Weekly Menu for the Week of November 28

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Welcome to my weekly menu!

I am still in a food coma ... moving very slowly! I thought it best to keep things on the lighter side this week after feasting on Thanksgiving and of course all of the nibbles and picks at the leftovers all weekend long!! Meatless Monday will feature fish that is combined with creamed spinach and buttery crackers - chicken is a perfect substitute. We are also going to hold onto Fall and Harvest time a little longer with Harvest Blend Pork Chops - this is such a wonderful fall dish. Full of amazing flavors. The combination of dried fruit, chicken broth and onion is perfectly paired with pork chops.

Our pasta this week is Pasta Carbonara - this recipe was passed to me by a friend from high school. It is simple, quick and delicious! Everyone in the family will enjoy! Many people love the popular Chinese Take-out dish General Tso's Chicken - did you know that it is really quick and easy to make when you skip the breading and frying and simply stir-fry the chicken???? Ohhh - and it is much healthier! Check out the recipe below on Thursday - you will be very happy you did!

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Follow the plan so you can save time, money, and a few calories! Remember – cooking our own food is healthier than ordering in and eating out any day!!! Your family, wallet and waistline will thank you!

I hope you all enjoy your week, the recipes and the savings!


Fish Florentine
Brown Rice

Fish Florentine – (adapted from Southern Living)

4 (6 oz.) cod fillets or other firm white fish
2 boxes of frozen creamed spinach, thawed
½ C. of crushed buttery crackers (Ritz or Club)
1/3 C. of parmesan cheese

Preheat oven to 400˚

Place fish in a lightly greased 9x13 baking dish. Top the fillets with the spinach soufflé. Combine the crushed crackers and the cheese. Sprinkle evenly over the spinach. Bake, uncovered, for 25 minutes or until the fish flakes easily with a fork.

****If using chicken: substitute 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Pound the chicken prior to placing it in the baking dish. Follow the rest of the recipe above. Because you are pounding out the chicken the baking time should be the same.


Harvest Blend Pork Chops
Sugar Snap Peas

Harvest Blend Pork Chops – adapted from Southern Living

4 Boneless pork chops 1/2 inch thick
1/4 teaspoon Salt
1/4 teaspoon Pepper
1 tablespoon Canola Oil
1/2 Medium onion chopped
1 cup Chicken broth
1 - 7 oz. Pkg of dried mixed fruit (Harvest Blend – a combination of dried fruit with cherries and apples – if you cannot find this particular blend substitute to your liking)

Sprinkle both sides of the pork chops with salt and pepper. Heat the oil in a large skillet and cook the pork chops over medium-high heat until lightly browned on each side. Remove from pan and set aside.

Add onion to the pan and cook for about a minute stirring constantly. Add broth and fruit to the skillet. Cook 1 minute and stir to loosen the browned bits from the skillet. Return the pork to the skillet and cook until the broth has evaporated.


Pasta Carbonara
Tossed Salad

Pasta Carbonara – adapted from About.com

1 lb. of spaghetti
¼ cup of heavy cream
4 eggs
½ lb. bacon, diced
1 t. of olive oil
2 T. of fresh parsley
Salt and pepper to taste – I always use Kosher or Sea Salt
¾ cup of pecorino-romano cheese or parmesan cheese

Cook the pasta according to its directions. While the pasta combine the eggs, cream, cheese and olive oil in a bowl and beat with a whisk until completely mixed.

Drain the pasta and return it to the pot. Toss with the egg and cream mixture. Add the chopped bacon (you will want to crisp this up a bit in a pan or the micro) and the chopped parsley. Serve right away with additional cheese if you want.


Stir-Fry General Tso's Chicken
Steamed Brown Rice
Steamed Broccoli

Stir-Fry General Tso's Chicken

1 lb. of boneless, skinless chicken breast cut into pieces
¾ cup of cornstarch
Canola Oil for frying
3 chopped green onions
1 T. minced fresh ginger
1 T. minced garlic
2/3 cup of chicken broth or stock
2 T. soy sauce
4 T. sugar
Red Pepper flakes to taste
1 T. sherry
1T. white vinegar

Place the chicken pieces in a large zip-lock bag. Add the cornstarch and shake until the chicken is thoroughly coated. Heat the oil in a wok or large non-stick skillet and stir-fry the chicken until it is cooked through – about 8 minutes – stirring constantly. Remove the chicken and set aside.

Heat an additional 3 T. of oil in the wok or skillet. Add green onions, ginger and garlic. Cook for about 2 minutes. DO NOT BURN THE GARLIC!!! Add the broth or stock, soy sauce, sugar, red pepper, and vinegar. Mix 2 T. of water and 1 T. of cornstarch and pour into the mixture stirring well. Add the chicken and coat evenly.


Take out!!!!

It is the holiday season right???? Give yourself a break, put on your favorite Christmas shows and enjoy the time with your family!

And now for the shopping list. As always, double check your pantry, fridge and freezer to see if you already have any of the items listed below. This will reduce your spending and create less waste! And NEVER shop without a plan!

Please check your local grocery for its weekly specials. Also, many of the items can be purchased at Costco or Sam's Club at great prices!

Medium onion
7 oz. pkg. of dried mixed fruit – Harvest Blend – a combo of dried fruit with apples and cherries
Green onions

Parmesan cheese

Canola oil
Chicken broth
Olive oil
Red pepper flakes
Cooking sherry
White vinegar

Canned Goods/Ethnic Foods/Dry Goods
Brown rice
Soy sauce

Seafood/Meat Case/Butcher
4 pieces of firm white fish – cod
4 ½" center cut pork chops
1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breasts

Frozen Foods
2 boxes of creamed spinach
Sugar snap peas

Heavy cream


Ritz or other buttery cracker

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