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If someone were to tell you that Square Enix Montreal was releasing a new game in the “Hitman” series for iOS, the expected outcome would likely be a watered down stealth experience that was a cheap imitation of the core games in the series. The actual outcome couldn’t be further from the truth.


Rather than creating the typical mobile fare described above, the team crafted a fresh new take on the puzzle genre and wrapped it in a “Hitman” skin. “Hitman GO” transforms the series into a board game. Agent 47 is now a figurine on a gorgeously realized game board, as are the many guards that he must avoid or eliminate.

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The LAN party is alive and well in Pittsburgh. Carnegie Mellon University eSports and Online Game Society (OGS) are teaming up to put together Steel City LAN, a one-day event that will celebrate local competitive gaming.


Being held Friday, April 18 at the Rangos Ballroom in CMU’s University Center, Steel City LAN is expected to host over 200 eager gamers who are ready to compete. The event will have tournaments for popular games like “League of Legends,” “Dota 2,” “StarCraft II,” “Super Smash Bros. Melee,” “Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3,” among others.

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BorderlandsPrecoverWith two “Borderlands” games in the bag for 2K Games, the gameplay of the third game should be easily predicted. There will be guns, there will be looting and there will be comedy. But 2K Australia, along with some help from Gearbox, look to be shaking up the formula in the series’ third installment.

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MurderedCoverGames being shown from the big named publishers at PAX East are easily categorized: shooter, RPG, MMO, Fighting game, etc. Then come Square Enix and Airtight Games with “Murdered: Soul Suspect”; an experience so unique that it becomes difficult to class.

What appears to be a third-person action game quickly becomes a unique puzzle-based, supernatural crime drama that seemingly draws inspirations from “L.A. Noire.”

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EvilWithin“The Evil Within” appeared to be the resurgence of the true horror genre when it was shown at E3 2013. The genre that has been carried by strong indie titles had not had a high profile game that brought true scares in some time. More of Tango Gamesworks’ creation was shown at PAX East 2014, and what was on display looked like a “Resident Evil 6” clone that had been stripped of its horror roots.


An essential in any horror game is establishing a frightening ambiance, and a main character who is terrified to be there. That character’s fear is transferred to the player with every gasp and elevated heartbeat, much like Sandra Bullock tumbling out of control and gasping for air in “Gravity.” “The Evil Within” fails conclusively in pulling this off.

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