draft, and everything else that goes along with a Fantasy Football league. But instead of watching pro games on Sunday, the games are simulated in “Madden 25.”


How it works

Here are the requirements to start a Fantasy Fantasy Football league: a copy of “Madden 25,” a group of friends, and a streamable console (optional). My main Fantasy Football league is a 12-person league that consists of close friends. Fortunately, they are all onboard with the idea. Since this is the first season if its kind, which could lead to some hiccups, there’s no money involved. The winner will receive a trophy. Participants need something to play for. Otherwise, there’s little reason to participate if someone has a rough start. If everything runs smoothly, and I’m able to work out any kinks, next year may involve a cash prize. I’m sure this falls under the umbrella of “degenerate gambling.”


The draft

A draft is held, which kicks off every Fantasy Football season. The draft is open to all players in the NFL. The league rosters will be “Madden 25’s” most up-to-date team rosters. Using default “Madden 25” rosters would cause too many inconsistencies in the draft. For example, someone may draft Nick Foles of the Philadelphia Eagles, but the default “Madden 25” roster starts Michael Vick at QB.

Fantasy rosters will be the typical format of one quarterback, two wide receivers, two running backs, a tight end, a flex position, a kicker, a defense, plus a bench. During the draft, I’ll keep individual spreadsheets for each fantasy team roster. That document will be shared with the individual who owns the team.

Immediately following the draft, I’ll put together a season schedule for each fantasy team, plus a plan for getting into the playoffs.


The season

Once the draft is complete, I’ll start a new “Madden 25” season as a coach. It has to be as a coach, and not as a player. Some settings need to be in place before launching a season. Quarters will be the full length of 15 minutes. Injuries must be turned off. Trades must be disabled. These are important because of the weekly primetime game. More on what the primetime game is later.

Each team owner will set his or her lineups accordingly in their Google spreadsheets, which I’ll be able to see. Once they’re set, I’ll simulate each game for that week within the “Madden 25” season. I’ll then check the stats of each game, and total out the points for each Fantasy team. Scoring will be the standard Fantasy format according to ESPN.


The primetime game

Each week, I’ll update the team owners with the NFL schedule for that week. Before the week starts, the league will vote on the best “Madden 25” matchup of that week. That game will be deemed as the primetime game. The primetime game will be streamed on Twitch. Streaming the game makes it possible for the team owners to meet up (in person, or online) and watch the game. The primetime game is a must since this whole idea was made in the name of hanging out with friends.

The primetime game is why injuries and trades have to be disabled for the season. In a season of “Madden 25,” only games that involve your team can be watched. So in order to stream a random game, the game has to be simulated as an exhibition match. If a key player gets traded in the middle of my saved season, that won’t be reflected in an exhibition game. The teams can’t deviate from their original rosters.


So that’s the idea for Fantasy Fantasy Football in a nutshell. I’ve done some research by checking out the “Madden 25” settings, and it looks like this will be doable. The draft will likely take place the week after the Super Bowl. I’ll keep a running journal each week to give you an update on how everything is going, league standings, and any other useful information about the league’s organization. I’m hoping this will turn into a wonderful thing. Feel free to shoot me any questions about the league on Twitter @GameGuyPGH.


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