'Guacamelee' DLC Review - El Diablo's Domain

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“Guacamelee” was a sleeper hit when it came to the PS3 and the Vita in April. Needless to say I was excited to hear that the platforming beat ‘em up was set to receive DLC called “El Diablo’s Domain.” Unfortunately, this additional content adds little to the overall “Guacamelee” package. It’s repetitive, uninspired, punishing, but – for some reason – I couldn’t put it down.

“El Diablo’s Domain” is a set of 15 challenge trials, which seems to be the go-to idea for DLC when original ideas are sparse (See “DisHonored’s” Dunwall City Trials). Juan Aguacate must travel to the depths of hell for no particular reason other than to see what’s going on down there. After speaking with the various damned souls that are slaving away, he finds the bureaucratic law offices of Hades. These offices contain 15 challenge rooms of varying difficulty.

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Some require traversing across various obstacles within a set time, and others involve proving yourself in battle. The latter challenges often involve some sort of handicap. For example, some don’t allow you to be hit, or others disable your ability to grab enemies.

Completing the chambers earn medals based on your performance. Just completing the tasks yields a bronze medal, and silver and gold medals can be earned by completing the challenges with faster times or reaching a higher combo number.

Earning medals unlocks new skins for Juan, which have attribute bonuses that come with a cost. The Alebrije skin deals more damage, but also receives more damage. Including these skins as unlockables and not as additional paid DLC is a nice bonus.  

I expected a better experience from the game that brought fresh and fun style with addictive gameplay. This format of DLC is as generic as it gets even for the cheap asking price of $2.99. Having said this, I did feel compelled to power through to the end. If you’re  competitive in nature, chances are you’ll have a similar experience. “El Diablo’s Domain” feels more like a homework assignment than a game that captivates naturally. It doesn’t take away from the game’s initial brilliance, but even big “Guacamelee” fans can skip it.

7 out of 10


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