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This week's "Believe Your Ears" music podcast showcases Counterfeit Blues by veteran Canadian country-rocker Corb Lund and his band the Hurtin' Albertans, released on New West Records and recorded in the historic Sun studio in Memphis.

We also bid farewell to Allan Walton, the PG's retiring Assistant Managing Editor for Multimedia. This link takes you to the podcast.


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A Kittanning Saturday Night With Marty Stuart

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 04:00 PM Written by

Marty Stuart and his band the Fabulous Superlatives played to an enthusiastic crowd at the John P. Murtha Amphitheater at Riverfront Park in Kittanning on a warm but breezy Saturday night as part of the Arts on the Allegheny Series. Here's a bit about the concert...

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PG Music Podcast: A Tribute To Horace Silver

Thursday, 26 June 2014 07:12 AM Written by

This week's "Believe Your Ears" Music Podcast features a tribute to jazz pianist-composer-bandleader Horace Silver, one of the architects of the Hard Bop style of jazz. He died last Tuesday (June 18) at 85. The podcast features clips of some of his most enduring numbers.

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Luke Bryan Plays Defense

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 02:22 PM Written by

 Luke Bryan's Heinz Field concert is over, but controversy rages about mounds of garbage and revenue left behind, even if it was less than last year's Kenny Chesney debacle. Clearly a minority of slobs and knuckleheads again took early tailgaiting and beer-guzzling too far. I've seen a few commenters blame the music itself. That's nonsense.  Country's fan base evolved beyond rural America several decades ago.  I'm also unimpressed by bigoted comments typecasting all country fans as "hillbillies" and backwoods "white trash" because of the small group of slobs.  I'm not alone in that. Country has a larger fan base these days. Would anyone cast similar slurs about a Wiz Khalifa concert? I wonder. 

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The 'Freedom Train's' Musical Side

Monday, 23 June 2014 09:05 AM Written by

 Today's "The Digs" includes photos of the 1947 Pittsburgh stop of the Freedom Train. The backstory is available there, but there was a musical dimension to this effort as well.

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This week's "Believe Your Ears" music podcast reviews Willie Nelson's just-released album Band of Brothers, a newly-recorded 14 song collection. Nine of the tunes are new Willie originals, co-written with co-producer Buddy Cannon. Among the non-originals: a cover of Vince Gill's 1994 hit ballad "Whenever You Come Around." 

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Memo To Pat DiCesare: Don't Forget Carl Perkins

Thursday, 19 June 2014 07:49 AM Written by

It's great veteran Pittsburgh promoter Pat DiCesare is commemorating the 50th Anniversary of his presenting the Beatles at the Civic Arena on September 14, 1964 with a week-long celebration. He has all the bases covered, including Beatlemania Now act playing period-specific Beatles tunes and other tribute acts to underscore the Fab Four's musical influences, covering Elvis, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry.  Alone and with Rich Engler, Pat did everything first-class. He always has,  so this will truly be something to look forward to.

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RIP Nick Cenci: A Pittsburgh Musical Giant

Tuesday, 17 June 2014 06:36 AM Written by

I'm not going to try to elaborate on the late Nick Cenci's powerful legacy in the Pittsburgh music scene. Others who know it better than I will have their say. Meanwhile, Scott Mervis summarized his life in this news obituary. 

What I am going to do is offer these video samples of that legacy, which goes back over half a century, and includes some of Pittsburgh's most important musical contributions to American popular music.

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