'South Park: The Stick of Truth' combines a deep RPG with Comedy - E3 Preview

Wednesday, 19 June 2013 12:18 AM Written by 

“South Park: The Stick of Truth” is much more than just a comedy game than, say, “Chef’s Luv Shack” or “South Park” for N64. The theater demo at Ubisoft’s E3 booth showed a surprisingly deep RPG that looks exactly like you’re playing a South Park Episode.

You play as the new kid. From the looks of things, anarchy has taken over in the halls of South Park Elementary. The students have been split into two factions: one led by Kyle and the other led by Cartman. The new kid has the power to fart at will, making him a powerful ally. In the midst of this battle, the new kid is on the personal quest to “be cool.”

Gameplay in “The Stick of Truth” looks like a combination of arena battles and real-time combat. Using strategy when you encounter enemies can work to your advantage. When moving freely, you can spot enemies in the area. Using the environment like hanging lights or electrical wires can take out these enemies without having to battle. You’ll also need the correct objects in your inventory in order to pull off these kills.

If you don’t have the proper objects to take out your enemies, they will engage you within the battle area. Arena combat is turned base. It requires a lot more than a 10-minute presentation to understand a RPG battle system, but it looks like it matches the depth of any other mainstream RPG based on the few battles I witnessed. Characters will have signature attacks, and the animations that go along with them look hilarious. The new kid and Cartman battled in a clash of farts at one point.

The story will have elements of choice, a lynchpin of any solid RPG. The demonstration showed the new kid having to choose to face Cartman or Kyle, creating a different experience for each player.

I trust Obsidian in creating a solid RPG. Being set in the South Park universe, it looks to be a hilarious and unique RPG among the landscape of fantasy and sci-fi. Look out for “The Stick of Truth” on the current gen and PC before the end of 2013.






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