This Week in Gaming News - Labor Day Edition

Thursday, 08 September 2011 12:30 AM Written by 

The upcoming massive fall season of video games hasn’t quite taken off, but Deus Ex did bring an end to the summer drought.  There hasn’t been a ton of games to play other than the usual end-of-summer sports titles like NCAA, Madden, and NHL. Rather than AAA games to play we’ll have to settle for headlines until Gears of War 3 hits shelves in two weeks.

Nintendo’s 3DS Second Thumb-Stick Attachment

IGN is reporting that Nintendo is working on what is being called a hardware “expansion.”  Judging by pictures, the expansion will slip onto the back of the 3DS causing an extended right side of handheld, which will have a second thumb-pad.

This isn’t a 3DS Lite, but a system redesign shouldn’t be too far away.  I doubt Nintendo expects every 3DS owner to buy this expansion after already spending money on the system itself.

No details yet on price and release date or what the software integration will entail.

Quick Thought: I wish Nintendo would thoroughly test and build a product before they release it.  Do we really want a redesign in less than a year since the 3DS release?  Who do they think they are, Apple?


Halo 4 Creative Director Leaves Team

Kotaku reported yesterday that Creative Director for Halo 4, Ryan Payton, has left 343 Studios citing creative differences.  Payton states that he, “wasn’t creatively excited about the project anymore.”  Payton stressed that this doesn’t mean he thinks that Halo 4 won’t be good.

Halo 4 is still a long way away, but directors jumping ship halfway through development is usually a bad sign.

Microsoft released a statement wishing Payton the best in his future endeavors. 


Those were the two big stories this week.  There should be a review of the new Kinect title Gunstringer early next week.  After that, I’ll be in full Gears of War 3 mode.


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