'Fantasia: Music Evolved' is the next step in music genre - E3 Preview

Monday, 17 June 2013 11:22 PM Written by 

Harmonix is onto the next big thing in the music genre, and it’s “Fantasia: Music Evolved.” Creating a powerhouse partnership with Disney and their massive catalog of content, this could be a huge craze going into the next console generation.

“Fantasia” doesn’t follow the conventional music game formula like “Rock Band” or “Dance Central.” This game brings a completely new approach to the interactive music game by adding creation to its basic principle.

This Kinect game is about creating music and imagery. Gestures similar to that of an orchestra conductor begins the sound and animation. Different rhythms or a rise in sound require different gestures. On-screen cues show what gestures are needed.

Partway through the music, the player has the option to alter the music with different instruments. Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” was demoed, and the option to turn the rock opera into a string-heavy rendition presented itself. Other options were percussion or brass.

These changes can happen multiple times throughout any song, creating the opportunity for different experiences each time. They also give the player the sensation of creating the music.

“Fantasia” has a strong emphasis on story progression. The area known as “The Shoal” is presented as a barron ocean floor. Completing songs unlock tunes to bring the area to life. Once the songs in the area have been completed, the tune is played as a mashup of all the songs.

“Fantasia: Music Evolved” has no shortage of ambition, which is exactly what the music genre needed. It will be available next year for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.






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