Beatles Cover A Pittsburgher's Tune--'Believe Your Ears' Music Podcast

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This week's "Believe Your Ears" music podcast examines the just-released The Beatles: On Air-Live At the BBC Volume 2, available on CD and vinyl on Apple, and in download format via iTunes.  Also, Scott Mervis talks to Ethan Winograd of the band Charles Wallace,

It's the successor to the first BBC set issued in 1994, after years of Bootlegs. Together they release officially the best versions of 81 of the 88 songs they recorded (all of them multiple times) for various BBC radio shows from 1963-1965. The material here comes from 1963-64 with a couple 1966 bonus interviews thrown in.

Access the podcast here.

Somme of the most interesting tunes on the collection aren't the vibrant live versions of Lennon-McCartney standards like "She Loves You," "If I Fell" and "I Want To Hold Your Hand" but the covers of American rock tunes they never recorded commercially.

Among the covers: their only run at a song written by a Pittsburgher, and a heavy hitter at that: Stephen Foster's immortal 1864 composition "Beautiful Dreamer," given a rocked up treatment by the band.  Turns out it's another cover: based on a 1962 recording by none other than Tony Orlando in 1962 with some new lyrics by Gerry Goffin and Jack Keller.  The podcast includes a sample of Orlando's version as well.

The band always had a greater appreciation for non-rock and roll pop music than a lot of people realized during the years of Beatlemania. This is just one such example.

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