Family Guy's 'Mr. Booze' Number

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A popular Family Guy episode from 2011. "Friends of Peter G" featured the hapless Peter Griffin and his literate, alcoholic dog, Brian, sentenced to 30 days of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. The pair proceed to undermine the whole premise of the meetings which include many of the regular characters (Tom Tucker, Ollie Williams, Dr. Hartman, etc.) by hauling beer into the meeting and getting everyone drunk and noisy.

When they see a police car pull in front of the place, they immediately and magically transform the AA meeting turned beer party into a revival meeting and go into this production number, which is what Officer Joe Swanson, Peter's wheelchair-bound neighbor, finds when he gets inside.   This is it.

Whoever posted this actually put up ten hours worth of the same performance over and over. Playing it once is enough. The song: "Mister Booze."

Think it was something Seth McFarlane, lover of the Rat Pack created from scratch?

Well, the animation routine for sure was his and his team's. But "Mister Booze," the song Peter, Brian and the others sing, in fact the whole routine, was affectionately appropriated (all legit, with required royalties paid) from a classic Rat Pack movie: 1964's Robin And the Seven Hoods, starring Frank, Dean, Sammy and non-Packer Bing Crosby (whose own wild lifestyle peaked in the early 30's).  Sinatra's now-famous "My Kind of Town" was first heard in the movie.

In this sequence, they aren't transforming the place to avoid the cops, but to avoid a gang of mobsters and a corrupt sheriff. The rival mobster, Guy Gisbourne, is played by Peter Falk.

Seth even re-created the song in the original key of B-flat. Not profound, but interesting.

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