Tony Finale: theater and baseball, tie game on stage

Sunday, 10 June 2012 11:28 PM Written by 

I was rooting for Audra McDonald just on general principles, as I have ever since I met her backstage at what I think was her first Broadway show, "Carousel" at Lincoln Center -- where she also won a Tony. I think "Porgy" now gives her 5 Tonys out of 6 nominations. I can't check that, because iBdb isn't responding, presumably because of post-Tonys traffic; anyway, it's an astonishing rate, sort of like the Pirates scoring 5 runs on 6 hits the other night.

Apologies for the late appearance of all these posts, which stacked up unposted for a while. I think I lost a couple, too, until I fugured out the glitch. Eventually I got caught up closer to real time, but then the post before this didn't even post until I gave it a post-show kick in the arse. And then I decided to watch the sports news and ended up with the Reds-Tigers game, rooting for the Tigers to put the Pirates in first place, even if only for a bit. And they did!

But back to the Tonys, where I eked out a 13-13 tie, and there are no extra innings. The predictable best musical win for "Once" (so predictable that I predicted it) saved me from total embarassment, getting me back to .500 (to continue the baseball analogy). Pretty bad. I guess my wheels are getting rusty. Obviously one problem is that I didn't see "Once" and thus couldn't imagine that it would win those design awards I missed.

I loved Neil Patrick Harris' final song, playing with the whole time deadline business. Theater may not measure up to film, TV, pop music and who knows what other pop/arts realms, not commercially, but it beats them in wry. Ham on Wry, as we used to say.

See you next year. By then I expect to have a decent laptop, so I can actually blog in front of the TV and do it right, instead of running across the hall to my home office.

Next week I'm in Chicago for the American Theatre Critics Association annual conference. If all goes well I'll be posting from there.

-- Chris Rawson

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