Haggard Back in Macon Hospital UPDATED

Tuesday, 24 January 2012 05:58 PM Written by 

Friday, we filled you in on Merle Haggard's pneumonia, diagnosed (both lungs) when he played a concert in Macon, Georgia. Having left his Redding, California ranch to begin the tour already feeling under the weather, he found himself unable to perform a scheduled concert in Macon just minutes before he was set to go on. 

He was to leave the hospital Friday and return to California with oral medication and orders to rest, his  January concerts to be rescheduled in April.  Apparently he wasn't more than a few hours out when he decided he didn't feel well enough to continue the trip home on his bus, returned to Macon where doctors are hitting him with antibiotics. Given his 2008 lung cancer surgery, it's obviously important to treat this as aggressively as possible.   Apparently he's also suffered from a number of digestive issues on top of that.

And pneumonia isn't always as easily cleared up as a few days on meds. Having suffered from pneumonia at age 15, I can tell you it's not always quick to go away.

Haggard has toured through illness in the past,  as this Washington Post article reveals. But clearly at his age (he turns 75 in April), with his current situation he has to exercise care.  Hopefully he can relax and let the doctors and meds take their course with this.  What happens to his spring tour schedule, obviously, is up in the air, but understandably, his well-being is Priority One at this point.

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