'Resogun' is the best launch exclusive for the PS4 - review

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RESOGUN - Logo 1384194559The next-gen has its version of “Geometry Wars,” and it’s called “Resogun” for the PS4. Developed by Housemarque, “Resogun” is one of three launch exclusives for Sony’s new home console. It may be a small downloadable title that’s free for PlayStation Plus subscribers, but that doesn’t hold it back from being the best of the three.

The game is a side-to-side shooter. The left stick is used for movement, while pressing left or right on the right stick handles primary fire. Rather than the conventional left-to-right level progression of horizontal shooters, these levels take place along the outside of a circular loop. A set number of enemies must be defeated to advance to the next phase, or to complete the level.

Primary fire isn’t the only weapon. Ships are equipped with bombs that destroy everything on the screen, but only a limited amount can be carried. Overdrive, the other form of offense, shoots a powerful, concentrated stream in either direction. This attack can be charged by defeating enemy ships.

The dash function is best used when situations get dicey. The dash allows the ship to get out of dodge quickly, while protecting itself with a shield along the way. This maneuver needs time to recharge.

The goals of “Resogun” are three-fold. The primary objective is to stay alive. Saving humans is second on the list. Eliminating green enemies will release captive humans that you’ll need to fetch and save. Saving humans grants points, extra lives, or additional shields. The final goal is to set a respectable high score.

Each level is split into three phases. The final phase ends with a huge boss battle. Bosses have weaknesses that have to be hit in order to achieve victory.

“Resogun” starts easy, but the training wheels quickly come off. It only takes one shot or collision with an enemy to take down your ship, so the game becomes a tense test of reflexes.

There are only five levels, which is a bit of a disappointment. You may run out of content just as soon as you start to master the gameplay. From there, the only option is to switch ships that have different attributes, or increase the difficulty.

Games of this nature are appealing in their accessibility. Even a novice can sit down and enjoy thanks to the easy-to-digest control scheme. The description may not make it seem like a good game to showcase the power of the PS4, but “Resogun’s” look really pops. There are thousands of particle and lighting effects happening on the screen in the later levels whether it’s your attacks, enemy ships, enemy fire, or a nearby explosion. All of this is displayed through vivid neon colors. The screen gets so busy, it’s sometimes difficult to see where the enemy fire is.

Online co-op is thrown in as a nice bonus. Going to war with enemy ships alongside a friend is even more fun than going it solo.

“Resogun” is the perfect first title to give away to PS Plus members on the PS4. It shows that a game doesn’t need to be a triple-A release to shine on new hardware.


9 out of 10

Ceres  12 1384194599



RESOGUN - PS4 - 0155 1382354170




Fast-paced action

Vivid color scheme

Unique take on horizontal shooters




Only five levels


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