James Garner: Country Music Fan AND Singer

Sunday, 20 July 2014 08:21 AM Written by 

James Garner, who died yesterday in Hollywood at 86, was a native of Norman, Oklahoma, a hotbed of honky tonk and western swing of the Bob Wills variety. And he loved it all, especially the singers—from nearby Texas—who went against the grain, namely Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. A good friend to both during their lifetimes, Garner made no secret of the friendships or his love for the music.

When actor and Rockford Files semi-regular Stuart Margolin ("Angel Martin") recorded a honky tonk and western swing album for Warner Brothers, Garner wrote the liner notes.

In fact, Garner recorded a duet with Waylon: "I'll Find It Where I Can" appeared on the 1983 album Waylon and Company. Garner kicks it off.

At least once, he sat in with Waylon onstage, sharing a mike with Waylon's wife Jessi Colter to harmonize on the Outlaw classic "Luckenbach, Texas."

We won't see his like again, not on the big screen or the flat screen.


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