Video Games' Most Memorable Foods

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Thanksgiving is a time for feasting, family and fun with an emphasis on the feast.  But feasting has played a significant role in video games too.  So in honor of Turkey Day 2011, I thought I’d take the opportunity to compose a list of the most memorable video game foods.  Enjoy this extra delicious piece of journalism on your holiday.


Super Mario Bros.

Let’s start this list with video game’s most beloved and most essential power-up: the mushroom.  This trippy little piece of fungus makes Mario big, plus gives him the ability to duck (as if I needed to explain what the mushroom does).  The mushroom is so engrained in video game culture; I barely look at it as a piece of food anymore.  But technically this is still part of the second tier of the nutritional pyramid.


Donkey Kong Country

Floating bananas are everywhere in Donkey Kong Country, and like any gorilla Donkey Kong loves them.  He doesn’t really eat them, but rather collects them.  And getting 100 earns an extra Donkey Kong for some reason.  Why is he about to punch those bananas in the back in that picture??


Streets of Rage

It’s a feeling of elation getting beaten around in the beat ‘em up Street of Rage, thento come across a delicious whole chicken inside a trashcan you destroyed.  The chicken gives you the most health out of any of the foods in the game.  Bosses even prepare them for you after you defeat them.  What nice people they are.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

While on the topic of beat ‘em ups, who can forget the pizza in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade machine?  Like the chicken in Streets of Rage, the pizza yields the most health out of any of the power ups.  The hard part is deciding which player gets to eat it.  If you’ve played the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game, chances are you yelled at someone for eating the pizza when they didn’t need it.



Food is an essential part of the gameplay in the original Gauntlet. You have to decide who gets the food and make sure not to shoot it.  The narrator even tells you, “Don’t shoot the food.”  That’s why it’s so aggravating when someone does.  I adopted the classic Gauntlet saying, “Warrior needs food – badly” for everyday use.  Most of the time, nobody gets the reference.


Elder Scrolls series

Who doesn’t enjoy a good drink of mead?  Whether you’re stealing bottles from bars, earning them in a quest, or just getting handed one from a drifter on a trail, mead is all over the worlds of Elder Scrolls especially in Skyrim. Usually they just take up space in my inventory, but it feels irresponsible to just drop them.  You never know when you’ll want to chill out and have a drink.


Anything and Anybody
Kirby’s Dream Land

Kirby has a clear M.O.  It’s to eat.  He eats any enemy in his path in a cruel and disgusting show of cannibalism.  If that wasn’t enough he mocks his fallen foes by stealing their abilities.  And Kirby comes off like such an innocent ball of air.



Like Kirby, Pac-Man also loves to gnosh.  He prefers pixilated dots and the occasional fruit or pretzel.  If you’re one of the ghosts that stalks Pac-Man, watch your back if he gets a hold of the big dot.  Then you’ll become his next food of choice.


Pep Bar

There’s no pick-me-up like the one Pep Bars provide between getting attacked by murderous splicers in the world of Rapture.  Pep Bars are lying all over place in this dystopia.  If they were any good, wouldn’t they have been eaten already?


So there you have it; gaming’s best and most memorable food items.  Happy Thanksgiving, all!

What did I miss?  Are there any morsels that you remember from video games that didn’t make the list?


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