Xbox One game power rankings

Friday, 08 November 2013 11:00 AM Written by 

A wave of Xbox One game previews hit the web this week. The impressions from the big gaming websites ranged from glowing to scathing, depending on the game in question.

With all the different sites, content, and opinions out there, figuring out which games are going to be worth the dough is a daunting task. I attempted to simplify the process by aggregating all the previews I could find to form a system similar to Metacritic for the Xbox One’s upcoming games. Here’s how the system works:

  • A game that received a positive preview was given a score of 100
  • A game that received a mixed preview was given a score of 50
  • A game that received a negative preview was given a score of 0
  • These scores from the various outlets are averaged to give the game its final score out of 100 points.
  • Games must have previews from three different outlets to be eligible

Here’s how the games scored in order from best to worst.


Forza Motorsport 5 
     Score - 94


9 previews

Ars TechnicaIGNPolygonGame InformerCNETKotakuDestructoidJoystiqGameSpot


Dead Rising 3
     Score - 93


7 previews

Ars TechnicaIGNPolygonGame InformerJoystiqDestructoidKotaku


Peggle 2
     Score - 83


3 previews

Ars TechnicaIGNDestructoid


Zoo Tycoon
     Score - 83


3 previews

Ars TechnicaPolygonShacknews


Crimson Dragon 
     Score - 75


6 previews

Ars TechnicaIGNPolygonGame InformerGameSpotDestructoid


Killer Instinct
     Score - 75


4 previews

Ars TechnicaIGNPolygonGame Informer


Kinect Sports Rivals
     Score - 67


3 previews

Ars TechnicaPolygonKotaku


Ryse: Son of Rome
     Score - 25


8 previews

Ars TechnicaIGNPolygonJoystiqDestructoidKotakuGame InformerGameSpot


     Score - 17


3 previews

Ars TechnicaIGNJoystiq


So there you have it. How did your most anticipated games fare? Sound off in the comments or on twitter @GameGuyPGH. 




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