George Jones Final Tour Hits Greensburg July 26

Tuesday, 26 February 2013 05:15 PM Written by 
When we mentioned the George Jones Farewell tour last fall, I noted as of mid-December, there were no local dates.  And there weren't.  Well, that's changed.  He's now scheduled to appear at the Palace Theater on Friday, July 26 at 8 PM, per the tour dates listed on Jones's website.  Don't ask me why they show the Palace as located in "Pittsburgh." 
 Audience reaction has been mixed, but not because of any of the "No Show" controversies from his long-ago drinking days. For the past couple years Jones has suffered from problems attributed to "upper respiratory infections" affecting his voice, stronger at some moments than at others.  There've been debates online with partisans on both ends. Some feel he shouldn't appear with his powerful voice now in a clearly diminished state. Others are simply thrilled to be in his presence one last time, regardless. 
That controversy's reflected in the comments section of Ticketmaster's website  reflecting concertgoer reviews both pro and con.
The tour, originally set to conclude with an all-star Nashville concert on November 22nd, is now set to end at a Tulsa casino in December.

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