Wish List for the Xbox One and PS4

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Tis the season for wish lists! I thought I’d channel my inner holiday spirit with a wish list of my own targeted at the Xbox One and PS4. The dust is starting to settle from these consoles’ arrivals, and their total packages leave some things to be desired. Here’s my wish list of improvements and additional features for Sony and Microsoft’s brand new systems.


Xbox One - A New UI

The Xbox One’s UI just has to kick off the wish list. It’s probably my biggest complaint for either system. The X1 needs a revamped UI, preferably making it faster and more intuitive.

With the current UI, every sub menu is its own app, which opens itself over whatever it is you’re doing. So, if I’m playing “Killer Instinct” will TV is snapped-in and I want to join a party, the party app will open itself over the TV app. If I want to check my friends list, the “friends” app will open over “Killer Instinct.” Even the settings menu opens itself over the main screen. Everything is intrusive.

Its intrusive nature is just the beginning of the problem. With all these apps opening and closing, the system gets noticeably slower as it tries to handle all these processes. Dear Microsoft, The Xbox One is in need of a streamlined interface.



Xbox One & PS4 – Spotify access

I want to write Sony and Microsoft a letter telling them that I’m never going to subscribe to Music Unlimited or Xbox Music. I already subscribe to Spotify, and I refuse to pay for two music streaming services. I imagine that I’m not alone here. I’m sure - at the very least - other users stick with similar services like premium versions of Last.FM or Pandora.

Dear Sony and Microsoft, the X1 and PS4 need music freedom. It would be extra awesome if these other services could be used to listen to music over a game, but let’s not get carried away so quickly. Baby steps.


Xbox One - Mobile Access to Kinect

The X1 is always in an “on” state if it’s kept on standby, meaning it’s always connected to the internet. And every X1 has the ultra-powerful Kinect connected to it. Why not give owners mobile access to the Kinect so we can check out our living rooms while we’re away. Microsoft can add “security device” to the long list of marketable uses for an X1.

Alright, I’ll come clean. I just want to see what my dog does all day while I’m away. Please make this happen, Microsoft.


Xbox One and PS4 - Bigger Hard Drive

The future apparently means installing every game to the hard drive if we want to play it. Both systems have mandatory game installs. I don’t have a problem with that, but I do have a problem with all that data hogging up my relatively small hard drive. The PS4 only has about 400 Gb of free space out of the box. With all the games I’ve played, I have less than 100 Gb left.

These systems need bigger hard drives, or at least the ability to connect an external hard drive. Please just give us that, Sony and Microsoft.


PS4 - Longer Dualshock 4 battery life

I was never a fan of the Dualshock 3, but I will say that thing lasted forever on a full charge. I prefer the design of the Dualshock 4, but the battery life is a fraction of its predecessor’s. The PS4’s new controller has only a 1000 mAH internal battery. That’s just not cutting it. Please include a better battery, Sony. Other than that, nice work on the design.



Xbox One - The Old Party Chat

My favorite feature of the last console generation was the Xbox 360’s party chat ability. Microsoft didn’t need to do anything to improve that. It was fine as it was. They just needed to copy the functionality, and everything would’ve been fine. Instead they tried to make improvements, which apparently ruined everything.

Under the new party chat regime, party members cannot play different games online. Every member has to be a part of the same game.

Please bring back the old party chat system, Microsoft. There wasn’t anything wrong with it.



Xbox One - Snap Audio Balance

The X1’s killer app is its ability to display two things at once. I can now watch Sunday football, while playing “Peggle 2.” The future is indeed bright!

Unfortunately, there’s no way to balance the audio. If I’m playing something story-driven, it’ll get drowned out by Aaron Rodger’s snapcount. So all I end up hearing is, “GREEN NINETEEEEEEEN, GREEN NINETEEN!”

This doesn’t seem like something I should have to ask for. It seems like more of a no-brainer. Please, Microsoft, add that feature with a quick and simple update.


PS4 – Games

I like the PS4 a lot. I really do. I just need more games to play on it. I’ve exhausted “Resogun,” “Killzone: Shadowfall,” and (shudder) “Knack.” I need something else. Sure, there are plenty of third party games for the system, but they lack the excitement of an exclusive title that can only be played on a specific system.

Dear Sony, please give us more games.


Xbox One - DVR Integration

The X1 can communicate with your cable box. The X1 has a hard drive. The X1 can record game footage. So, the X1 can act as a cable DVR, right?? Nope!

All the pieces are here for the X1 to be a replacement for a cable box. I’m tired of shelling out monthly payments for a Verizon-branded DVR. I could go to a store and buy a TiVo box to replace the cable box that acts as a DVR. So, why can’t my X1 do that?

Dear Microsoft, if you want to call the Xbox One an all-in-one entertainment device, it looks pretty silly for it to be reliant on a crummy cable box. Please add DVR integration, Microsoft, or at least OnDemand.



A clone so I can play both systems at the same time

OK, I pointed out a lot of shortcomings that the X1 and PS4 suffer from, but the truth is that I actually like both consoles a lot. So they aren’t perfect. What is? They will continue to improve throughout the years, and hopefully the above requests will be a part of an update in the not-too-distant future.

My last wish is to have the ability to play both at the same time so I may digest all of their combined fun.

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