'Resident Evil 6' hands-on preview

Friday, 08 June 2012 12:52 PM Written by 

I was shown a 15 minute demo and played an early level of the much-anticipated "Resident Evil 6." Capcom and company are trying out some new ambitious ideas. They're keeping the co-op gameplay from "Resident Evil 5" but expanding on it.

The story mode will feature three separate story arcs within the same storyline. Each arc will star a different duo. At various times throughout the story, duos may meet or even be split. When these teams meet you will be paired with another team of two, if playing online, who is at the exact same point in the story in another arc. This turns the two player co-op into four-player co-op. Team work will be essential because if one player dies, all players must restart from the previous checkpoint.

An event in the story could cause partners to become separated or call for teammates to be temporarily swapped, meaning your friend could be paired with a different teammate for a short time until the teams are able to meet up again. Chat functionality when these team changes occur is still being tweaked.

Some key gameplay elements have changed in "RE6," as well. Inventory is managed in real-time, so no more pausing the action to check your belongings. A new dodge mechanic was shown. Each character can dodge by rolling, but can then shoot while on his or her back. You can slowly move by crawling while in this position.

Judging by the gameplay shown, horror seems to play a lesser roll than in previous "Resident Evil" titles. The series is stepping closer towards all-out action. 

Game director, Eiichiro Sasaki promises very different experiences from all three story archs.

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