RIP Nick Cenci: A Pittsburgh Musical Giant

Tuesday, 17 June 2014 06:36 AM Written by 

I'm not going to try to elaborate on the late Nick Cenci's powerful legacy in the Pittsburgh music scene. Others who know it better than I will have their say. Meanwhile, Scott Mervis summarized his life in this news obituary. 

What I am going to do is offer these video samples of that legacy, which goes back over half a century, and includes some of Pittsburgh's most important musical contributions to American popular music.

 Lou Christie: 1963

 "The Gypsy Cried" and "Have I Sinned" (American Bandstand: October 17, 1964)

"Two Faces Have I" (The original single)

The Fenways: 1964

"The Number One Song In The Country" (Doo-Wop)

"Be Careful Little Girl" (channeling the British Invasion)

The Vogues:  1965

"You're The One"

"Five O' Clock World" (They're lip-synching "You're The One," but they're singing live here).

Nick was the last of Pittsburgh's old-school record men.  This is just part of his legacy.


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