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Tomorrow morning's "In the Wings" column will be my last, announcing that I've taken the PG's generous buyout offer, ending my 25+ year run as PG theater editor and critic. But I want to stress that I won't disappear. My arrangement with the PG is that I'll continue this (so far, often dormant) online journal, where I intend to write about whatever I encounter, theater-wise. And I hope to do one in-print review per week.

That's just about all the regular involvement I want, because I'll also be finishing my book on August Wilson, continuing the PG theater trips, chairing the American Theater Critics Association, serving on the boards of "Best Plays" and the Theater Hall of Fame and teaching part-time at Pitt. I'll still be going to lots of theater in Pittsburgh, maybe even at some theaters I haven't been able to get to in recent years.

For the foreseeable future I'll retain my PG email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), so I hope theaters will keep sending me press releases, items for my online journal, etc. But they should ALSO send all listings info to the long-time stage listings editor, Rosa Colucci ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). And until the PG decides who will now supervise the theater beat, press releases should also go to Arts & Entertainment editor Sharon Eberson ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

Looking Forward

The coolest item in tomorrow's column is the birth announcement of Jack Harrison Bingham, born Dec. 1 to actors Tony Bingham and Dana Hardy. (Here's the happy threesome!)

Tony is currently in "The Goat" at Playhouse Rep. Indeed, he'd just become a father the day before I saw that show, which makes it remarkable that he was even on stage.

Dana had been performing until a couple of weeks ago in the late-night "Chicks with Dicks" at Bricolage, in the Cultural District, when she was replaced (as had been planned) by Bridget Carey.

But when "Chicks" was extended a couple of weeks, it ran into another conflict: Jason Planitzer, very funny as a member of the biker chicks gang, was also due to open in "Dublin Carol" at PICT, in Oakland. So I emailed Bricolage's Tami Dixon to find out who had replaced him. No one, it turns out. She replied:

"Jason is doing double duty. He leaves ‘Dublin Carol' at about 9:45. We've clocked his drive time at 9 minutes from PICT to Bricolage. I have a secret parking space blocked off for him and we keep tabs through text messaging. At the high sign I remove the cones blocking his parking space, he rolls into the back door of the theatre between 9:56-9:58, places is called as he's entering the dressing room and by the time he's suited up the Bad Snakes are ready to make their entrance. We cross our fingers every night."

Ain't theater grand!

By the way, the bands at the final two "Chicks" performances this weekend are The Motorpsychos (Friday) and Science Fiction Idols (Saturday).


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